Resolving 22 Bible Contradictions from Jesus’ Final Week to His Ascension | SlimJim


If you not currently following Pastor Jim (SlimJim) you really should. His website has a wealth of Christian Apologetic information including a large and continually expanding list of Alleged Biblical Contradictions and a host of other pertinent Christian related topics.

This is a repost of one of Jim’s posts going back to 2018 but it is obviously still relevant.

This year I tried to put out more posts resolving Bible contradictions concerning the final week of Christ through His Ascension to add to the list I put out last year.  It takes some time on my part to go through them to provide exegetically sound refutations; Lord willing I will add more to this lists next year.  See my post I wrote on why refuting Bible Contradictions Takes Time.  As of Resurrection Sunday 2018 I have responded to 22 alleged Bible contradictions that took place during the final week of Jesus’ life up to His Ascension.

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