Stick to the Plan,Christian! – David Ettinger

David raises some very valid points, please check it out!

This blog encourages believers to stick to the most important thing in the entire world!

Stick to the Plan,Christian!


  1. You know I don’t generally click on a misc. Link. But I think the Obvious is the Obvious. That said, the message of the gospel does have some width.
    When Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you, I think that can be included in the gospel. But the admonition to tie things to the cross and the message of the gospel is a good reminder.

    Right now I am considering a possible doctrine that Adam was made from dirt but lived in the city of God. Or that the city of God that will come down from heaven was already created back then. And the tree of life is already living in the city of God now. And that what we see on earth are copies of what is in that city 1500 miles square. That there is a garden of God right now, a stream of water and living things and That city travels through space and one day will land on a new earth.

    Some cults like the JWs say the earth will be re-made, but there are two many scriptures saying that it will flee away be burned up, removed etc. And apparently we will be given the morning star. Well that is about 4.3 light years away. I tried to hail a taxi but Golden city Taxi had a busy line.

    So while I agree, to keep the Gospel on the front burner, I also think we need to examine a few other things from Holiness to future things. Faith, Hope and Love. Faith meaning the gospel, Hope meaning Heaven to come and Love meaning our conduct.


    • I agree Scott but conjecture does not equate to established fact or reality and anytime that one goes into one of these areas where our ability to factually determine that which we are proposing is acknowledged to be limited, then any resulting conclusions should have that quantitative reality woven into it. Best guesses do not always equate to carved in stone doctrine and they should not necessarily be a reason for division. My two cents. Trusting you will have a blessed day!


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