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There are times when I have to admit that I become almost speechless or dumbfounded at the level of short sighted nationalism that raises its ugly head in our news, especially with regard to the procurement of medical equipment and supplies to fight the coronavirus, that all countries of the world are currently at war with. Wars are seldom, if ever, won by promoting nationalism. It’s when we collectively come together and unite with one another against a common enemy that victories are won.

It’s not that I don’t understand the necessity to protect and provide for one’s own countrymen. I get it. I am aware that the EU has also enacted restrictions of sales outside of the EU.

But all countries are not equal.

Canada and the United States are neighbours and we have come to one another’s aid many times in the past. In peace and in war, Canada has consistently been there to lend a hand and shed the blood of our own countrymen to stand by our American allies and vice versa. Nobody can question that.

Remember 9/11 when hundreds (224) of American planes landed on Canadian soil and thousands (over 33,000) of Americans, a good number of which were housed and fed by Canadians? Do you have any idea of how many Canadian nurses (1500 to 2000) there are who currently live in Canada, yet cross the American/Canadian border on a daily basis, to work in American hospitals and other health care facilities? Or how about the numerous agreements that have been hammered out over a good number of decades between our two countries to ensure the flow of required goods that are vital to the national security of both countries and the welfare of all of our citizens?

And then we have the President of the United States recently indicating that an American company, 3M, who produces medical supplies that are vital to both of our countries, should no longer export medical supplies to the Canadian Government and other Canadian clients due to the necessity of meeting American priorities. Ironically, 3M uses a unique wood pulp to produce some of these medical supplies that is made only by a Canadian company.

A pulp mill on Vancouver Island that supplies American producers with materials to make surgical masks and other medical supplies has been dragged into a trade dispute between Canada and the United States, after President Donald Trump signed an order to restrict exports of personal protective equipment needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harmac Pacific, whose facility is located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, produces a unique type of pulp that is used by U.S. manufacturers to make products that include paper gowns, surgical masks and caps, some of which are then shipped to Canada. Harmac Pacific says one of those customers, recently doubled its order, prompting the facility to shift its production to focus on pulp for medical-grade paper.

I’m not a fan of President Trump, I’ve stated that before and there have been a couple of instances where I have been taken to task by some American readers who disagreed with my opinion. Understood, normally I try to avoid commenting on American politics. But in this instance, the order executed by President Trump involves the country that I live in.

It would appear, from my perspective, that when push comes to shove, past alliances, agreements and acts of compassion and accommodation mean very little, if anything, between Canada and the United States, when taken into account by President Trump.

And you may think that I am not holding back my thoughts and feelings but you would be wrong.





  1. Because of the Communist rule in Canada we have little say about policy. 1 choice every 4 years is not democracy.
    Every year another US company comes in and buys a Canadian business and sells it to another of their companies then shuts it down leaving just their American Company. The predatory nature of the Americans is not democratic. Its not fair business practice and our Gov’ts do nothing. If a company buys a Canadian company if they want to close it, then they should have to sell it
    And if you sell in Canada, you have to manufacture a percentage in Canada with Canadian labour.
    IF that was the case, 3M would have had some manufacturing of masks in Ontario, and this would not have been an issue. They could have hired, they could have ramp-ed up production etc..
    On health and defence and Food we need to be more careful and have things built in Canada.

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    • Have you ever talked to someone who lived under communist rule who lives in Canada Scott? Pretty sure they’d disagree with your first statement. I know a few Polish immigrants who carry multiple passports and can live almost anywhere in the world, but they choose to live here in Canada.
      But the rest of what you shared I agree with.


      • When a Gov’t subsidizes a portion of its public, it makes them indebted to the Gov’t. The Gov’t taxes then gives it back in a payment, If you do not follow their rules, you get nothing. We came in this world, and Gov’t is an extra. We are not born to be ruled. We are born and then choose to use a system to help meet our needs. A guaranteed income is the goal of the Left these days. It is socialism lite. Every step toward that end is more communism. More control. Less freedom of speech, Less Church, less morals, more Federal Gov’t.
        I am not saying some sort of social safety net isn’t necessary, but as it overtakes your country you become less free. And like a frog in a pot being warmed to a boil, they do not sense the change happening around them. It takes a few like myself to remind us that all we need is fair business practice and property rights and laws that help people with home ownership.
        We lack a list of things I wont go into.
        But what does this have to do with Anything Christian or with 3M. It matters because christian character is lacking in our Gov’t in the American Gov’t and in the business practices that chose Cash over honesty.
        Some times people need to be told that Israel went into Babylon because they chose cash over how they treated their fellow people. We need to employ people from our own countries rather than say to heck with them, I will get it cheeper and beat the other guy out in sales. Christianity should effect Business and Gov’t. Its a Big topic. I will stop at this point. But it would be a worthy discussion and worth going into the weeds.


      • That is why I call it communism lite. Its more evasive. Giving social payments can cause family separations. its still the control of the state over you. with taxes we might pay 10k to the Gov’t and then in a crisis, they give 2K to my children. They have become daddy. The other 8 K they take for wages and Interest. They have not paid your kid a dime but then force her to vote Liberal to keep her payments coming. This is just deceptive communism through the back door or communism lite. If you do not comply the Gov’t will cut you off. they still monitor you through your cell phone and computer and licences etc. and force you out of things or into things through other means. I feel the pressure every day. We should be free.


  2. I think some steam blowing is OK now and then Bruce…I’ll still take you fishing but no politics in my canoe…We would talk of Gods creation, revel in his redemption and story tell our part around the campfire while munching on crispy fillets.

