Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven Because God is the Only Way to God | J Warner Wallace

This is an oldie but it is a good one! Straight from the desk of J. Warner Wallace of fame:


This Easter I had a wonderful experience at New Life Church near Toronto, Ontario. Pastor Elio and Micki Marrocco allowed me to teach their Good Friday and Easter services (in addition to training sessions with their core leaders). I tried to encourage the members of New Life and help them grow in their confidence related to the controversially exclusive, central claim of Christianity: Jesus alone is God. While there may be other important, historic religious leaders, none of them rose from the dead. Jesus is unique. He alone is God and He alone has the power to forgive sins and grant us eternal life. In our pluralistic, relativistic culture, an exclusive claim such as this is likely to start an argument. But Jesus didn’t shrink from controversy. Read the Gospel of John to see what I mean. Jesus repeatedly made outrageous claims of Deity, and he made these claims with singular exclusivity:

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