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If I told you that there are ministers of God who are homosexual, what would you think?

If I told you that none of us, in our own human sexuality, are really straight, when it comes to lining up with God’s purpose for marriage and sexuality, what would you think?

Interesting how our minds work, isn’t it?

In a recent post of mine that dealt with discussing differing perspectives regarding the LGBTQ community, while maintaining respect for one another, I was criticized for speaking on a subject that I had not personally experienced. I don’t personally think that is a valid criticism but I do understand what my friend was indicating.

To that end, I’m going to provide some links so a series of videos that were given at a conference presented by speaker, author and Pastor Sam Allberry, who shares his approach to this topic while having lived with same-sex attraction since his early teen years, based on his book “Is God Anti-Gay?” and aims to equip Christians and skeptics alike to be able to understand and articulate the message of the Bible on this issue, and answer some modern questions and objections surrounding the historical Biblical position.

If you’re interested in looking at his website and his ministry you can view it here.

In this day and age there are a lot of different messages being given out with regard to the acceptance and support of the LGTBQ community and I will readily admit, this is NOT an easy subject to get a handle on. Having a superficial understanding of God’s plan for marriage and human sexuality is not a light subject, but I do think it is thoroughly covered in God’s Word and from my perspective, these videos showcase the Bible’s teachings, which ultimately are the teachings and wisdom that Jesus gave us.

I know there will be some who disagree. I understand that. But it’s simply not good enough to just say what is sin and what isn’t. The answer goes much more deeper than that. What I am doing here is presenting a different perspective that I would hope you might seriously think about. Check it out with God’s Word. So, here we have, from the mouth of a minister who is a homosexual, his perspective. I would strongly encourage you to take the time to hear him out. Each video is approximately 45 minutes long. I know, that’s a fair piece of time but this is a very important subject and as Christians we should be willing to invest our time to understanding the issue and not just react to the superficial.

Session 1 : Is it good news? Homosexuality and the Gospel

Session 2 : What does God think? Homosexuality and the Bible.

Session 3 : A hundredfold: Homosexuality and the Church.

Session 4 : Hope and joy: Homosexuality and the Christian

Session 5 : Questions & Answers

And for those who are interested, I am providing a link to an article authored by Dr. William Lane Craig, where he provides a detailed overview on what he considers a Christian perspective on homosexuality here.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!






  1. I’ve been asked if I believe homosexuality is a sin, and my response is always, “Define homosexuality.” Are they referring to the orientation or the behavior? One is temptation, which we all have in some form or another, the other is sin, which we all commit in one form or another. The question is, are we committed to Jesus and willing to let Him help us resist the temptations in life?

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    • Hi Anne, I heartily agree, having a homosexual orientation in itself is not a sin, practising the sexual behavioural acts of homosexuality is. Dr. Craig also states the same as does Pastor Allberry. The videos are really supportive of this reality while at the same time giving excellent Biblical insight in the underlying association with God’s plan for marriage and human sexuality. Thanks for commenting, always a joy to hear from you! Blessings!

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  2. I highly recommend you all read the most recent statement Josh Harris put out. I trust most of you at one point we’re fans of his.
    I can’t believe anyone at any time actually gave this guy money and an ear but it seems he is starting to understand God more than ever. Humility and meekness are in short supply these days.
    Just watch how the christian community will treat this guy from this point forward.
    Anyonne can find anything to support their views and beliefs, that applies to everyone.
    I know I’ll be watching what happens to Josh Harris.
    Have a great weekend Bruce.


    • It’s strange that you should mention that Stephen because the follow-ups I read pertaining to Josh Harris’s stated departure from the faith expressed sadness and heart felt prayers for him. Will there be negative follow-up, I’m sure there will be but not from me nor any others who have experienced the grace and mercy of God. Because you attached this comment on this particular post, I am assuming the statement that anyone can find anything to support their views and beliefs either directly or indirectly refers to the witness I have posted. This is hardly anyone and hardly anything. You have a great weekend too Stephen and blessings to you and yours.


      • Not just this post, more like every post or referral anyone gives to support their ideas. Everyone does it Bruce.
        The Truth is, you don’t personally know most of the people you believe to be intellectuals or “men of God”. For all you know, they could be closet homosexuals or far worse, people who “fall from the faith”


      • Does that include the words that you state to support yourself Stephen? I basically do what most people do, I closely look at the evidence available and then make a judgement on what I’ve read or heard against the Word of God. You’re right, I don’t personally know those you call intellectuals or “men of God”, just like I don’t know you. I judge all the evidence available to me by God’s Word. I’m pretty sure that’s all anyone can do.

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  3. Calvinist teachings are becoming widespread across American churches and they include and promote acceptance of Marxist and LGBT inclusion into a Post Modern church. Please take time to acquaint and educate yourself with teachings from Tim Keller, John Piper and others that are leading many astray through The Gospel Coalition. We are cautioned that many would claim the name of Christ in the last days that would be worshiping another Jesus as they discreetly change the gospel to suit themselves. Beware of the many in Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing as prophesied. Blessings to you!


