Do Dinosaurs Disprove the Bible? | J. Warner Wallace


This is an older post from J. Warner Wallace at that covers a lot of ground on some of the different perspectives that are looked at when discussing creationism and the Bible. It’s a tad on the long side but well worth the read!

Perhaps the most frequent questions asked of me related to the age of the earth are these: What do Christians say about dinosaurs? How do Christians account for dinosaurs and the death we observe in the fossil record? Doesn’t the very existence of dinosaurs in the fossil record, contradict the claims of the Bible? There’s an impression, even amongst Christians, dinosaurs present the Christian community with a true dilemma. There seems to be something contradictory about the archeological record of dinosaur life, and the biblical record of creation. This apparent contradiction exists for a number of reasons, and as a community, we need to talk about them so we can move forward to accurately evaluate the natural and special revelation God has given us.

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