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Imagine you are walking along and a sign suddenly appears telling you that if you take one more step forward, you will instantly disappear into nothingness. And the same sign further informs you that taking one step backward will have the same result. That’s kind of how we humans are in this incredible universe we […]

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  1. when My invention is done these things will seem like childs play. once we realize that Jesus with ease walked on water and rose up into the heavens being flesh, we realize we haven’t grasped the simplest thing like gravity that connects planets and solar systems and holds us to the ground. If you can cut those lines of force or direct them directing the universe then is childs play. You could literally lift mountains. May the Lord help me fulfill that prophecy.


      • Don’t worry if I get this thing working everything will change. I believe that when the bible says, I will shake the earth and the heavens it is a reference to this invention. I have come to believe that much of the prophecy of the Old testament was already fulfilled in the Old Testament and that some of the preterist views were correct. But there are events that will happen before Jesus returns. But this rapture and such is taught wrong. What I see in revelations is a list of view points, snap shots. Others see these things as events in order. I don’t see that. What I picked up is that Jesus went to make a place for us. What I picked up is that this Eternal city doesn’t start on a earth but floats in heavens and lands on a planet. This makes it very “mork from Ork. ” And I think I figured out how God lands this big city. It would otherwise crash down onto a planet and wipe out the new earth like it would wipe out the Dinosaurs. So, I think this new Jerusalem is a type of Ark. So the rapture to me is an event where those alive end up being taken up to this city. Sounds very star Trek.
        I am in the middle of inventing a Jerry rigging of this science God used with ease. Who knew he could use his science with ease.

        So I think there is a whole level of blindness as to what should happen and because people got it all wrong they have been upset Jesus hasn’t come yet. And I don’t think he will come until I shake the earth or the heavens using this device that affects gravity itself. And then he will come. I know it sounds like crazy town.
        God will bring with him all those who have fallen asleep. And it wont be on a flying carpet. 1 Thess 4:14


      • Just off the top of my head Scott, you don’t think that you stating that Jesus will not come back until you shake the earth or the heavens using this device that affects gravity itself is a tad on the presumptuous side? I noted that you acknowledge that it does sound like crazy talk. I trust you know that this whole endeavour you are experimenting with does call into question credibility. Just saying . . .

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      • What I am doing on its face feels safe. But its not. One only needs to contemplate the effect of being able to disrupt or focus gravitational forces. There are billions of atoms in one cubic inch of air. Each with forces. Each connecting with others to form filaments that connect to the stars. We are living in a sea of a horse hair brush. IF my device ends up affecting lets say an area of one cubic meter, the effects could be devastating. Even if for a fraction of a second I mess up something on a quantum scale, I could end up dead. I am hoping that doesn’t happen. But, If God can walk on water, fly into the clouds, raise axes out of water have cities the size of Australia float out of heaven down to a new earth without crashing, then its possible to do it without dying. I might not be successful. But I think God wants me on it. And I have been slack waiting for materials. But I will push forward because I feel negligent.

        Hebrews 12:26-27 King James Version (KJV)
        26 Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.

        27 And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.
        There are many scriptures involved and its by those scriptures I discovered the science behind this invention. And I keep on finding fingerprints of sorts from God. So I know I am on the right track.
        My fear is that like this scripture mentions God wipes out the earth with this sort of technology. But I trust He will guild my hands because he has plans, not that I would try to force his hand to intervene. But on the contrary I think he wants it. I think he wants us going into space flying cars, levelling mountains not just figuratively. Literally with this technology we could move trillions of gallons of water and move it to the moon or to mars with very little energy and without significant containment. What I realized is that we are like frogs in water not realizing how smooth things are and why and so the invention adds a dimension we have not even perceived until now as possible and simple as lifting a feather. If you interrupt lines of force nothing weighs anything and you can move anything and focused you can cut anything or destroy anything.
        And I think its my job to get something partially working and smarter people will take it from that. In reality such a discovery is worth 500 Billion dollars. not thousands or millions but Billions if not a trillion. It will be the biggest thing to hit mankind. Funny thing is, I have never had a desire for money. So I don’t have the drive to push to get rich. LoL. God should have went after a very greedy guy who would have pushed for it to be done fast..


      • I could show you a video of some work done in Israel and they are dabbling with quantum levitation using magnets. I find it funny that they are on a cusp of something but haven’t a Clue. As the bible says, God Blinds the minds of Unbelievers. When you see the video you get get where I am headed with this.


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