Resources to Help You Defend Christian Orthodoxy – J Warner Wallace


There are so many really excellent Christian Apologetic resources available now and this article authored by J. Warner Wallace from his website is a prime example. If you haven’t already bookmarked Jim’s website, please do, because it is a wealth of up-to-date and relevant information.

The word “orthodox” does not actually appear in the Bible, but its meaning is affirmed throughout the Scriptures. The Bible describes the existence of objective Biblical truth and prescribes the teaching and defense of this truth. We’re living in an age where it’s stylish for Christians to be involved in an open “conversation” about the questions and doctrines of the faith, without making decisive proclamations about what is true (or false). The following articles were written to help you investigate the Biblical truth so you can guard and protect it from corruption:

To read the rest of this excellent resource article, please click on the direct link below:


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