Can You Prove God Exists? | Arthur Khachatryan

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This is a WordPress repost of an excellent article authored by Arthur Khachatryan from his Cold and Lonely Truth website. Arthur is an author, a former agnostic, and a current ambassador of Jesus of Nazareth who loves to share the best of reasons for God’s ultimate reality. His love and passion are helping skeptics and Christians grow in their faith and knowledge of God through accessible materials. While you are on his site, take the time to look through the other posts he has on his blog. There’s some really good material there!

Have you ever found yourself in a discussion or argument with someone about God, and they dared you to prove God exists? Or that Jesus is who he claimed to be? Or that the Bible is the inspired word of God? I’ve seen or heard that hundreds if not thousands of times.  Here’s the thing – “prove” is quite a strong word and does not fit at all in those types of discussions. Can you prove God exists? Yes, and it’s easier than you think, but not in the way many skeptics want it.

To view the rest of this excellent article please click on the direct link below:

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