The Coronavirus and the End Times

This blog examines the possibilities that we are in the Last Days.

The Coronavirus and the End Times

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  1. I don’t think we are that close to the end times. The rapture is already 2K out. And so, every speculation so far has been wrong. With my new discovery, I am convinced that until we have flying cars etc. we will not see Jesus come in the clouds. Its just my opinion. Still he could come at any time, we should be primed and ready. Jesus asked for us to have this urgency, knowing he wouldn’t come for thousands of years.
    I want the relationship with God because I get it. I realize God wants the rapture to happen in our hearts, that we would be taken up, or ln love with him now, till the day he returns and we are physically raptured. We do not need to wait for his coming. They will be done on earth..


  2. Thank you, I copied the link to David’s post to send to a friend of mine who is very fearful that this is the dawning of the apocalypse. I think she’ll find the information helpful.

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