And It Continues . . .


Countries like China, Russia and North Korea limit what they allow their people to view or access. Various multimedia formats that are made available, including direct access to the World Wide Web (Internet), are controlled so that whatever is made public, is in line with the ruling parties policies or mandates. The short story is that the common people, in the vast majority of cases, are fed or allowed to view only what the ruling party or current authoritarian, determines is acceptable and opposing perspectives are limited or just outright determined as not acceptable, and thus removed or not made available.

But here in Canada, the United States and some other countries, that isn’t done. In Canada and the United States, both of our countries have “freedom of speech” and “access to information” legislation in place and that is both a strength and a weakness. It’s a strength in that we have the right to voice our opinion and access factual information and it’s also a weakness in that those aforementioned authoritarian countries can take advantage of our freedoms, via nefarious means, to plant seeds of misinformation, distrust and outright lies, within our societies, that further their long term goals. And that includes many websites that are run locally within Canada and the United States that are funded or run by people who hold and propagate opposing ideologies.

One doesn’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand the low cost potential that is available, to cause harm and increase influence, to an opposing ideology, by recking havoc within the opposing ideologies, open access to information.

Just about everyone acknowledges that it is a problem and that something needs to be done about it. You can view the results of a relatively recent survey by the Pew Research Center here.

And of course, conspiracy theories are currently rampant. It doesn’t matter what topic you look at, be it the Corona Virus, vaccines, or the coming one world government, just about anything and everything is being fed into an ever increasing barrage of misinformation. I wrote a post a few weeks ago, about the absolute necessity of fact checking sources before you pass on a post from an alternate source. You can view that post here, if you would like to review it again.

The above linked post included very detailed debunking of claims being made by the Plandemic documentary that was being fact checked. These are outstanding experts in this specific field of medical science. You can view their detailed responses here, here and here.

But irrespective of the expressed professional opinions given on this highly misleading documentary, there are many who still disregard their professional opinions. Not because they can challenge their professional knowledge that these professionals provide, but because they prefer to buy into the disinformation. It’s truly mind boggling. I’ve even had some say “how can we trust what these debunkers say because they could be part of the coverup, that this documentary is exposing”. Facts given by acknowledged professionals no longer matter. Where does it stop?

Does anyone ever stop to think what the continued dissemination of misinformation and disinformation accomplishes? More division, more distrust and a breakdown of rational thinking, just for starters.

As a Christian, do I believe that Satan is alive and active within this world? Yes I do. Do I believe that there is a coming one world government? Yes I do. Do I believe that Israel plays a vital key role in what will eventually unfold? Yes I do. Do I believe that time is short before Jesus returns? Yes I do but there are distinct differences between the “beginning of sorrows” and the “tribulation“. Key elements are still not in place. Think.

I’m going to close this post with two Bible verses, one from Isaiah 8:12-13:
“Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it. The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, He is the one you are to fear, He is the one you are to dread.”

This is what Matthew Henry partially comments on for the context of this Scripture:

“The prophet challenges the enemies of the Jews. Their efforts would be vain, and themselves broken to pieces. It concerns us, in time of trouble, to watch against all such fears as put us upon crooked courses for our own security. The believing fear of God preserves against the disquieting fear of man. If we thought rightly of the greatness and glory of God, we should see all the power of our enemies restrained. The Lord, who will be a Sanctuary to those who trust in him, will be a Stone of stumbling, and a Rock of offence, to those who make the creature their fear and their hope.”

And another from John 16:33 NASB:
“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

Notice where our attention is to be focused on.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!











  1. So, it’s getting as bad as the UK and all their false medical advice about masks and their constant need to taser, fine or arrest those, who refuse to comply with the medic-political clamp-downs.

    The USA issues these cards, the UK refuses!!


  2. It would be a lot simpler if masks protected the wearer – everyone could choose for himself/herself. But since they allegedly protect the people around us, as a Christian, I should be willing to inconvenience myself for the sake of my neighbor. (Easy for me to say, I don’t have to wear one all day.)

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  3. Remember when smokers said their rights were being infringed upon when smoking in public places became forbidden? It was decided that breathing clean air was the right of the non-smoker. It’s the same with masks, people have a right to be protected from someone infected (even if they don’t know they are a carrier of the virus) while getting their groceries and such. For this reason, I will wear a mask—out of respect for others.


