Saying What I See

I don’t know about you but every once in a while, a thought comes into my mind about things that I see that are right and things that I see that are wrong, both within myself and sometimes in others, from the perspective of God’s Word, plus generalities that I see in this increasingly divided world that we live in.

So I thought that I would write some of them down. It’s obviously not an all inclusive list but it seems to me, in concert with God’s Word, that many of these “observations” that I see, speak of the Holiness of God and the desperate need we have for Him. We are His creation, created in His image and we have gone so very far astray.


I see that I am not alone, many others also see, much of what I see.

I see a serious lack of consideration for spiritual realities that is shared by many.

I see that I need much more of Jesus living in me than there is of me living in me.

I see that knowing doesn’t always automatically equate to doing.

I see that believing doesn’t always automatically equate to experiencing.

I see that faith in God is trust in what is not always seen or always obtained here and now.

I see that Jesus is God’s answer to our inability to save ourselves from ourselves.

I see that Jesus did for us what we in and of ourselves could never do.

I see that Jesus is God’s expression of His love for us and to reject Jesus is to reject God’s love.

I see a difference between what I know I should be in Christ and what I truly am.

I see that when I am wrongfully treated, I don’t normally respond nearly as well as I should.

I see that when someone does me wrong, I seem to automatically think of why I am right.

I see that where there is blame, I am quick to point at others and slow to point at myself.

I see some who use the platform of Christianity to showcase their own egos.

I see self centred pride as one of the biggest obstacles to spiritual growth.

I see too many within Christianity who focus outwardly on others, versus inwardly on ourselves. This includes me.

I see greed and lack of compassion for humanity, in humanity, just about everywhere I look.

I also see acts of selflessness and compassion for others, just about everywhere I look.

I see that where I look determines what I see.

I see some pursue power, to gain control, to rule versus lead by example.

I see some pursue the accumulation of wealth, exploited at the unfair expense of others.

I see true fairness only being a necessity, when it concerns ourselves.

I see true justice only being a necessity, when we ourselves have been wronged.

I see true mercy only being expected, when we have asked for it.

I see true equality only being expected, when we haven’t been treated as an equal.

I see objective truth masqueraded as lies and lies masqueraded as objective truth.

I see minorities demanding tolerance yet denying tolerance for majorities.

I see discord where there should be agreement, animosity where there should be acceptance.

I see an ever increasing complexity of issues within Christianity that could potentially cripple the reality of knowing Jesus. Distractions can indeed cause us to take our eyes off of Jesus.

FOOTNOTE: Please note that I’m NOT advocating acceptance of homosexuality or abortion or any of another long list of dividing issues we face today within the Church but causing ever increasing divisions within the body of Christ and our nations, serves only one purpose from my perspective. Divide and conquer is not a new tactic. Many of these dividing issues have been with us for a long time. But in my opinion, the complexity, intensity and number of dividing issues we face today is unparalleled.

Call me crazy but one could easily think there is a purpose behind all these diverse and dividing issues.

And lastly, who might the designer of these diverse and dividing issues be?

I’m thinking that the time is short, expect the unexpected.

John 14:1-3 NASB

“Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Superb list, Bruce. I think you speak for just about all of us. Of particular “hitting close to home” significance for me are are 2 you had near the top and running consecutively:

    I see that I need much more of Jesus living in me than there is of me living in me.

    I see that knowing doesn’t always automatically equate to doing.

    Thanks for a great post, Bruce.


  2. A good list Bruce. The author of division and distraction is very busy. In our culture we value our free thinking independent personal opinions above what God put in scripture. Yep busy indeed


    • Everytime I run into the bombardment of my mind I get this little hymn come up that we used to sing so many years ago about “trust and obey, for there’s no other way”. Whoever wrote that hymn knew what they were talking about. Have a blessed weekend my friend.

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  3. I personally don’t think that time is short, but the times are definitely changing.
    The divisiveness is merely a slight of hand to keep us focused on what doesn’t matter. Truth be told, it’s our own fault and Cesar will continue to have his way with us.
    The church is the world and the world is the world. Where are those who imitate Christ? Those who demonstrate who God IS instead of debate who He IS?
    “Follow Me“ is what Jesus calls us to do, perhaps more time in the 4 Gospels is what’s required as that is where we see God in the flesh, interacting with His creation. All others have failed but Jesus Christ, from the cradle to His resurrection, God in the flesh, Victorious.

    As you said Bruce, all we Truly have is Jesus Christ to trust in.
    I’ve always admired the simple folk who truck through life without giving much thought to anything, political or religious.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Bruce, appreciate it.
    Blessings to you and yours.


    • Hi Stephen, I understand how we see things a little differently and that’s OK. Where you look is what you see. Have a blessed weekend my friend.


      • “Call me crazy but one could easily think there is a purpose behind all these diverse and dividing issues.”

        You are not crazy. You are discerning. We live in very troubled times. The beast is rising. Time is near the end. It is going to get much worse. But I believe God will use all this craziness to revive his church and to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ before our Lord returns. So that is praise worthy.


      • Haven’t spoken to you in a while Sue and I’ve missed you! I haven’t forgotten our “discussion” that I laid down for a while. I agree with everything you say here Sue. Sometimes what I see scares me, not because of what I see but because of the totality of what I see. The word “diabolical” comes to mind. You probably understand that better than I. Sometimes I feel so small and so totally helpless and I remind God of how dependent on Him that I am. Yet He already knows that much better than I. Keep on doing what you’re doing Sue. God’s grace, peace, wisdom and blessings to you and yours.

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      • Bruce, thank you. I assumed you were being quiet because you said you were going to be on your blog less to spend more time with the Lord.

        Yes, if we open up our eyes, and if we have eyes to see what is going on all around us, it will be mindblowing, for sure. But the scriptures prepared us that these days would be upon us and they are. But we have to keep our focus on Jesus and keep following him wherever he leads us, despite all the craziness going on all around us.


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