Things I Don’t Have a Good Handle On

There are a number of things within Christianity that I do not have a good understanding on. That’s not to say that I don’t have some understanding, but I definitely wouldn’t classify my understanding as solid or substantial when discussing certain topics.

I’ve developed a “working” understanding about God healing people over a considerable amount of time. Yes God still heals but not always. God is sovereign.

I’ve developed a “working” understanding about God’s creation in Genesis over a considerable amount of time but I definitely would not classify my understanding as being carved into stone. I have no doubt about what God created, but the “how’s” still have some question marks. I think I know but I am not 100 % sure. This one would fall into the “definite maybe” category with a strong leaning towards Old Age Creationism. I hate the division this has caused within the church, to this very day.

I’ve developed a “working” understanding on freewill and predestination with a side road to God’s sovereignty being undeniable. Once again, I think I know but I am not 100 % sure.

I am relatively comfortable with these aforementioned uncertainties. In other words, I can live with not being 100 % absolutely sure.

There is however, one particular area that I do not have a good handle on, that does bother me and this area has to do with spiritual powers and realities.

Ephesians 6:12 NASB

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

I’ve witnessed a few evil spiritual manifestations in my life, that have effected myself and my family and I have learned to have a healthy respect for not jumping into something that I have little comprehension of.

Can a fallen angel (demon) manifest itself inside a Christian home? Yes it can.
Can a fallen angel (demon) oppress a Christian? Yes it can. (Oppress not possess).
Can God protect us from demonic forces? Yes He can.
Are visions from God while one is wide awake still possible? Yes they are.
Can God’s Holy Spirit still empower a believer to speak to a crowd? Yes He can.
Can God’s Holy Spirit still take one into the presence of God? Yes He can.
Can God’s Holy Spirit still talk to us today, via injecting thoughts or words into our minds? Yes He can.

There is a personal story or event behind each one of the aforementioned questions and confirmations. I’m not going to even begin to give you the story behind each of them because that would make this post far too long but I will give you one example shortly.

But before I do that there is a vitally important reality to be aware of in each of the above examples. At no time, ever, does a Christian, in and of themselves, initiate or bring about ANY of these examples. They are ALWAYS externally originated, either by a demon or by God. That is my personal experience.

Many years ago, when we only had three of our five children, our first child kept coming into our room at night saying she was scared. My wife and I assumed it was just a nightmare but it happened again and again. I asked my daughter what it was that scared her and she told me that there was a figure in white with red eyes standing at her open door. The figure did not come into her room but it stood there and scared her.

The following day my wife and kids were all out somewhere (can’t remember where) so I took this opportunity to go to each and every room in our house and I basically commanded in the name of Jesus, anything that was in our home that was not of God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Ghost to leave. Every room, every closet, even the basement.

The visitations totally ceased. You’re thinking this is the end of the story but it isn’t.

A couple of weeks later, I was speaking to one of my brother-in-laws, someone who I had previously witnessed to, about what had happened to our first child. His face went white and he told me that he had to tell me something. He said that he had been visited by a figure in white with red eyes but in his case, the figure came into his room and when it did, he became totally paralyzed. He said he literally could not move. This had happened to him more than once.

I told my brother-in-law to note the following:

Number one: the spiritual world is real.
Number two: evil spirits are real.
Number three: the evil spirit that manifested itself to my daughter did not or could not enter her room yet the evil spirit that had manifested itself to him had no problem entering into his room.
Number four: our daughter had never been paralyzed by the evil spirit.
Number five: ours was a Christian family, while my brother-in-law was not.
Number six: the visitations at our home had stopped.

One would think that with such a powerful personal witness that my brother-in-law would have taken a new look at the truths of Christianity but such is not the case, even to this very day.

Generally I avoid discussing these realities because from my perspective, some people go right off the deep end, attributing every little negative thing they encounter to evil spirits. The scriptures tell us that this is not true, that in a lot of cases it is our own fallen nature that is the source of our evil temptations (Ephesians 2:3).

However, on the other side of the coin, there is also a danger where we ignore or deny the realties of the influence of Satan and his demons, to our own peril.

This morning I read an excellent post by Amy Blount from her blog entitled “Antidote to Crippling Fear“. If you have the time, please read it, it reminded me this morning that there is a requirement for balance and that far too often, we do not make use of the power that God has given us, through His Son Jesus Christ.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. after you watch this video, pun intended, you will see how incredible and complex things are. And then you can contemplate God made your heart beat, and it beats and beats.
    After studying about viruses and how the bodies immune system works, I also came to a conclusion. God is hands down the smartest person i know. He is literally the sum of every scientist in the world in one room times 10 thousand x 10 thousand. —

    The first thing anyone needs to truly learn is who God is. The heavens and the works of his hands shout at us as to who He is. Finding proofs, gaining a respect for him rather than contempt, strengthening your belief in his existence and his Majesty is the first thing All Christians need. If you know that, you know almost everything you need to know. Then Soteriology is childs play.

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    • I don’t doubt one word you have said. I’ve spent a fair amount of time studying some of what you have mentioned, especially as it pertains to biology, including DNA and the “simple” cell. Thanks for the link, I’ll watch it when I get home, I’m on mobile data right now. Blessings!


  2. We plead the Blood of the Lamb over our homes and families: “the power, power, wonder-working Power of the Blood of the Lamb” and the darkness passes over. I prayed against the virus a while ago as the Word of God says we can ask anything in God’s Name above every name, and a darkness came in my room, but I immediately began singing and praising and worshiping God and it left immediately! God is greater! Christ in you is greater than he who is in this world! to God be the glory!

