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James M. Tour is an American chemist and nanotechnologist. He is a Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering, and Professor of Computer Science at Rice University in Houston, Texas. If you wish to view an extended overview of his academic credentials and accomplishments you can view them here.

Professor Tour is also a Jewish Christian and you may view his statement of faith here.

For some reason, far to many people seem to be of the opinion that when one becomes a Christian, one immediately puts one’s mind into “park” and actively enters into the realm of believing in the tooth fairy, when in fact, the exact opposite is actually true. Some of the greatest minds of our time are outspoken Christians. Just be aware of that fact.

I’m going to present just three of James M. Tour’s videos that are available on YouTube. There are many more and a number of them are quit lengthy but these three are all individually about one hour in length and the topics are varied. Enjoy.




  1. Great stuff. The core thing the Devil did is to say, God is not being honest with you. You should eat of that tree. He is holding back…
    The contempt the Devil creates creeps up on people. Videos like those help people put their trust in God. They are valuable tools for everyone. Its like going to a clinic to have your skin treated with kelp or some herbal thing.. The Soul itself needs repair and our relationship with God can become dry and cracked if the devil used the words abrasive against us.
    Great videos.
    Dear Lord, Restore unto me the joy of your salvation. And create a new spirit within me.

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