    There is no gospel in Calvinism


    • Wow, that’s quite an opening comment. Number 1, I’m not a Calvinist or a new Calvinist and how that really fits into what is being discussed here leaves me scratching my head. Number 2, did you actually take the time to view and listen to these videos? I saw no evidence of the Gospel being changed here. None. Is this guilt by association that we’re talking about because of who Allberry has addressed in the past? I read through the article you included in your comment and I strongly disagree with the vast majority of what the author wrote. If you had of taken the time to actually view and closely listen to the 5 videos, you in all probability would have disagreed too. There is not one place in any of the 5 videos where Allberry at any time condones a person who is practising homosexuality in any of its various forms, nor does he every ask that the church at large ever do so. What he is trying to do is to get you to understand that there is a difference between being tempted (which is not a sin) and acting on that temptation (which is a sin) and that there is a person in the middle of that equation. This post of mine has nothing whatsoever to do with Calvinism nor does Allberry even remotely go near that subject in any of these videos. To be candid with you, David Skinner, who wrote that article that you linked to, is the one who causes me far greater concern.
      In the future, before you submit a comment, please take the time to actually view and listen to the supporting information to ensure that what you are accusing someone of is actually self evident in the provided information. Your comment really bothers me because it has absolutely nothing to do with the acceptance of Marxism or the LGBTQ inclusion into a Post Modern church. This may sound harsh but there is no other way of saying it. The next time you offer a critique on a book, first read the book. Blessings.


      • I’m sorry that you took offense to my reply; it was not my intention to cause dissension or argument. Also, I apologize for posting a David Skinner blog b/c I really no nothing about him. My contention is primarily against “The Gospel Coalition” along with those they endorse. I really don’t need to take time to listen to 5 of this man’s teachings to know I don’t trust him.

        And so know it is with compassion I share my thoughts with you and your viewers that they not get caught up in something I consider dangerous. Surely, I am not coming here to argue with you – it is your blog and you get to believe and share whatever you want. So in peace I say, God bless you – take whatever you want or don’t want from what I’ve shared and let’s call it a day. Shalom – let the peace of God rule and reign in your heart.

        Thank you for posing many interesting articles. I commend your coming against the NAR and exposing their heresy. Perhaps some day the Lord may bring you to a place where you might consider exposing the heresies of “The Gospel Coalition” as well. Have a blessed day!




      • I’ll tell you what I am going to do. I will check out all the information you gave me because it is vitally important to validate accusations that are made. This will take a considerable amount of time but at some point I will get back to you. I would strongly encourage you to actually take the time and make the effort to carefully examine what Allberry says in these videos because it is important to confirm accusations that are made, against God’s Word. If, when I am finished my investigation, I find that my recommendation has changed, I will clearly say so. I can tell you in all truth, what I have heard and seen so far from Pastor Allberry does NOT conflict with what I understand within God’s Word. The church that sponsored this “conference” is in my opinion very Christ centered and I find it hard to believe that they would sponsor Pastor Allberry to speak on this subject without due consideration of all the implications. I do know that within the videos Allberry does categorically condemn homosexuality activities as sin which explains why he personally does NOT practise them or participates in a sexual relationship with a man, nor did he at any time, advocate that anyone practise homosexual behaviour in any of the videos.

        One should note that there is a distinct difference between being tempted to sin (which is in itself not sin or sinful) and actually sinning, or following through with acting out the temptation. Everyone gets tempted, even Christians, but not everyone follows through with acting upon that temptation.

        What we are talking about here is the essence of our very broken human nature. What we are also talking about is understanding that these self declared members of the LGBTQ community also deserve to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be quite frank with you, the church has not been great at doing this in the past or even presently. If, when presented with the Gospel of Christ, the person rejects the grace that is given, there’s not much else you can do but pray for that individual. The big item to understand is exactly what is the Gospel of Christ as it applies to homosexuals, from God’s Word. It is extremely difficult to address this issue because of the fierce opposition from within the LGBTQ community and also misapplied opposition from within the Christian Church. Satan tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness but he wasn’t successful. Did Jesus sin because He was tempted by Satan? No He did not BECAUSE he did not act upon that temptation when it conflicted with God’s expressed will, “It is written”.

        No need to apologize, I understand where you are coming from or at least the intent of your heart. Understand that sometimes the intent of our heart can be wrong and that applies to all of us, myself included.

        You stated, “Perhaps some day the Lord may bring you to a place where you might consider exposing the heresies of “The Gospel Coalition” as well.” That’s a distinct possibility, but in like manner I would challenge you to investigate those accusations and determine for yourself if in fact they are true.

        Imagine if you will, if we looked at the Samaritan woman at the well and rolled out all the accusations that could have been leveled at her. But Jesus didn’t do that did He? There’s a lesson there if you look for it. Dig a little deeper.

        Blessings to you and yours as well.


  4. Love the sinner, but hate the sin. We are all sinners by nature, and we all are tempted to sin in one way or another. And, not one of us is absolutely perfect, but we should all be walking by faith and our lifestyles should reflect Christ and not our sinful flesh.

    And, we should not treat one sinner any differently from another. This is something the Lord had to work on in my life. Some sins are more offensive to us, as humans, than others, especially ones that step outside of what is deemed the standard. And, we have to remember where we were before God’s love lifted us out of the pit of despair, and we must show them the same compassion he showed us.

    But, this doesn’t mean to be soft on sin or to excuse it away or to make allowances for it. We don’t. For, God doesn’t, which is why Jesus died for us, to deliver us out of our slavery to sin. So, compassion also involves speaking the truth in love to let all people know that Jesus Christ, God the Son, gave his life up for us to free us from our sinful addictions and to free us to now become slaves of his righteousness. So, love shows them the way out.


    • Thank you Sue and I agree. Some within the LBGTQ community might take exception to the use of the word addiction but even there in essence, you’re probably right. Blessings.

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    • Not so sure about the patience, I also gave some serious consideration to the fact that I’m losing the battle with my grey cells. Not to worry, Jesus has my back! Thanks for commenting, always appreciated.

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