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While scientists have been diligently searching for other life-supporting planets, no habitable, life-supporting planet has yet been found.  As it turns out, a planet must fit within very specific parameters to be capable of supporting life.

This article identifies just four of the parameters a planet must fit within to be capable of supporting life — 1) the planet must reside in the just-right kind of galaxy2) the planet must be at a just-right location within the galaxy,  3) the planet must be located at a just-right position near two types of supernovae and 4) the planet must be located a just-right distance from the kind of star that produces certain elements needed to support life.

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  1. Not trying to poo poo on this sort of thing, while it is interesting, its also very speculative. Secondly the Logic is backwards, what it is actually proving is that out of a billion stars only a few work out for life, and that it all could be random chance, Its not actually a proof of God, but that there was some eventual luck.
    Its far more likely that God simply put the elements in place, and the stars in place. Not that they exploded from some singularity.

    The Big Bang is a Hoax because the Universe is supposedly 90 billion light years wide and is 14.3 billion years old. It is impossible to fly materials out to a radius of 45 billion light years in just 14 billion years. AND, to see such stars travelling 3 times the speed of light would be impossible. The light from starts moving that fast would mean that the light would be travelling two times the speed of light the wrong way and the sky would be dark.

    The Fact is, most of what Astronomy is telling us is poor speculation. The Pictures are actually doctored and all they see is white blips and radio waves.


      • I have studied the Big bang, the expanding universe etc. And its clearly a Hoax. I provided some obvious math that you just skipped over that cannot be resolved by yelling squirrel by some scientist.
        To spell it out further, matter itself cannot travel at the speed of light. There is no possible way for the universe to be 90 billion light years Wide and only 14.3 billion years old. I don’t care what dance or fancy language, talk of inflation or compound inflation, its just not possible. The Theory is Bogus, Failed, a Misguided solution to red shift.

        If you want a 3rd reason. They say, that the whole universe, all its matter came into being in just a few seconds in the form of alpha particles. (Alpha particles are basic Helium.) This is bogus. Why? Because even if all the Alpha particles/Helium were compressed and liquid, the mass would be so great, there would not be space for it to be contained. It takes light 8 minutes to reach us from the sun. And if all the universe was traveling at the speed of light, it would still take the space of 8 minutes just to have the area that would provide. That is not enough space for the whole universe to exist in the form of liquid helium.
        Now lets say they got the numbers slightly wrong. Lets say they should have said, the process took 30 minutes. Still there is not enough room, and such a density would cause the fusion of Helium and create a massive star or black hole.
        The whole theory from many angles is bogus.
        Einstein obviously said, he made a blunder by not accounting red shift, simply because of the pressure to create this hoax and not from a scientific perspective. Any 5 year old would see these flaws if thy did their math and Einstein before his turn to the dark side suggested a steady state universe.
        The Fact is. IF the universe is 14 billion years old. we would only see or record light from stars just now that are that far away. Physics and math don’t change to satisfy some bogus theory.


      • You sure like using the words “bogus” and “hoax”. Once again, there are many PhD’s who would take issue with you but what the heck, you’re polite and you’ve stated your opinion. Blessings my friend.


      • bogus and hoax are perfect words.. I ask you to explain the contexts on material in the big bang. Or the type of magnetic flux that this material would have not formed in an atomic structure, Or the activating agent to cause such an explosion. And what are the building blocks of helium on a quantum scale and why would the mystery substance form that structure.
        What Science has done is create a bogus Hoax of some epic witchcraft where one miracle of unknown origin happened and poof it just is all there No God necessary.
        The fact is dozens of unscientific points are made in their formula including the really really really bad math.
        If a train is travelling north at 50 miles per hour, and a conductor throws a ball out of the back of the train at 50 miles per hour. what speed is the ball moving. the answer is zero.
        So if we have an expansion of the universe at 3 times the speed of light, and a star throws its light in the direction of our planet, at the speed of light. when will the light get here?
        It never will. It will be travelling 2 times the speed of light in opposite direction.

        What is the problem. Hate. People think God is a moron and we are smart. That we created cell phones but he cant communicate. When actually he has been communicating to us using physics since time began.
        After spending hours and hours studying things pertaining to my invention that I am currently working on, I have seen that God is so far advanced, we are simply oblivious and stupid. The Hate comes from Atheists, which Christians adopt and they talk down to God as if He needs them.
        We are so lacking in understanding its not funny. And to think that here we are thinking it took a big bang with no explanation to make the universe. Wow. Not only is it not scientific, it is not biblical, and it is not logical.

