How to Disagree Better about COVID-19, Conspiracy Theories, and Pretty Much Everything Else in Life | Natasha Crain


I ran into this post by Natasha Crain the other day and thought that I would share it with you. The topic she discusses and the manner in which she advocates we deal with it is really excellent because it asks us to look below the surface conversation and understand exactly what we are dealing with and how to navigate it more effectively. I encourage you to read her entire article, I’m pretty sure it will give you a different perspective.

Aside from feeling the fatigue of quarantine in general, I am feeling the fatigue of people arguing about the quarantine. This includes Christians fighting with other Christians, Christians fighting with non-believers, and non-believers fighting with non-believers.

If you spend any time on social media, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Our culture has largely lost the ability to disagree well. I’ve experienced this for years when discussing worldview issues with both Christians and skeptics. But because these worldview conversations tend to take place in online pockets, the nature of those disagreements isn’t always front and center in public life. The universal experience of COVID-19 right now, however, has shone a light on just how poorly many people conduct disagreements—for all to see. And what I see happening in COVID-19 disagreements is the same thing I’ve so often seen happen in worldview disagreements:

To read the rest of this excellent article, please click on the direct link below:


  1. Thanks, Bruce. We here in New York State had to go through a heavy-duty quarantine protocol back in March because of the very high number of COVID-19 cases so all of the precautions became second nature. Down South they didn’t have many cases initially so they took a cavalier and even defiant attitude and that has come back to bite them. We New Yorkers were amazed to see news reports of people congregating en masse on beaches and at parks and Trump rallies without PPE.


    • Hi Tom, oh I am aware, I actually follow you folks more than I follow what happens here in Canada. I’ve been to New York and a number of other cities in the States and actually worked at City Hall in Pittsburg for a short while a few years ago. And of course, I keep track of Trump a lot more than I probably should. Many many good decent people in the States, but I’m thinking we both have our fair share of those who make us scratch our heads and say “what the heck were they thinking!” Definitely not easy times to navigate. Always grateful for your wise and considered comments. You have yourself a blessed Sunday!

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