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This is a WordPress repost of an excellent article authored by Kevin Riddle. Kevin is a young man who struggles with schizoaffective disorder. What I find amazing about Kevin is that in spite of the difficulties associated with this mental disorder, Kevin manages to consistently write posts that are not only practical and sound with regard to applying Christian principles of faith, but he also possesses, in my mind, a unique ability to produce them with real clarity that many of us could easily envy. Considering the struggle he deals with daily, this is no small feat. This post of his that I’m reposting is a good example. If you’ve never read his articles before, please seriously consider following his blog (Diary of a Broken Man) and give him your ongoing support.

In the Christian world, many things are matters of debate. That is why there are so many denominations and sects in Christianity. People debate the nature of baptisms, whether you can lose your salvation and all sorts of things. Where you fall along these lines defines what kind of Christian you are. One thing that is debated is the matter of faith vs. works in salvation. Many hold to the idea that salvation is by faith alone and no works are required. Others go all the way in the other direction and advocate for keeping the Law and obtaining salvation that way. As I come to Scripture, I see a middle road between these two extremes.

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