Every Single Word

Philippians 4:6 NIV “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

It struck me today, while in prayer, due to how God has been answering my prayers as of late, that He literally hears every single word that we say to Him in prayer. I have a tendency to think that I have to be in the right “groove”, really earnest, really focused, for Him to hear me, but such is not the case.

My days always go better when I start my day in prayer. Sometimes I pray just after I get up, sometimes I pray while driving, sometimes I pray as I start my routine for the day and sometimes I pray after I have begun my activities for the day. The bottom line is that it is vitally important to be mindful that we need God’s grace and guidance in literally everything we do.

I’m pretty sure that I’m a slow learner. God has shown me so many times that regardless as to whether I feel He hears me or not, He does, and He has consistently demonstrated to me, in ways which literally boggle my mind, that He is in control and He does literally understand everything and His timing and perspective is what matters, not how or what I expect or how I want the things that I ask for, to be responded to. My job is to make my requests known to Him and trust Him to take care of the rest, with praise and thanksgiving.

Do you shoot off a quick prayer when potential conflict is on the horizon? I do. Do you ask for His help to ensure your loved ones arrive safely at their destination? I do. I’ve learned that prayer can be short and to the point, it isn’t necessarily the amount of time spent in prayer that is always important, but that you take the time to factor God into the picture. Do you feel kind of stupid asking God to bless fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord, knowing full well that His love for them surpasses our love for them in the first place? God doesn’t need our prayers to become aware of a need, He already knows what is needed. The beauty of prayer is that we are mindful of our need for Him and we take the time to ask for our brothers and sisters to be blessed, because long story short, we are all family, His family.

I’m not knocking those really “good” prayer times, I need those too. Those special times when we do sense the closeness of God and we just want to stay in His presence. Beautiful times, precious times, when time doesn’t really seem to matter, other that we don’t want it to end. When God touches our hearts and minds as only He can do.

I swear (figure of speech), that sometimes I can see the incense rising from the laver of incense that sits just in front of the Holy of Holies when I pray. Our prayers are precious to God because they are part of the communion we have with God. Kind of a prelude to what we shall experience in His presence when we see Him face to face.

Every single word, every single heart felt request, He hears. Prayer matters, it matters a lot. The God who created this universe that we have difficulty fathoming, hears our prayers. Kind of mind boggling isn’t it? Individually, specifically, our words, our thoughts, our requests, and the requests of others, at the same time, He hears.

I keep being reminded of how Adam and Eve, prior to the fall, could literally walk with God in the garden, that He had prepared for them. I also am reminded, of how my wife and I have become one, how I feel incomplete without her by my side. That is similar to how we need to become aware of our oneness with God. We have been designed by Him, to be in fellowship with Him. And God does this, through His Holy Spirit in us, where we find our fulfillment in Jesus, who is the expression of God with us.. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within us and of course He is right, if His Spirit dwells within us, which He does.

I can’t help but think that my reference points, those things that I am familiar with and have some comprehension of, that I use to try to explain to myself, with regard to the logic of understanding that I crave, are really non-applicable because they fall so short of the reality of God. They are really but shadows. So I don’t understand and yet I do, and that in itself, makes sense to me. I’m pretty sure only God can give us this awareness.

So, the message in this post is that never doubt that God hears you when you pray, because He does, every single word, every single time.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


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