  4. […] 3. The Apostle Paul advocates that we should study the Scriptures to show ourselves approved, so that we might rightly divide God’s word (2 Timothy 2:15). Makes good sense, doesn’t it? You need to basically know what you are talking about BEFORE you start advocating what others should or should not do with regard to following God’s will, as revealed within God’s Holy Word. Does this logic apply in other areas? Apparent not. The Internet is awash with conspiracy theories today that many Christians are buying into without first checking into the credibility of the source accusations and taking the time to validate as to whether the accusations are factual or not. I could give you numerous examples but I have already covered this deficiency in previous posts, here and here. […]


  5. Bruce, I appreciate you and your desire for truth. I too have been seeking the truth for years. One thing I think is true is there are plenty of experts on both sides of some controversial issues. You noted in one of your posts about the differences in theological issues such as free will and another matter (I forget which), and we both know the experts disagree. So, which one do we trust?

    So when we get to the idea of conspiracy theories, sometimes we run into a similar problem. There are plenty of experts on both sides of some of these issues. Now, I am not clear at your definition of which sources of information are the good ones and which are not. Surely there are sources from other countries that are considered opposed to ours and who have ill intent in spreading disinformation. That happens all the time. But what about our media, our “real news” agencies, our governmental sources – do politicians ever lie? Do people in power ever withhold information and tailor their news for their own ends? If we follow the money, what might we find at the other end of the pot of gold?

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding, but it seems you are adamant that conspiracy theories are all false and that real government experts and academic experts and medical experts are all always agreed and telling the truth. I know you say we first need to fact check before we spread information, but how can you be sure your fact-checking sources are true and others are not?

    Yes, I saw your post with numerous links to expert sources on various topics. I appreciate the effort to do all that and the intent to certify the truth, and the documentation is compelling. I see only right intentions coming from you in this – I believe you make a sincere effort to get especially Christians back on track. Clearly some of that needs to be done if we frivolously buy into everything we read on the internet or watch on TV. But what if one of those experts is wrong, intentionally or not? What if a couple of them have been paid off to lie? Is it only the left that lies, or only the right that lies? No, they both lie and give out disinformation along with other countries, but that is not common knowledge because most people only listen to their own side.

    Bruce, a few years ago I discovered just how big a liar I have been my whole life. I was such a good liar I fooled myself much of the time. I had a reason for lying – to protect my addiction and to deflect any exposure of my sinful lifestyle. I even had a skillset called gaslighting that I used to discredit or confuse Sue so she wouldn’t challenge my sinful lifestyle. Nobody else cared so she got the brunt of my gaslighting, I’m so sorry to admit now. But now I understand that lying is the rule in this world, not the exception. So I approach most sources and experts with skepticism, especially if they come from well-funded or governmental sources who have agendas. A plethora of expert sources may bring validity to something, or it may mean their source or bosses who pay their salaries have enough money to pay off more people than the ones on the other side, or have greater powers to silence their opponents. The Sanhedrin had around 70 seriously smart and powerful religious leaders who stood almost together against Jesus. A reasonable person would have gone with the experts, right? The vast majority of them did, unfortunately.

    You are a smart man I very much respect and may be right about most or even all of your assertions regarding what is going on and which information is correct and which is not. I honestly don’t know and have no good way to verify either argument. But what if you’re wrong? What if one or two or more of your conclusions come from disinformation you’ve been fed unknowingly?

    A conspiracy theory is not by definition incorrect – it is a theory based upon partial information that has not yet been verified and a sense that something doesn’t smell right. Like the Kennedy Assassination. Or how Building 7 just happened to fall down after the twin towers. Or how or why a guy in Las Vegas assembled so many different kinds of weapons and took them to a hotel room a quarter mile away and opened fire on a crowd of people at a concert and somehow killed several people a few years ago.

    The last one, for instance, I have additional second-hand information from someone who was at the concert who was in the military and who saw on the ground other people shooting guns at the concert. Unless he is lying. It’s kind of hard to find any sources to collaborate with his eye-witness account when who knows who or what else might have been going on if he was right. It leads me to some unverifiable theories that have to be conspiracies, since you can’t have a guy in a room at the hotel and others at the concert shooting at the same time, and make it look like our favorite lone-gunman-nutcase cover story. But I know in the case of all three events I noted the accepted and verified cover stories are big lies, but they get lumped into that big bullpen of stuff called conspiracy theories and on queue many folks scoff and turn off their brain.

