Cherry Picking — Run With It


There are a lot of people today who wear the name of “Christian”. Yet, in spite of this reality, there is a wide spectrum of opinions on what a Christian really is. Some think that they are Christians became of their affiliation with a particular Church or denomination, some think that they are Christian because they believe in God and others may think they are Christian because their parents were and they are consequently Christian by association. Short story is that there are a lot of different opinions out there on what a Christian is.

But what does the Bible, God’s Word, actually say that a Christian is? What we say a Christian is and what God’s Word says a Christian is are not necessarily one and the same.

Just because you go to Church does not in itself make you a Christian, just like standing in a garage doesn’t turn you into being a car. It’s not the building, it’s not the denomination, it’s not just believing in God.  The following post is authored by Sue Love and it Sue presents a very clear and well balanced definition of what a Christian is, from the Biblical perspective.

I encourage you to read it. I encourage you to question your standing with God.


There are a lot of people these days who are “cherry picking” scriptures which support their lifestyle choices, while they often ignore the context, as a whole, from which those scriptures are drawn. This first verse here in Romans 8 is one of those scriptures. For, these people assume they are “in Christ Jesus” merely […]

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Cherry Picking — Run With It

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