Christian Resource Links


One of my designated “time” projects that I have been working on for about three to four years is my “Christian Resources” page that literally has hundreds and hundreds of links available on a wide scope of Christian Apologetics related topics, that I am continually updating with additional information that I encounter.

Please note that this links list is now in an Alphabetical Order format, with various topics identified under the applicable alphabet character.

Although I may not necessarily agree with everything that is published on these recommended websites, it should be noted that generally speaking, they are excellent resources that I have personally viewed and in the vast majority of cases can be viewed as “trusted” resources. Some topics have multiple “interpretations” or “schools of thought” on the particular subject being presented. Consequently Christians are always cautioned to use personal Biblical discernment.

If you’ve never visited this page, which is located on my Menu bar at the top of my Home page, under the Christian Resources link, please do so when you are able to and don’t hesitate on letting me know of other interesting links that you would recommend that I include.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!




  1. This is a fantastic resource, Bruce! Thank you for all your hard work and for making it available to us.
    Hubby’s on back shift at work tonight so I’ll have some time to myself to have a good look at the links. 😁


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