    I admit I have a very limited number of folks I interact with and so I don’t see all the strange and outlandish stuff you come across in your reading and research. I’m sure there are many weird ideas out there being promoted as inside information and the real truth that are nonsense and intentional disinformation. I get your desire to weed those out and to stop their further dissemination, as you have told me in the past. But again I ask for your consideration and benevolence as you broadly brush the strokes of your pen out into the world of information when it comes to those who have a track record of truth and a close relationship with the Lord. All of us make mistakes and get snookered at times, but truth-tellers are going to seek and tell the truth and liars are going to lie.

    Politicians are liars – look up the definition. You know all that. So why should we blindly trust their words, or those working for them, or those running big businesses who have a financial interest in what we are told, such as the need or the voracity of some incomplete and inadequately tested miracle injection that will save the world from COVID, and that we all need to take the vaccination without questions regardless of other logic or challenges or circumstances or side effects, or we are telling the rest of the world we don’t care about them?

    I for one will fight against being forced to take some unneeded vaccination – I believe we should have the choice. If I get sick and die from whatever they call COVID, so be it. God is in control and it was my time. Same for the rest of those who don’t take it – they take that risk. But what about the greater risks so many will be taking by getting the injections who experience the side effects which could be worse than COVID. And as far as our disservice to those who do take it – within 2 weeks or so we all should be dead or over it if we didn’t take the shot and everyone else should have been protected at least that long by the miracle drugs, right? Unless the vaccinations are not what they claim.

    Let’s look at the logic – do I want to take a drug hurried to market so fast they bypassed many of the safety rules, which may be 20-40% effective, which more likely will give me a variety of other side effects that might do other harm to me or even be fatal? I’ve researched what they put into some of those vaccination cocktails, and since then I never take them. Especially the hurried-to-market flu shots that contain stuff you don’t realize is there to make it work faster for your immune system to create the antibodies and to kill the strain of virus they are trying to protect against. Check it out.

    I looked at the side effects for that malaria drug they were trying to promote for COVID – are you kidding? Chance all that on the outside chance I might get something like the flu that will run its course in a few days or weeks, or has a small chance of killing me? Has anyone looked at the side effects published with every prescription they are taking to see what comes in the package? I don’t take any prescription without looking at the fine print any more. You do the math and decide if its worth the risks. Or the government can force it on you if it comes to that.

    Bruce, we may never agree on these things, and that’s okay. I love your heart and your desire to know and serve and share Jesus Christ, and that makes all the difference to me. That’s what I want for me – to change from the old me and to become more like Christ, regardless of what is going on in the world. Perhaps I will become useful to the Lord in his kingdom for a time before everything else is over and the Lord returns. I hope so.


    • Hi Rick, with theological issues, one reviews both of (or all of) the opposing perspectives and obviously check all of the differing aspects with God’s Word and then make a decision. Even that can be a hard call to make because sometimes things are a lot more complicated than they initially appear. Conspiracy theories are a different breed altogether because at some point in time, while investigating the pros and cons, it comes down to where you begin to see a trend developing, where misquoting or misrepresenting facts, by one side of the other, becomes evident, in order to paint the desired picture. Due to complexity of some of the conspiracy theories, just chasing down the “facts” can be an arduous necessity and as you have indicated, even then, one has to honestly look at the source documentation in an unbiased manner, if it is possible to obtain and quantify them as such. Once you start utilizing conjecture that cannot be validated to carry the theory, you are heading into dangerous waters and I would have a tendency to just acknowledge that the accusation is there but not authenticated. I think the main thrust of this particular post is to be aware, but not to be consumed with them and keep your focus on Jesus. When the conspiracy theory starts to become the main thrust of your teaching or witnessing, then I would have a tendency to say that something is wrong. And it should, at a minimum, cause us to seriously consider the prudence of passing this information onto others as fact versus theory. I acknowledge Rick, that there are a lot of variables in play but once the reality of fear is injected into the equation, and the onus is shifted to where our confidence in God shifts to our understanding of what is entailed in the particular conspiracy theory, it appears to me, to be a downward slope from there. Stay informed, be aware but don’t become consumed with them and keep the priority focus on Jesus. If fear is the motivation factor being used, then understand who or what it challenges and who benefits from its introduction. And I agree, it is not easy, hence the recommendation to not go diving down rabbit holes without a little forethought of considering the consequences. Thank you for detailed comments and sharing your thoughts. Sincerely appreciated. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours my friend.


    • Just noticed that your comments were directed to my “And It Continues” post and not my latest post about “Simon or Peter, Fear of Peace” My mistake, sorry about that!


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