Only One Time


It’s only happened to me one time, back when my wife and I had three children at the time (vice five – twins came later on), and I was sitting on the side of our bed in our bedroom when I was alone. God gave me a short vision and it was like I was flying over a small orchard and the fruit trees were all neatly positioned in a row as I appeared to fly over them. The colours were exceedingly vibrant and what I saw was exceptionally clear. I’m thinking it was only for a few seconds. There was no accompanying sound as I recollect. I remember saying to myself, “what in the heck was that”?

No, I’ve never used drugs, nor had I taken any medication and no it wasn’t a hallucination, what I ordinarily saw was temporarily blocked out and I could only see the orchard of trees. I’m not even sure what kind of trees that they were but I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t recall seeing much fruit on those trees”. I’m kind of hoping that was because of the height that I was at. And I’m not even sure what God was trying to show me, even to this very day, although I’m hoping that it was a picture of a work that God would do through me. Maybe I will only find out when I am face to face with Jesus. I’m sure that God has worked through us in our past, when we obeyed Him and did what He asked us to do and it bears fruit that we are not aware of.

What this memory does do for me now however, from time to time, is remind me of the reality of the spiritual realm. The colours in what I saw were so bright, vibrant and clear, that it reminds me of the reduced clarity of what I do see now. Sometimes when I marvel at the beauty of God’s handiwork in nature that lays before me, in what I do see now, I consider that even in this world that God has chosen to let us live in, a fallen world that is under a curse, or less than it could be, I am still amazed at the beauty that I do see. It’s almost like God is saying, “even though this is less than what it could be, it still shows the beauty of my creation, even in this less than state”. And of course, I can’t deny that. There is so much beauty and so much detail and variety everywhere we look. Who hasn’t marvelled at the wonder of a humming bird or the complexity and beauty of a butterfly? And of course, there is so very much more.

This material world that we do see is not all that there is. And of course, Jesus talks about this reality all of the time. We look at what we see and we think it stops there but it doesn’t. It’s like settling for a black and white TV when colour TV is also a reality.

This “vision” that God allowed me to “see” was real, which means it gives me a different appreciation of what I read in the Scriptures, where God allowed others to see visions much more detailed or specific than mine. And then we have the transfiguration of Jesus that Peter, James and John witnessed (Matthew 17:1-13), where Jesus calls what they saw a vision and commanded them not to speak of it until He has risen from the dead, or the fact that Moses face shone after he had been in the presence of God (Exodus 34:29-35). How does one effectively communicate something like that to others in words, when they have not been there to see it? Yet time and time again, these “realities” are woven through the totality of the Holy Bible.

There is another reality beyond the reality that we see, but so many settle for only what they can see. They scoff at the mention of Jesus walking on water or Jesus rising from the dead. Just because they don’t “see” it, does not mean that it isn’t there or it didn’t happen, it just means that they don’t see, they are the blind leading the blind or the dead burying the dead.

I’m sharing this because I want to witness and give God the glory for what He allowed me to see. It had absolutely nothing to do with anything that I had supposedly earned, absolutely nothing. It just doesn’t work that way. I’m sharing this just like the writers of the Gospels share the reality of the transfiguration. It happened. It is what it is and I want fellow believers to know.

I hope this witness lifts some believer up because even though there is so much that I do not understand, I know that I know that all of what Jesus says is the truth. Every single word.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!








  1. I sometimes wonder what the colors will be like in heaven, if the ones down here are just a glimpse of the real thing. I once had one of those split-second visions. It was a huge cemetery on a sunny day. The grass was bright green, and the headstones were bright white. Each headstone had a balloon tied to it, so the whole vision was full of color and life. After it flashed before my eyes, I thought, “They’re having a party.”
    That was it. (Short and sweet.) 😉


    • Hi Ann, I’m thinking everything will be brighter, clearer and much more colourful than here and what you saw ties in with that also. Pretty amazing. Blessings!


  2. Wow. Hearing about these things always fascinate me.
    Makes me wonder if people that experience that are really close to God or close enough to experience it. That’s really amazing.


    • Hi Lydia, when I look back to where I was at that time, I was very active in the church but not near as close to God as I should or could have been so I think it was just God’s timings versus anything to do with me. But yes, it is amazing. Blessings.

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    • Hi Jim, God obviously did it for a reason and I can tell you that I am grateful. I don’t know why but I do know that this and other things which He has allowed me to experience, like me asking for a hug in prayers in the morning and Him orchestrating the OVERWHELMING urge to go to the summer night service camp in the evening where a off duty RCMP Officer told me he did not know who I was but that God told him to give me a hug plus being placed in the presence of God for a few moments, solidifies the reality of the spiritual realm and the truth that Jesus gave us, forever in my mind and heart and I am so thankful. It surely wasn’t because of anything special that I had done nor was anything ever anticipated. And yes, it is a little window into eternity. Blessings and love brother.

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