I woke up early this morning, the house is quiet, all of our five children are now out living on their own and it’s just my wife and I, here together on Christmas morning, and my wife is still asleep.

We’ll have a busy day today, cooking Christmas dinner for about twenty some odd family members, their wives, husbands or their special someone and of course our seven grandchildren. My wife and I are both 74 years old now, we’re both still mobile and able to do what we want to accomplish but limitations have definitely set in. It’s OK though, we’re managing and all things considered, we both have so much to be thankful for. God has been overly generous to us over the years, helping us, forgiving us, making love grow where it so easily could have fallen to the wayside. I could easily set a place at the table for Jesus because it is due to His grace and mercy that we have been allowed to experience so many of the things we have gone through and are still experiencing. So many inadequacies have been smoothed over, so many shortfalls corrected, and it’s not over yet. I have a profound gratitude for the grace that God has directed our way.

I wrote a post earlier this month about Christmas, you can view it here, that received a lot of views (over 227 thousand shares as of this morning) thanks to J. Warner Wallace from his website who reposted it on his Facebook account here, which shows you that God can use anyone, even an old inconsequential fella like me, to touch other people’s hearts. It’s amazing what God can do. I can tell you that it is humbling. The stories I could tell you of God’s demonstrations of His grace and love. I received a lot of positive feedback and a few that were not so much. Couple of people told me to stop believing in fairy tales and grow up. How does one even begin to try to respond to something like that? There were a few responses that criticized anyone who participated in a Christian tradition such as Christmas that had piggybacked itself on pagan origins but I had already provided a more than ample supply of well researched rhetorical response posts to those accusations here and here and provided what I considered a clarifying overview that noted the importance of focusing on the objective (who with Christmas is Jesus) and not the amplifying attributes here.  There are always going to be dangers associated with any Christian related activity where extremes are advocated. Opposing opinions are respected but not necessarily agreed with. I never cease to be amazed at the variance in tone that can be communicated by people.

I mentioned about having a seat at our table for Jesus. Our tables are not big enough to accommodate seating everyone at one table but I’d really love to do that. And He would be so much more than a guest, He is the reason we have anything and everything. I wonder what that would do for setting the tone? I think I’ll mention that when I say grace. And that grabs my heart even when I say that because that is how real our Lord is, today, right now.

Let’s ensure that we honor Christ in our celebration of His birth today, during grace, where we give thanks and during our time spent together with family and friends. Truly, we have so much to be thankful for and Jesus is the greatest gift that God ever gave us, because when God our Father did that, He gave us Himself.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!







  1. Well, Bruce, here is another old man (72) who is also awake early in a sleeping household this Christmas morning. Like you, thankful for the miraculous birth of our Savior, and for the blessings given to me, all undeserved. Thank you for your witness, your faithfulness, and your devotion to Christ. The day will bring its joys, and its busyness, but for now, we can reflect in peace and silence on the true meaning of this day. Our savior is born, and we are redeemed. Allelulia! Amen.


    • Good morning Sy and a blessed Christmas to you and yours! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It is really amazing what God can orchestrate around us and also what He can do to our hearts and minds. I also thank you for your witness and ongoing testimony. Just said my morning prayers a few minutes ago and the reality of God’s presence and how He works behind the scenes simply amazes me. And like you said, and we are redeemed! May God’s grace and blessings surround you and yours this day. – Bruce


  2. Hi Bruce give thanks to the Lord for his love endures forever. Happy Christmas to you and to your family. Phil


  3. The sermon at midnight mass was about gifts. How when a gift is properly given, it is given for no other reason then to bring joy to the one it is given to.
    I am profoundly great full and forever joyful for the gift of Jesus Christ and His gift of The Holy Spirit as it was part of the work He completed while He graced His creation with His physical appearance here on earth.
    Merry Christmas Bruce


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