What Do I See When I Look Back At Me?


I’m not really one for poetry, but this seemed to just flow from within today,
so I’m sharing!

What do I see when I look back at me?
Nothing to cheer about, no reason for glee,
Selfish decisions, to many to count,
Looking but not finding, what life is about.

Outbursts of anger and feelings of pain,
No understanding and too much disdain.
Wanting and not having, feeling empty within,
Not comprehending the turmoil I spin.

Using and taking, without any care,
My only concerns are the needs that I bear.
Looking for insight, searching for light,
Finding more darkness, because of my sight.

Ask God for direction, to show me the way,
He puts grace in motion that very same day.
The journey is longer, much more than I thought,
My problems much darker, the luggage I brought.

Not understanding, I fight to maintain,
Thinking my will fits in with His gain.
Failing and falling, causing harm as I go,
Repeating the process, until He finally says no.

It’s His way or my way, I have to decide,
He is the driver and I go for the ride.
My ways bring havoc, His brings life,
His ways give peace without any strife.

The battle is His, He’s done if for me,
If I trust in Him I can finally be free.
His love is what draws me, keeps me in His fold,
I have no story because it’s His to be told.

Not easy, for sure, without any doubt,
I die, He lives, it’s what it’s about.
To God be the glory, I have to declare,
My Saviour is Christ and His name I do wear.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!












    • Thank you Victor, I’m really glad you like it! Wouldn’t want to make a living at it though, I could get a little hungry! Blessings.


  1. Wonderful Brother, simply wonderful. Reminds me of when I wrote worship lyrics with my guitar years ago. It didn’t happen so much when I planned it, just some days the Holy Spirit said, “Let’s do this today!!” God bless and thanks for following HIS leading! It feeds us ALL!!

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