From Wastelands to Worship | Eric – The Untamed Places

Remember me saying that I would repost articles that caught my eye, well this is one of them. Trust me. Take the time to read it, you’ll be glad you did.


It had been one of those days. Uncertainty had emerged from its cocoon as full grown doubt, and doubt had spared no time bringing fear to a raging boil in this ol’ heart of mine. There are all sorts of reasons to be afraid. Tomorrow is an abyss we’re all teetering on the edge of. I questioned the future. I second guessed every decision I had ever made. Doubt’s chains of fear seemed too strong and too securely fitted for me to ever be able to break free. The looming threat of the unknown we call tomorrow felt too black and too ominous for me to ever expect a brighter day come morning.

So, sitting on my bed, Kindle in hand, I did the only thing I felt capable of doing. I forced my eyes over word after word in the book I was reading about a biochemist’s take on Darwinian evolution. It was then my eyes fell across the following passage, five paragraphs that describe in detail the process by which human beings are capable of seeing:

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