An Open Letter to My Brothers and Sisters in Law Enforcement | J Warner Wallace

I can’t think of anyone better qualified to speak on behalf of Christian Law Enforcement Officers than J. Warner Wallace, who is this particular post, speaks through his son, Jimmy Wallace. Please take the time to consider their perspective on this current issue.


It has been a sad time for law enforcement. Recent events have turned the public’s attention toward our profession, and the public is not happy with what it sees. The actions of a few have put all of us under insurmountable scrutiny.

I’m always upset when I see or hear stories of police officers failing or doing wrong. Many people in my personal life have responded to these failings with feelings of intense anger, but I just feel extreme sadness. I am saddened when we don’t live up to our calling and potential, I am disappointed when we fail to do our duty.

To read the remainder of Jimmy Wallace’s post on this issue, please click on the direct link below.


  1. Thanks, Bruce. We observe in near-disbelief as demands to defund the police are being seriously considered in some cities.


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