Did The Historical Jesus Rise From The Dead? | Luke Nix


The following excellent post was authored by Luke Nix and it is probably one of the best relatively short but highly detailed overviews that identifies and discusses some of the most common skepticism facing the resurrection of Jesus Christ that I have encountered. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is absolutely critical to Christianity because if Jesus did not rise from the dead, as the New Testament clearly attests that He did, then quite frankly, all of us Christian believers are basically wasting our time.

As Luke points out in his post, “… my goal is not to be comprehensive with the evidence for the Resurrection but to give the skeptic some videos and other resources to begin seriously looking at this claim and to make the Christian aware of resources that they can have to “always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that they have” (1 Peter 3:15).” (bold text added by myself as emphasis)

Luke’s post contains factual evidence addressing this skepticism provided by Dr. Gary Habermas, Dr. Bart Ehrman, J. Warner Wallace and Dr. William Lane Craig.

Please note that there is an abundance of comprehensive evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and you can find some of this evidence linked under “RESURRECTION – DETAILED EVIDENCE FOR” on my Christian Resources page, but as initially stated, this is NOT the purpose of this particular post. Without further adieu, I’m going to turn this post over to Luke and let him explain:

Those who have followed this blog know that I focus a lot of my writing on defending the compatibility of science with the Christian worldview and that I spend much energy addressing philosophical and logical challenges to some of the finer details of Christian theology that skeptics offer as defeaters for the Christian worldview. However, it is important to remember that the truth of the Christian worldview rests on one, single historical event: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If Christ has not been raised, then none of the other details of the Christian worldview matter.

To view the rest of this excellent post, please click on the direct link below:





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