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    • I had a similar experience walking around the perimeter of the property of my children’s (Christian) school, praying for the school and everyone there. I sensed footsteps behind me (I don’t know if I heard them, felt them, or both.), and as it seemed to be gaining on me and practically breathing down my neck, I began to quote Scripture out loud, and it was gone.

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      • I read Scriptures out loud and sing praise songs/ hymns to Jesus- not as often as I should. I do realize that the negative thoughts I have are coming from the devil, our enemy. I have never gone in each room and each closet and told the enemy to leave our home in the name of Jesus Christ. I will definitely do that. I will also walk around our property and do the same thing outside. Thanks, Bruce.


      • The reason I did that Terri was because there was a specific manifestation. I don’t ordinarily do that nor do I see a need to do it but taking the precaution obviously can’t do any harm. As I mentioned, people can go off the deep end with attributing anything and everything to Satan when in fact most times it is just our own fallen nature that produces the sinful thoughts. When there is a specific manifestation or assault on us, there normally is a noted difference in the intensity and totality of the assault from normal. That’s just a personal observation. These occurrences are extremely rare, again, personal observation. Hope this helps.

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      • Have you ever watched the movie the “War Room”? I did what the main character did, opened my doors with my Bible held high in my right hand and commanded the devil and any unclean spirits to leave my home and never return. I then went through the whole house and prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to fill and continuously fill my home with the presence of God our Father and His Christ. “As for me and my house we serve the Lord and we are now a house of Prayer!” I take it by faith through grace that The King of kings and Lord of lords is in my home making it His kingdom and His righteousness; a place of refuge, safety and security, protection and provision. “The Most High dwells above the highest heavens and in humbled hearts submitted to God; the heart is the holy highway to God, obstructions removed by the Son!” (paraphrase somewhere in Isaiah!). Jesus saves, heals, delivers, and sets us free! Thank you Abba Father!


      • No, I’ve never seen that movie but whenever we moved to a new location when I was in the military, I did the same thing a few times, especially when we had kids at home. Good advice. Blessings to you and yours!


    • Absolutely. This is the same brother-in-law who I asked a few months ago to read the Gospel of John, he said he did and I asked him what he got out of it and he responded that he found our that he (himself) wasn’t such a bad guy after all. I suggested that he probably hadn’t actually read it and he admitted he hadn’t. Hard to understand. Blessings. He knows the reality but he will not open the door.

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  3. I enjoyed this entry. My wife and I are in the habit of burning Frankincense and Myrrh when we notice our boys getting on each others nerves or when they’re irritable. We pray that God would bless it then burn it.
    It actually works to ease the tension.
    I have battled my fair share of demons in dream state. I’ve learned that just thinking the name of Jesus sends them running.
    Truth is, God has set out regulations pertaining to all things spiritual. Thos involved in the occult are well aware this. They make the mistake of thinking they can manipulate such an evil. As they say, if you dance to the tune long enough, eventually you’ll have to pay the piper.
    I’ll stick with what’s recorded in Zechariah 4:6
    Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts.


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    • Those who put themselves under the law, have to live (and die) by the law, as they have rejected the mercy, grace, goodness and glory of the Living Christ Jesus. Those of the occult and those who are under the influence of the counterfeit new age have put themselves under the law they can never fulfill, that ends in destruction. But in Christ Jesus, Who has fulfilled all the law and prophesy, we are saved, healed, delivered and set free; reconciled with God our Father through the Blood of the Lamb of God, give full access to the Throne of Grace, and receive the Holy Spirit and the wisdom and power of Christ in us; thank God!

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  4. My wife and I have similar stories Bruce. These things are so much bigger than us. Beyond our comprehension. Humble surrender to God is key. Being ” right” with God who opens our eyes and gives us wisdom and even the prayers to pray. Our God is so much bigger than any scary stuff out there. Beware of those who think they can command or invoke God into action or protection like a genie in a bottle. We must die to live. Now and later.

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    • Hi Gary, heartily agree with you, especially about the genie in a bottle aspect. I’m just grateful that God is there and that He comes through when He knows that we need Him to. Blessings to you and yours my friend.

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  5. I like this. I read it soon after you posted it, and saved it to read again, because I have experienced the strange things you talk about here. My paternal grandfather practiced witchcraft, and he made me his sole heir. Not just of his small estate, but also of his spiritual powers. He died when I was 13, and I knew the moment he died. I was more than one thousand miles away, sitting in a class at school. I did not know that my 59 year old grandfather was mortally ill, but suddenly I knew that he was dead.

    That strange, overpowering knowing was only the beginning of the weirdness and the horrors I went through. Eventually, I figured out what was going on, turned my life over to the Lordship of Christ, and renounced all of the evil powers. But getting to that point… was a very long, very rough road.

    I am writing a memoir about it now, as a warning, a help, and a testimony. It isn’t one bit easy, putting my story into writing. More than fifty years have passed, and still … it’s not easy. But God is giving me the strength to write it. I wouldn’t attempt it, otherwise.

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    • I’m really glad you are doing that Linda Lee and I know it isn’t easy. I’ve seen enough to know Satan exists and his buddies and obviously I want no part of it. Fortunately we are not defenceless because greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world, but it definitely can be unsettling. I commend you for writing your memoir. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours!

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      • Indeed, greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world. I have had the experience where simply thinking the name Jesus, and silently praying to the Father in the name of Christ, instantly released me from a demon that had paralyzed me to the point where I could not speak or breathe. How powerful is our God, that a silent prayer said in the name of our Lord Jesus, will instantly cause a demon to flee!


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