Sometimes It Scares Me


This morning, after prayer, I spent about an hour on FaceBook looking at the various feeds and posts from people that I follow and when I was finished it reminded me of a fast food menu where just about everything that one can imagine is available for the asking.

Oh, there were a number of things that I didn’t want to partake of, things that are happening within some churches that are supposed to be “anointings” that strike me as being anything but. Where disorder and from my perspective, disrespect for the holiness of God and especially His Holy Spirit, are being trampled and ridiculed, by those who are supposed to be leading others to a closer walk with God. How anyone can attribute that type of behaviour, as an anointing from God, is beyond me. I could share videos where these “anointed” services have been filmed but they really are too sickening to watch. I can’t help but think that Satan is ridiculing everything the church is supposed to represent.

Then there are those who have their own pitches or spins, where what they see or have come to understand, is being explained to us and we are basically being asked to accept their perspectives. Some are good, some are very good, but there are many that are not, and once again, the menu that is laid before us leaves an awful lot to be desired. And yes, it strikes me as ironic, that here I am, adding to the menu with my own thoughts.

I’ve posted over 1200 articles, many are reposts by others but a substantial number of them are posts that I myself have written. I’ve come to a bit of a reckoning as of late, where God is showing me that my focus has been off somewhat, in how I perceive and respond to others. Always putting the welfare of others, over my own needs, has not always been my strong suit. And this imperfect attitude of mine is not always wrong, as it pertains to challenging doctrines that disagree with the Holy Scriptures, but rather it has a tendency to focus on the application of an individual’s walk with God, that differs from mine. Sometimes the observations I have made, appear to fall into line with what I perceive as valid New Testament early church thinking, but sometimes the manner in which I may voice my disagreement has failed to take into consideration, the diversity of different paths that has led many of us to where we are today, and this is concerning to God, or at least I feel in my spirit, that it is.

So I am trying to think long and hard about what I say, how I say it and to whom I state it to. I’m just an average guy that is trying to walk close with Jesus and sharing my thoughts as I walk with Him. But one thing that has come out of this recent period of self assessment, is that my dependency and my need for Jesus to literally be my shepherd, is abundantly clear.

I keep getting this picture of a big sheep pen and although I am grateful to be in it, there is a need to stay very close to our Shepherd. That closeness includes the thoughts of my mind, the cry and desires of my heart and the manner in which I display God’s leading in me, to others, via my words and mannerisms.

What scares me is my own inadequacies that I see and how God’s love should be more self evident in me. To say that my only hope is not what I have done or do, but rather what God our Father has done for me, through the shed blood of His Son Jesus, is an understatement. But the Gospel goes beyond that, as great and wonderful that it is. Because Jesus said that without Him we could do nothing (John 15:5). I think He literally means that. Matter of fact, I know He means that. My completeness is totally in Him, in fact it could not be any other way because if there was a way I could be complete in myself, in God’s eyes, God our Father would not have needed to send His Son to die for us so that we might live in Him.

So the whole point of being a Christian is to have Jesus literally live in us. That means in our thoughts, our attitudes, our demeanor, our willingness to obey and to forgive and our willingness to love, as we are loved. And it is the contrast between that which I see, of me, in me and what I perceive of God, through His Word, that scares me.

Maybe scare is not the right word, grieves is probably a better word. The contrast grieves me and I am becoming increasingly aware of the difference between God and me. The holiness of God is beautiful and there is simply nothing that one can compare it with, absolutely nothing.

Many years ago I stood in the presence of God (you can read about it here if you wish) and the difference between He and I was acutely self evident then. But the most overpowering awareness I experienced at that time was God’s love. If my shortfalls were a one, His love was a hundred thousand. I can never be what He is, in me, I can only be what He is, through His Son. I know this with every fibre of my being. It took me an awful long time to understand this.

What does scare me in this menu that is laid before us, is that this reality is so often missed and what hurts even more is that I myself am infrequently and sometimes frequently, the agent of this lack of understanding because Jesus is not displayed in my life near as much as He should be.

In a conversation I had with a Christian the other day, I mentioned that Satan has a deck of cards and he doesn’t give one hoot which card you select in his arsenal of distractions, just as long as you select one of those distractions, whose sole purpose is, (all of them have the same objective), to get us to take our eyes off of Jesus.

Jesus is not the signs and wonders.
Jesus is not an anointing that dishonors Himself or the Holy Spirit.
Jesus is not the means whereby He is built up in us.
Jesus is the Son of God, who died for our sins and rose again from the dead, so that we might live in Him, to the ultimate glory of God.

Don’t be distracted by the menu, there is in truth only one reality that we all need to be aware of and depend on and the name of that reality is Jesus.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!












  1. I understand your hesitancy to speak to much. I do better when I am completely silent!
    (James 1:26; James 3:2) On the other hand, just as you read with discernment, so do many other people, although certainly not all. We will be held accountable for our words, and teachings and the insights we share. (James 3:1 .. and then that verse 2 again)

    However, when you’re called or led to share, how dangerous would it be not to share? I have always found your writings balanced, carefully worded and very well thought out.
    Keep writing and sharing your thoughts, Bruce! Maybe 10,000 posts???

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  2. It’s not so much distractions that I’m concerned with, satan doesn’t really need to help us with that, we’re pretty good at that in and of ourselves.
    My concern is being tricked into worshipping a false Jesus as satan masquerades as an angel of light.
    One could say that there are a pantheon of Jesus’ within christianity itself.
    But I do Trust that those who’m Jesus wants, will come to Him.
    I too believe that we can do nothing without Him, so I’m trusting Him to get me where I need to be.
    There’s always a duality concerning the things of God. But I think of Jonah and other bible characters who didn’t want to obey, but when God wants us to do something, He gets His way.
    May He have His way with all of us here and those who seek Him.

    As a side note, pertaining to so called signs and wonders. Simon Magus wanted to buy the gifts of the Holy Spirit and was rebuked.
    How much more disgusting it is that people are now selling anointing? Supernatural school at a price? Love offerings for a prophetic reading?
    Simon probably had nefarious reasons to want to buy, but woe to those who want to sell.
    Even worse, they’re selling something they actually don’t have. Knock offs is what they sell along with placebos.
    My blood is boiling as I write this so I’ll stop.


  3. You speak well from the heart Bruce. Sometimes I feel a need to take a shower after looking at Facebook and other social media. I scare me too as I too easily take my eyes off Jesus


  4. Bruce, I think you’re too hard on yourself! I am most thankful for your blog and your many resources. Many answers can be found here to serious questions. For example, I never heard of NAR until I read about it here. It certainly explained a lot of concerns I had. Now I know there is a source to these unusual teachings. Ignorance is NOT bliss! Thank you for your faithful service to the Saints. Blessings, my friend!


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