Unanswered Questions I Still Have


  1. Where there are some people being offended by what some Christians believe or say, and it consequently is labelled or identified as hate speech, how is it that when those who are offended by Christians, can then offend these same Christians with their own hate speech, that that’s considered acceptable?
  2. Why is it that those who want to be given tolerance seem to have a difficult time giving it to others?
  3. When did stating a belief that we hold, transition into a certified personal attack?
  4. How come, for many, agreeing to disagree doesn’t seem to be a viable option anymore?
  5. With those of us who have hundreds of followers, how is it that we seldom every hear from less than 5 percent of our followers?
  6. Curious when name calling and public demeanment of others became acceptable as an attribute of good political leadership?
  7. Curious when demonstrating integrity and speaking unadulterated truth became optional as a political leader?
  8. How is it that “common sense” doesn’t appear to be all that common anymore?
  9. How is it that less than 10 percent of our population gets to dictate what the other 90 percent must approve of?
  10. Why do so few not understand that acceptance does not necessarily translate into personal approval.
  11. Why isn’t “I may accept what you think or do as an individual opinion but I personally do not necessarily approve of what you think or do” an acceptable expression of free speech for everyone anymore?
  12. Why can’t that distinction between acceptance and personal approval be appreciated and accepted?
  13. When did the sexual preferences of the minority become the benchmark for the majority to emulate?
  14. Why isn’t “just because you can, does not necessitate that you should” not stressed more with regard to sexual identification and lifestyle options?
  15. If sexual identification and preferences are difficult decisions or lifestyles for some adults to make a determination on, how is it that we can subject our youth, at a very early age, to this confusion, without comprehending the damage that it can do?
  16. When your personal freedoms begin to dictate what limits my personal freedoms can exercise, shouldn’t all personal freedoms for everyone, be subject to the same limitations?
  17. Why is it that we have become so aware that our beliefs not be offensive to others that we’ve subjected ourselves to hiding what we believe in? Christianity is the largest faith in the world, I’m not offended when a Muslim celebrates Eid Al-Fitr at the end of Ramadan, why should they or anyone else take offence when I celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas? Muslims are not imposing their faith on me when they celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, nor am I imposing my faith on them when I celebrate Christmas. I’m curious why so many have allowed “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” to become their “accepted” non-offensive norm for replacing our celebration of Christmas? I know it’s the greeting we’re talking about but it still seems inherently wrong when we deny our faith to others. Somewhere along the line we’ve got our values reversed and I really wish it would stop.
  18. Number 17 is my main peeve.

Ah yes, I’ve been encouraged to keep these short, so this should do for now. I have more but they can be held off for another day.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. To do with persecution, Jesus warned us it would come. I think with followers on our blogs, most people follow for follow, rather than out of genuine interest in the blogs they click follow on. It’s a bit like the Christian life. Following Christ isn’t as simple as clicking “like” or having “Christian” on our Facebook profile. Some thought provoking questions there brother!

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  2. My two cents:


    And, like Robert said, Jesus did say there would be persecution. Let us remember that He was hated before us. We kind of ask for it as His.

    Psalm 23 comes to mind…

    Blessings to you, Bruce.


    1. Hi Damon, you’re right of course, it just irks me from time to time and then I am mindful that I probably irk others from time to time. I’m not that keen over the human condition. I marvel at God’s patience with us. Blessings to you and yours also!

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      1. The human condition:
        poured out within Genesis. Henceforth, everyone is void of His purity. That’s why I believe it is through He alone we are saved (from separation from Him, as well as ourselves in the condition we are). Even Christians are not good at being human.


      2. You’re right again Damon! You’re on a roll. That time that I was taken into God’s presence for a couple of minutes, I remember how different from God I was but the most overpowering realization was the sheer magnitude of His love. Totally unreal, couldn’t possibly describe it. When I am confused or unable to put it or keep it all together, I recall that love and I don’t have to understand it, I just have to be mindful of it and rest in it, because that is God’s presence, available through faith in His Son. Eye hath not seen … Blessings brother!

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  3. Lost people act like lost people. Why should you be surprised? Keep re-reading Jesus’ words / warnings to his followers; this is to be expected. Have pity on them, pray mercy for them, and remember who you are.

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    1. Hi Bette, Oh I know, I’m not surprised, I think today was my vent day. I’m just not all that keen about the human condition, both within and without the Church. I think I was also talking to myself a bit there too. Thank you for the wise words, appreciated. Blessings!


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