Seduced By Bethel | Rick Becker

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This is a WordPress repost of an excellent article authored by Rick Becker from their Famine In the Land website that originates in South Africa. They advocate that the prosperity gospel, word of faith heresy and the teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation have led to a spiritual “famine in the land.” They examine popular teachers and teachings in the visible church and compare them to the word of God. Their intention is to promote sound doctrine and discern truth from error.

This particular article focuses on the characteristics and teachings of churches that are caught up in the New Apostolic Reformation. It is very detailed and substantial in length but more than worth the investment of time for anyone who wants to gain a good understanding of exactly what the NAR movement is representing as the Gospel.

Jacob had his dream of angels ascending and descending a ladder to heaven at a city called Luz, which he renamed “Bethel”- meaning “house of God.” At a later stage in Israel’s history Jeroboam (first king of the northern kingdom) went off the map by ignoring God’s commands regarding worship. Jeroboam appointed his own priests, set up a golden calf at Bethel and seduced his people into idolatry. Hosea and Amos later referred to Bethel as “Beth-aven” which means “house of idols” or “vanity.” Today, another kind of “Beth-aven” exists in the form of Bethel church Redding. It’s supposedly a place of dreams, angels, and open heavens. But like Jeroboam, Bethel church has found scripture too restrictive, and created it’s own “golden calf.” The lure has worked, but all the glitters is not gold, and Bethel’s seductive ladder does not lead to heaven. In this post, I examine what I believe are some of the reasons people are seduced by Bethel. These points also serve to describe the characteristics and teachings of churches that are caught up in the New Apostolic Reformation.

To view this article please click on the direct link below:

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