        The definition of who God is shows us that without God nothing exists. And true enough, for something to exist, that decays, there must be something that infinitely never does decay. Or, decay would make everything not exist. By the Very nature of basic Science God must exist. The definition of his nature is another issue, but the existence of something with the ability to create, some type of life or process must have existed for infinity.

        At the core of the Evil Big Bang is the Idea that something could just come from nothing. On the Quanta of Theology and Physics where they meet there is an evil lie. I just am the one exposing it for what it is.


      • And yet there are many Christian scientists that take that same something from nothing and point to that reality, as an indication of the causal agent having to be God. Atheist scientists say no, with no explanation other than the unprovable feasibility of multiple universes, while Christian scientists say yes, there must be a God. I’m not pointing to the denial of scientists who say no, I’m pointing to the acknowledgement of scientists who say yes.


      • In Philosophy they gave us a course on Logic. And part of it is the arguing for things that have no true basis. For example, a dog has 4 legs, and a chair has 4 legs, so then a dog is a chair. Coming to a conclusion that Christians argue the Atheists argument suggesting that my argument is wrong is bogus arguing.
        The fact is, the math is wrong. The facts are not there. And Christians should know better than to buy into some argument to get along. But not all of them do. In fact, Jesus said, many on that day will say lord lord….
        There is a distrust for God that is underlying in peoples lives, and John 3:14-15 brings us back to the grumbling and the snakes, to expose the contempt for God which causes us to perish. And by looking to Jesus , and may I say, dropping the contempt for God, will lead us back to a relationship and gain us the forgiveness needed for God to look past our sins and adopt us.
        This foreign method, this stone age thinking in the minds of Atheists is actual rocket science. And they are stupid. The Author of Science is Jesus Christ. It is He, not they that walked on water. It is He, not they that healed the blind, and it is He, not they that defied gravity, lifted up into heaven, walked on water and walked through walls. Atheists are Stupid. The Number one scientist is Jesus Christ. You can take their method with a grain of salt, and take his as absolute truth.
        When God said to Moses, write down exactly what I said, and be careful to do it exactly, it wasn’t because he was a dummy God with issues around control. There is more science going on in front of our eyes in the bible than you can imagine.

        For the fun of it, to prove a point about this stars eating stars and spitting out the right stuff. And expanding universe by definition has made clumps and divided those clumps by space, massive amounts of space. Our closest star is actually 3 stars, two that are binary. at the speed of light, matter from our star exploding would take millions and millions of years to just get to that star. And, if you have an explosion outward, likely only fragments the size of a few cars would actually head exactly that way. The very nature of a expanded universe lends exactly against the re-combination of exploding stars to make the materials suggested. And, as suggested most of those stars do not even have those materials and so, the Idea that we now have them, is impossible and problematic in such a model.
        Another model, considering the bad math and bad statistics is a better answer.
        Secondly, a tidally locked moon or planet only shows a level of physics most do not consider when planets spin around a Star. There is this false belief that the speed forward of our planet and the gravity of the sun match so that we do not implode toward the sun. This is false. The same is said for the Moon. This is false. We put satellites in the sky and fight to get them in a balance and need to make corrections from time to time. The reality is, they are missing a huge part of physics. Quantum locking of large objects containing superconductors. We are actually intentionally in the place where we are, and our moon is intentionally where it is, These are designed, not accidents among a billion chances in the universe.

        The same can be said for your DNA, There is this Anti God theory that involves evolution by chance rather than intentional intervention. Once any thinking Scientist digs deep into the structures of how things work they should realize the intentional complexity and genius employed and not some random chance that made things better.
        it is why in the fossil record you see a glut ants and birds and fish and dogs and not a trillion intermediate species. Not trying to change subjects, but the point is, there is this quick handedness of Evil Atheists that suggests a lack of intention.
        We must not take the rejection of their claims as a rejection of science but a demand for good science.
        And when we see gas Giant Planets orbiting stars you have to ask, why wouldn’t that gas have been sucked into that star when the whole thing was being accidentally assembled. And you start to see God intentionally putting impossibilities in front of our faces so that we will recognize His handywork.
        Our life, with Florine and many other elements needed for our existence is impossible in the current conditions. It is not because of a lucky star or two exploding close by that we exist. it is because God thee almighty made elements which we cant do. which naturally do not form and planets that naturally would not be in some type of re-combination.
        We are made by a Super Super Natural Creator. not by our lucky stars.


      • I thought the whole point of the multiple necessities that were demonstrated within the three posts about our earth, solar system and galaxy all indicated that the totality of the observed necessities for our existence here on earth could not be attributed to mere chance but were in fact an orchestrated set of circumstances that clearly indicated the work of an intelligent creator much smarter than us. At no time did I personally attribute any of what was noted as luck or winning the lottery.


