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Here is another timely and excellent post from the desk of J. Warner Wallace, where Jim provides his perspective on the issue of our free will. As always, Jim’s posts are highly recommended.

I’m often asked where I “land” on the issue of God’s sovereignty and human freedom. How much free will do we actually have as humans? If God is all powerful and all knowing, if God knows the end from the beginning, if God has predestined us to come to faith, doesn’t it follow that humans are simply along for the ride? As a Christian, it’s clear to me that God is powerful enough to accomplish his goals without limit (see Daniel 4:35, Romans 9:15-16, Ephesians 1:5-6, and Romans 1:9-11). I call this power of God to accomplish whatever He wants the “Make Sure” Will of God. But if God is in complete control of every aspect of our lives, how do we answer the following questions?

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    • Hi Mandy, yes, we don’t see this type of thing happening here very often, actually never. Terrible amount of loss of life. We haven’t been told why he did what he did yet. We’re all fine. Thank you for your prayers, swing some towards the victims families if you would. Blessings.

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  1. Bruce, thanks for the article. I’m somewhere in the middle of the Calvinism-Arminianism debate. There are Scripture passages that support both free will and election and I don’t need to take a stand. I do read a lot of materials from the Reformed guys, John MacArthur being one of my favorites. I like JMac’s take on it. He espouses the Calvinist view on election but also acknowledges that man’s free will is someway, somehow a part of God’s plan. He says it’s a mystery that he does not understand.


    • Hi Tom. Well I know where you are coming from, I lean towards the Arminianism side but I do have to acknowledge the sovereignty of God so in essence I see both sides. I have a fair number of references for the Arminianism perspective on my “Christian Resources” page. I basically think there is a general rule where free will is in play but God can over ride that for His own purposes. I’ve filed that one under “definite maybe”. Many are called but few are chosen. The chosen would be where the Elect come into play I think. Just can’t get around God condemning anyone without them having a free will. It is a mystery. Blessings!

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      • I lean more towards the Reformed side in that I see from Scripture that even faith is a gift and I don’t believe a genuine believer can ever lose their salvation, but I also believe as Scriptures show that we are free to accept or reject the gift. I have seen the freewill-election debate get pretty nasty so I’m generally happy to stand on the sidelines and remain noncommittal. Thanks and blessings to you, brother! I see from the comments that you’re up in Nova Scotia. That’s a place I always wanted to visit even back when I was a young boy.


      • Hi Tom, I think I sit on the sidelines on this one too. I’ve also seen some pretty heated arguments and I stay away from those also. Have many Christian brothers who are of the Reformed persuasion and I can live with that. The nice thing is most of them don’t turn it into an issue that causes division. On the other note, Nova Scotia is right on the Atlantic sea coast and it is really beautiful and laid back. When I was working in Pittsburgh a few years ago, it took awhile to get used to all of the drivers honking their horns so much, you seldom see that here. Most of us aren’t really in a hurry, life’s too short. Blessings brother!

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