Absent But Still Here

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I took a couple of days off from putting out any new posts but just because you haven’t seen any new posts from me doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy in the background.
I did submit comments to a good number of posts that other Christians put out and I also got into a couple of conversations with other Christians on other multimedia platforms that did remain cordial and ended on a positive note, although we did agree to disagree. And I managed to put some notes together for some posts later on.

And I’ve been learning, always learning.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that in the big scheme of things, my opinions or insights are about as important as a spect of dust in a huge wind storm. That is not a negative comment, it just happens to be reality. The nice thing about this reality is that there are other specs of dust out there doing the same thing that I am doing, and we actually bump into one another every once in a while and it’s a friendly and appreciated bump. It’s nice to know you’re not alone, it’s nice to know that are others out there that are trying like I am. Some bumps are more friendly than others and that’s OK too. Friendships take time and that also is a reality, not to mention, we have the “long distance” and “isolated” parameters to contend with, which adds to the overall challenge of the equation.

I do know that there are an awful lot of people out there, Christian people, that have to deal with situations that are a lot more difficult than mine. Heart breaking situations, hard to even imagine situations, that help to keep my situation in perspective, especially when I am praying. I’ve been asking God a lot of questions lately, about things that I still don’t understand, about how to maneuver in this quagmire that we all seem to be in right now. I knew we had differences of opinion but it goes away beyond that, it involves how we trust and have faith in God and how we view and think of one another and what logic we use and how that logic is applied. I can’t help but think that making assumptions without comprehending the totality of the situation, if that’s even possible, is one of the biggest problems that we all face. Especially when everything needs to be encompassed within God’s ways, thoughts and His will. If ever we collectively and individually needed our Shepherd, it is now.

I don’t know about you but I’m continually asking for God’s grace, for all of us, because from what I can see, we simply don’t realize how desperately we need God to do what only He can do and how critical this all is. Actually God’s already provided His answer, its Jesus, always has been and alway will be. That’s not going to change. Feel distant from God? Who moved?

Keep one another lifted up in prayer.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!







  1. Bruce, thanks for this “pause and take a deep breath” post. In the swirl of personal, interpersonal, and societal sturm und drang, we have a foundation of immovable Rock!

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  2. Well my back went out. makes it hard to even navigate the toilet. (too much information LoL.) still, I look at this as a earthly business loss but not as a loss. I get time to play my piano if I can get into that up right position and I get time on the internet.

    It turns out its a great time to be online to work to get rid of our Prime Minister. Corruption at the top doesn’t slip past God or his people. And If no one is offended, if no christian is around to call for change, then evil triumphs.

    If Derrick Sloan becomes the next Prime Minister much of the damage the Liberals have caused will get reversed over time. So, while things are rough, this covid let the PM run without opposition so he could be caught.


  3. “… making assumptions without comprehending the totality of the situation, if that’s even possible, is one of the biggest problems that we all face.” This is what is so frustrating, so many points of view, so many assertions and accusations of lying on the other side. What is even true? (Who fact checks the fact checkers??) Sometimes we do just need to take a deep breath and go back to the Word of God. He’s the only One who knows everything, and if we don’t, that’s OK.


    • I hear you Ann, especially that part about who checks the fact checkers, because I’ve also had that statement directed at me. Which means, from my way of thinking, for some, it all boils down to which spin is believed, irrespective of source credibility, because even normally credible sources are supposedly now subject to being taken in by subversives who are leading the masses astray. Whoever is dumping all the misinformation and disinformation into our vulnerable open society is doing a bang up job because it would appear that there are no longer any trustworthy reliable sources where factual facts can be separated from fabricated alternate facts. If the objective is to cause confusion and disbelief in normally reliable sources, I’d have a tendency to say, “mission accomplished”. Our “openness” becomes our weakness, to be exploited by those “closed societies” who don’t have to deal with that problem. I decided to get off the hamster exercise wheel and use my limited time more effectively in God’s Word. Normal heart rate usually returns in about 15 minutes or so. Blessings!


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