      • I should say, I was disappointed with the, “there are many PhD’s” who would take issue with you.
        This is a standard Atheist statement used to say, someone smarter than you disagrees, \its actually a put down and it is regularly used to say Christians are idiots and many Phd’s would agree there is no God.
        May I remind you everyone is an idiot. And it wasn’t till 1947 that some idiot was experimenting on someone pasts experiment that the transistor was made. until then you could say, it appeared we were as dumb as punch.
        Since then the complexity of the use of superconductors and silicon has progressed. But, one might want to note that God thee almighty was using superconductors and quantum physics and crystals back in the day of Moses for communication. a quick study of the Priests Robe and the Urim and Thummin shows that they all were higher level electronics than what we have today, and the use of Crystal technology was in use, before Silicon valley and the quartz watch.
        These so called PhD’s are like feces compared to the Mighty and Majestic Glorious Understanding God has in his pinky.
        Christians are the smartest bunch in the universe, capable of making a smarter calculation than any Doctor. They chose Jesus Christ, they surrendered to his calling, and they are smarter than any PHD on the planet.
        While we as individuals may not always know what one might have discovered about Gods world and Gods universe, Our perspective is better. Our Ability is Better, Our connection to God makes us far more observant and capable of making Scientific discoveries.
        Science by Atheists is the slowest way to find out about what God has made. Sacrificing and burning the contempt for God is the first step in being able to do good science. Until someone does that, they are blind and working on the project of discovery the hard way.


      • What I was indicating was that there are many learned men and women that do believe in God and do believe that God was the causal agent of the big bang. Not all scientists are atheists. I am not arguing for atheist scientists, I am indicating that there are learned men and women who are PhD’s that do believe in God. You indicated that the big bang was a hoax. Hoax in that it never happened or hoax as in the reality of the big bang does not necessitate belief in God?


      • people may believe a lot of things, that does not make them true. Christians not aware of the Hoax might buy into the Evolution hoax or the Big Bang Hoax not realizing what they have done.
        That said, there is intent when it comes to contempt. Contempt is the issue. Contempt is the issue in the Garden of Eden. Contempt is the issue on the road with Moses. Contempt is the issue with The Religious leaders in the day of Jesus, and Contempt is the issue with the Scientists today, Christian and non-Christian. Gods microscope is on it.
        Instead we need to chose truth, Choose God, and look at science on a factual basis, looking to find clues as to how God did things. And it is with these eyes I am trying to put together an invention that I think God left in front of our faces for us to discover, with a bit of work. And its this invention that has caused me to dig deep into all the inventions of past scientists. And it is by that I am seeing that they are only discovering things he has already set up.
        I wish I could tell you the discovery I made, Or should I say the speculative discovery which I am now experimenting with. But when I get it working, I will let you know. But every step I take I realize how dumb I am and how lacking our Scientific community is and most importantly how grand God is.


      • My first name is Bruce, what is yours? Do you think it is possible we are both saying the same thing but from different angles? I do not necessarily have any great difficulty with most of what you are saying although you obviously have knowledge in areas that I have little understanding on. I believe that God created our universe. I believe that our earth was specifically designed to facilitate life as we know it. This didn’t happen by chance. There are many scientists who are Christian who also hold these beliefs.


      • Hello Bruce. My name is Scott. You forgot. People call me Hoaxy or Evo, simply because I generally do not use my first name on the sites.
        And if you remember I am over here in Ontario and you are on the East Coast. And as before I said, there are nicer people on the east coast than in Ontario. I believe that is just a fact of the nature of this country.

        I used to follow a channel about a dozen years back which talked on the same type of things about the universe. It was interesting at first but a dead end after a short while. I did not find it to be an effective witnessing tool or provide logic that would suggest any solid foundation to build ones faith on and to a degree a waste of time. I find the same goes for what Dr. David Jeremiah says about the bible and his method of preaching. he makes poor logic inferences and speculates about future events he has no clue about making the rest of what he says subject and untrustworthy.
        Unfortunately there is a connection to Trust with the level of speculation one does. Its one reason for me to keep my experiment under my hat. IF you knew the level of speculation I have gone out on a limb with, you would think I am nuts. My attempt is to fill in the gaps of knowledge not laid out in the bible about things they talk about, to try and make working models of how things can be.
        Not that I am working on this one, but lets say, for example, we examine Jesus walking through a wall. One then needs to break it down. Rather than discard it, we need not accept God and the Author as truthful, but possibly see there may be a lack of information given.
        Maybe there was a trap door. Maybe Jesus moved so fast that he came in the door without them knowing, Or maybe he materialized rather than moved through objects, Or maybe he actually moved through an Object. The Point is, this has happened but how.

