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There may indeed come a time in the not too distant future, when what the early Christians experienced, is experienced again. Actually Jesus said it would, in Revelation. We all would do well to be mindful and prepared. Take the time to read this, it is both sobering and inspirational.

Pliny the Younger (born 61/62 CE in Novum Comum (modern-day Como) in northern Italy; died after 111 CE) was an important Roman witness to events of early Christianity. Pliny was a successful administrator who attained the highest administrative posts of praetor and consul. Scholars have acknowledged the broad range of topics and personalities Pliny engaged […]

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  1. Bruce, interesting article. What preparations do you think might be best in light of this historical glimpse into the persecution and execution of Christians?

    I’m not sure how ignorant Pliny might have been about Christians and their convictions, having been party to many judgments. He probably was trying to look better to the big boss by his reporting of his enthusiastic compliance with the laws against Christians and by asking for his advice, although it’s possible he was having a conscience issue as he was torturing obviously godly women – the point at which he sent the letter. Even the Jewish leaders were hesitant to kill Jesus for fear of the people, another possible motivation, so maybe he was looking around and wondering if his actions might come back to haunt him.

    Today there is no absence of information about Christianity or Christians, though we have so many brands and divisions it’s hard to sort some of it out. It certainly looks like we are going into a time of accelerated persecution based upon my recent readings, so we need to get ready. Time appears to be running out, and like with our recent changes to normal across the globe, it’s not looking like a time to sit on the fence.


    • Hi Rick, I’d have a tendency to agree with you. And I would also say that now, our relationship with God our Father, Jesus the Son and God’s Holy Spirit are of prime importance. It won’t be long before we enter into the time when the rubber hits the road and if we haven’t focused on and entered into that relationship and are held secure in it, where our trust and reliance is on God, then when the rubber hits the road, it will be too late. I’m thinking it will be an either you do or you don’t situation. So these times are important because we are still being given time. Trusting that all is well with you and Sue and your family. Blessings Rick.

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