Pondering the Black Lives Matter Movement | Rev James E Laurence

This is a WordPress article that I am reposting . If you’re white, like I am, YOU REALLY NEED TO READ THIS, all of it, seriously. Please take the time, it’s really that important. It’s an article written by a white man (Rev James E Laurence) but it also includes part of an article written by a black Christian man, Shai Linne. All of this article is important.

As I continue to read, listen, and learn about the Black Lives Matter movement, I feel led to share just a few personal thoughts about it.

Pondering the Black Lives Matter Movement


    • My pleasure James, that’s a powerful message and you’re absolutely right, we do indeed need to read, listen, learn and earnestly pray about this life altering injustice. Hearts of all color need to be touched. Blessings!

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  1. Thanks, Bruce. I needed to read this. I can relate to the white woman who naively said her black friend could pick up the baby swing off the porch. I tend not to see the potential evil in others – probably because I don’t want to see it. But I too am trying to understand more and be alert to it and learn what I can do to bring about change.


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