        We exist, and the universe exists. How? When we break it down, I am not satisfied by the poorly constructed model current science has provided. And so by proxy any website using that information to base a system of faith on makes our faith built on sand.

        Which brings us to the obvious admonition by many Spiritual leaders today, stay out of politics, or Sciences and preach the historical Jesus and his call.

        While I see that a bit short sighted, I do get it. Unless there is some substantial benefit, its not worth the bunny trail.
        If I told you I figured out how Jesus walked on water, you might laugh, but when I figure out something like that, there will be no laughing, and no scientific theory that crumbles like evolution.

        As to what each star and planet has in its contents, while Science has some slight evidence as to what they contain, for the most part, they know absolutely nothing about what is out there. Their work is something you cant build on.


      • Hi Scott, you’re right, I did forget. My memory isn’t what it used to be but remembering names was never my strong suit. My apology.I understand your perspective or at least I think I do. At this point in time I have chosen not to shut those doors but please note that this avenue of thought is a minor avenue, who Jesus was and is, His teachings and commandments and His resurrection are the major avenues that I pursue. Blessings.


      • On another note about the lack from Dr’s of Science. over the years, I told people including scientists who were working on light, that light was not a wave, and that the wave is just the expression given by someone plotting the amount of force at a given time on a graph, and then when you connect the dots it looks like a wave, but the light itself is not a wave. People would freak out on me. I was even banned from a site and one lady studying the light coming from sea creatures kept talking down to me. Still I knew they were wrong and I was right because the Doctors made no sense.

        Today, reading up on characteristics of Crystals etc. and Mosfet transistors I happened on a guy explaining the effect of light on crystals and he said this>

        Light can be described as an oscillating electromagnetic field that propagates through space as a wave[4]. A light wave has an electric and a magnetic field component. The wave planes of these components are oriented perpendicular to each other, as shown in Fig. 1 for a single beam of light. The blue and orange sinus waves represent the electric and the magnetic fields, and the blue and orange arrows in the circle depict the orientation of the electric and magnetic wave planes. I should note that nothing in a ray of light actually moves up or down, or sideways. The sinus waves simply represent the direction of the electric and magnetic field vectors (which symbolize the direction and amount of a force) changing in time.

        This is the first time every did I hear someone actually understand it. And even the double slit experiment being one of those bogus science experiments tries to prove that light is both a wave and a particle. They literally do not grasp the stuff they are working on.


      • No, I am really as dumb as punch like the rest of mankind. But it turns out some are just dumber. as they say dumb and dumber.
        At work, I renovate homes build homes put in kitchens bathrooms basements decks etc. While my customers find me exceptional, the fact is most people can do the work but many don’t care enough to do it right, and most are still fallible.
        This week I caught a mistake. I was finishing up a basement reno putting in the kitchen sink. after the fact as I was pulling in the dishwasher hose, I glanced over to see no glue on one of the ABS joints.. It was a gift. I missed gluing a joint. No matter how excellent your work is, in one moment you can look as unqualified as the next guy. fortunately I by sure luck wink, I caught this dumb mistake. And I was oblivious to it and 3 other mistakes this week.
        Problem is with these scientists, they do it all the time and explain things wrong and mislead people to believe wrong things and squelch science.
        They actually tell people there was a big bang. They tell people there was evolution. They tell people Religion is a Mental disorder and a crutch. They even tell you your children are not human till they are out of the womb and are encouraging a genocide toward children to cover your inconvenience. They list off a number of things you should do and how you should live while knowing absolutely nothing. One day Eggs will kill you the next day wheat is bad when really they know very little about anything but convince you that you should trust them, but do not trust God. This sort of knowledge is not your friend. They do not represent God. They do not have your interest at heart. They are a danger to you and to others.
        ONLY Science done in honesty truthfully with no contempt for God backing it, no Greed backing it, no self interest backing it can be trusted. There may be some obvious truths that come out of study of things no one can avoid, but along with it will be some lie or screw up that delays the fuller understanding of what God has made. Why? because they attempt to suggest they know it all. And by doing it create false models and don’t tell you different. And any good scientist knows that these things inhibit understanding.
        The model for example of the Atom that we learned is school is so bad it stinks and constantly has to be pushed out of my brain so I can work without it encumbering my investigation of the physical properties of materials I am using for my experiment. While I love good science, I hate what they have done to it.


      • I can see that Scott. Just bear with some of us who haven’t seen the same picture as you obviously have, at least in the magnitude of the problem. Thanks for your patience. Blessings.


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