The Three D’s of Tolerance | J Warner Wallace


This is a repost of a really important article authored by J Warner Wallace from his website that speaks to the requirement for tolerance.  There are three particular sentences in Jim’s post that I’m going to directly quote before providing you with the link to his excellent article and the three sentences read as follows:

It’s OK to hate a bad idea, as long as we remember that we are called to love those who hold bad ideas. I can reject a worldview yet still be “fair, objective, and permissive” toward those who hold this worldview. How I react toward people is what defines me as tolerant, not how I react toward ideas.

I’ll admit, understanding and adhering to the difference between how we react to people and the ideas that they may expound upon is not always easy, but it is necessary.

Here’s the link to Jim’s article, really important, hope you read it!



  1. It’s sad that if we choose to hold to our stand, while still showing respect toward those who disagree, we are called intolerant, or worse. I have, on occasion, had people try to goad me into a debate and try to argue me to adopt their stand.


  2. Wallace articulated what is so difficult to explain, why the cultural view of tolerance isn’t really tolerance at all. Our culture pressures people to accept what is politically correct in the name of tolerance. That’s the definition of no tolerance.


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