Ravi Zacharias 1946 – 2020

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Ravi left this world to be with Jesus this morning (19 May 2020). This is the link to the Obituary for Ravi Zacharias. Please take the time to read it. It is a testimony of what God can do with one man. I take comfort in knowing that Ravi now sees Jesus, His Lord and Saviour, face to face and in addition, is in the presence of his Christian brother Nabeel Qureshi and many others, who Ravi also longed to see.



  1. I am so happy for Ravi being with Jesus, and I am grieving with the loved ones left behind.

    Thank you for sharing his obituary. I didn’t know he shared a similar experience as my earthly dad: healed by the book of John; my dad through a tractor accident as a young man and Ravi through a suicide attempt at 17: “It was the culmination of a remarkable transformation set in motion when Zacharias, recovering in a Delhi hospital from a suicide attempt at age 17, was read the words of Jesus recorded in the Bible by the apostle John: “Because I live, you will also live.”

    I have always loved the gospel of John, even before I was told by my older sister, after my dad’s transition, that he was miraculously healed when an angel brought him the book, a stranger that showed up at the farm with the Gospel of John, healing my dad who was too injured to try and take him to a doctor, and preparing the way for my marrying my late husband John, a doctor who flew all the way to Deborah, Iowa from Southern California, to make a house call to inject my dad’s shoulder when he was having pain and couldn’t golf late in life. My marriage to John was the catalyst that turned me to Jesus, saving me from a religious intellectual mindset with “surface” beliefs to devouring the Word, especially the book of John, and finding the Living Active Christ Jesus through the pages of the New Testament, a testament to the power, wisdom, life and Spirit of the Word of God, made flesh in Jesus and made flesh in those who eat its daily bread of Christ and drink its living waters of Christ Spirit!
    Thank God for Ravi Zacharias’ life and thank God for the Gospel of John!

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    • Hi Yvonne, my pleasure and I share your love for the Gospel of John, it’s always been my favourite. I couldn’t help but think of the joy that Ravi experienced being in the presence of Jesus AND Nabeel etc. I read your post when you lost your husband John, that must be difficult for you. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours!


  2. I feel like I know his story inside out, at least the parts he has shared publicly through the years. I adored the man and have read every tribute since his passing. In his last days, he said to his family, “I gave myself 17 years. God gave me 57 more and eternity. I am so grateful.” You look at his life and see the blinding power of God.


    • Yes, I’ve been looking at some of the videos of Ravi preaching that I had viewed previously and once again I was caught up with what a gifted minister of God’s Word that he was. Couldn’t help but think of the reunion that there was with Ravi seeing Jesus face to face AND Nabeel and others that Ravi longed to see. Blessings!


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