Understanding Our Roles in Marriage — The Light Breaks Through

Do we understand our roles in marriage? It is funny how God prepares you for life. I remember my last year at graduate school. It was before my first call to serve Berea in Detroit. I wrote my first published article. The subject of that piece was the relationship between husband and wife. Who knew…

The roles that God gives the man and woman in marriage is not always easily accepted or administered (worked out) in today’s self centered society but nevertheless they are the roles that God has assigned. The following post spells out the relationale and differences behind God’s ways and our ways via Understanding Our Roles in Marriage — The Light Breaks Through 


  1. A man with any sense at all will recognize his wife’s strengths and respect them. My husband has me do the things that I’m good at, while he does the things he’s good at, and we make a good team. We listen to each other (I “submit” my suggestions and feedback to him, and he considers them, and vise versa.) We rarely disagree on anything substantial, but when we do, even after discussion and listening to one another, somebody has to make the final decision, or we’d be floundering in limbo. In those cases, it’s my husband who has the last word. (If it’s the wrong decision, he also bears the responsibility.)
    Of course, my ultimate authority is Jesus, and if He really wants something, I trust that He can and will move my husband in that direction – in fact, I’ve seen Him do it multiple times.
    P.S. I’ve heard it said that the husband may be the “head of the home,” but the wife is the heart. 😉


    • Wise words indeed Ann and any husband worth his salt knows that the husband may provide the house but it is the wife that makes it a home (big difference). Thank you so much for commenting! Grace and blessings!


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