The Importance of Having a Biblical Worldview When Practicing Apologetics | Teri Dugan


Teri Dugan is a graduate of Biola University’s M.A. in Apologetics Program. She also holds an M.A. in Education from California State University, Long Beach and currently teaches Biology, Anatomy and Physiology at Lynwood High School in California. Teri has also coached the Girls’ Varsity Tennis and Softball teams at Lynwood and now sponsors the Christian On Campus Ministry Club. She teaches evening Christian Apologetics classes at her home Church, Sea Coast Grace in Cypress, California and is available for speaking or teaching engagements at other venues.


“Bluntly, to serve God well we must think straight; and crooked thinking, unintentional or not, always favors evil. And when the crooked thinking gets elevated into group orthodoxy, whether religious or secular, there is always, quite literally, hell to pay.”  

–Dr. Dallas Willard, Christian Author and Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California

It seems very common to leave out Biblical principles and instead use the same rules of engagement that seculars use when Christians practice apologetics, especially on social media. We do things like demean our opponent, follow rabbit trails off topic, use secular reasoning, and then forget the ultimate goal of planting a seed for salvation. I believe a lot of this has to do with compartmentalizing our faith, thus blurring the lines of secularism with the Christian walk.

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