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    • I will grant you that, very hard indeed. I’m not a fan of Justin Trudeau either and I understand the shortfalls of the major media outlets. I probably shouldn’t have posted this particular post at all but sometimes it just gets to me. Let’s put it down as a momentary lapse in good judgement on my part. Thank you for your understanding. Blessings.

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    • It was 2016 when I first ran across your blog, I posted a comment on your “About the author” page and then for some reason or other, I lost track of you and I can’t understand why. Following you again and hope to get to know you better. Can’t help but feel that you and I are supposed to get to know one another. God is good, looking forward to it. Blessings brother. – Bruce

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    • Apparently not. The 3M Company is an American multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, US health care, and consumer goods. … 3M made $32.8 billion in total sales in 2018 and ranks number 95 in the Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue with operations in 63 countries and product sales in more than 200 countries, 3M is a highly diversified Fortune 500 company with a strong global presence. 3M’s continued focus on new product development has been successful with 30 percent of sales in the 1990s coming from products created since 1994. 3M has about 75 manufacturing plants in some 30 US states and operates around 110 manufacturing and converting facilities in roughly 35 other countries. Overall, 3M has operations in more than 70 countries. And as indicated, Canada produces the unique wood based pulp that is used in producing many of their medical products. I guess it’s welcome to Capitalism isn’t it?

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      • I mourn the loss of the 289 Canadians from the Coronavirus. That is sad. I mourn even more for the approximately 10,000 Americans who have died already. 1,154 more just today. NYC is in real trouble. 4,159 deaths so far. 594 more just today.

        The current estimates are that another 90,000 Americans will die. I pray not.

        I care about the 262 people in Halifax who have the disease. I’m glad none have died yet. I hope all of your health care workers have all the equipment they need.

        These are the numbers I care for. I don’t care for a greedy multi -national American company. I don’t care about their numbers.

        I worry for our health care workers in the US fighting the good fight without the proper equipment. It is not selfish for us to want US healthcare workers to have what they need. And so yes, Health Care Workers in Florida (along with the rest of the country) want to work in safety. And they are rightly upset that a company (forget they are American) won’t sell them what they need.

        I pray for all of us to have compassion. Apparently we need to see the grace of God at work.


      • No argument from me Michael, there’s obvious elements of greed in play at multiple levels within the realities that both of our countries are facing and the repercussions of that greed is indeed sad. And I couldn’t agree more, it is not selfish for any of us to want our healthcare workers to have what they need, while at the same time demonstrating a balanced measure of compassion and grace, like we all have received from God. Please accept my apology for my reaction to a course of action that was taken, that I perceived as being somewhat ironic. Someone once said that perception is reality and unfortunately, in too many cases, subjectively, that can be what is deemed as being true, by all of us. Blessings.

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  3. Quote from Michael Wilson: “I pray for all of us to have compassion. Apparently we need to see the grace of God at work.”

    I say Amen to that!


  4. God is at work in people’s hearts through it all. Today I had a video conversation with one of my granddaughters. She is 13. She is reading the book of Job. We had a one on one conversation about what she was reading and about her approach to reading the Bible. That never happened before. It brought tears to my eyes. I thanked the Lord for the pandemic because he gave me a glimpse of how it is making a difference. God is going to bring good out of this. We need to keep our eyes fixed on him. He is the only one whose words we can trust. Amen?

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    • Hi Sue, long story short, I think you’re right. Kind of knew what I was getting into when I started writing the post but . . . (as soon as you see the word “but” you know you’ve got a problem) I deemed it noteworthy enough to voice my concerns. Never did take kindly to having a door slammed in my face. That in itself is probably a negative character trait. I mentioned to another reader that it was a temporary lapse in good judgement on my part and I think that is pretty close to the truth. I hate injustice and to me, considering other incidents that have been swept under the rug, I decided to make a response. Key word there being “I”. “We need to keep our eyes fixed on Him. He is the only one whose words we can trust.” That’s a definite Amen. Always good to hear from you and Rick, sure wish we had the opportunity to sit down together and have a tea or coffee together. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. Much blessings!

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      • I don’t know if you use any video chat programs or not, but we use Google Hangouts. Although the chats are supposedly private, in today’s world I wouldn’t count on anything being private. Anyway, if you have a google account, maybe we could for real have a 3 (or 4) way chat (if your wife wants to join in, too). You can email us and let us know if you are interested. And, we’ll make or buy some cookies for the occasion. 🙂


  5. You make valid points here Bruce. It would seem to me that Canada could retaliate to make a point, but we won’t. It’s not in our nature, even if we were a “super power”, we would never do such a thing.
    In this instance, I don’t think it’s the intention of America first, it’s how the bully in chief went about it for no other reason than to incite his disciples and make himself look big.
    I trust cooler heads will prevail and all countries needs will be met.


    • Hi Stephen, thanks for jumping in. I’d like to think that cooler heads will prevail and all countries needs will be met but I have some serious reservations about that happening based on the reality of supply and demand and previous interactions, but I digress. Blessings to you and yours also.


  6. I was thinking about this today. I saw someone on social media angry at China for hoarding medical supplies away from Americans. Then they also shared their support of Trump with not wanting masks to go to Canada. Strikes me as hypocritical…


  7. I personally prefer Trump over the last few presidents & several of the major candidates (both this year and in 2016) (although as an Australian I try not to comment too much on American politics), but I can’t say I agree with those decisions.


    • I hear you, there’s all kinds of pro and con perspectives available, it’s pretty noisy at that level, I’m slowly learning that God would have us move our hearts and minds closer to Him, which has a tendency to filter out an awful lot of that noise. Blessings.

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