Are You Wasting Your Words? | David Ettinger

This blog post encourages you to give careful thought to your words. Some sound advice in here, please take the time to read it. Thank you!

Are You Wasting Your Words?


  1. Hi Bruce. From My Email the link did not come here but said Page not found. Not sure why. But I got here by going to your site through you avatar. Not sure how to fix that.


    • Hi Scott, don’t know what to tell you on that one as I do not see the emails that are sent out. I did check on three different browsers and the link to David’s post works on all three. Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know!


  2. This time I got it to work. I guess I was wasting my words. LoL.
    On a better note:
    I thought I was wasting my words on some people in the city trying to get a transitional housing camp set up. The Mayor wouldn’t give zoning and some of the churches involved in helping the down and out using store front missions said the homeless deserve less.
    So, I kept pushing it but thought it fell on deaf ears.

    May first the city and some of those churches began to use Camp Samac as a over flow because of the covid and that place has 80 units and dinning facilities and the blurb in the paper suggests they will be doing counselling and drug treatment and providing a rap around service to help people up and out to better accommodations and jobs etc.

    So, some times when you think you are wasting your words, God has a plan. The fact that they left me out of the loop. The fact that they did it is what is what counts. It was a persuasive talk I gave. I felt God all over it. But God obviously had others including himself who had to speak to the people in charge of these things. I was just one of those people. I Realized it wasn’t my project. It was Gods. So I am tickled pink that the Homeless are being treated like they matter. Its a huge step for our city.


    • Good for you Scott, at least you were in there trying and ultimately the goal was achieved. We’re all really small players when you come down to it but God can indeed accomplish the seemingly impossible. Blessings.

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      • I felt that at the time. I thought wow, I might end up being a part of something Huge, OR I might just be someone speaking the truth into the wind and someone might catch it.
        One good lesson is, You don’t have to be in charge of everything even if its your Idea. Maybe others want to be in charge Maybe being a Idea guy is OK.


  3. I like the idea of turning political discussions around by stating that a worldview cannot coincide with Biblical view. Too many people are focussed entirely on politics.


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