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“And God said, “have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from? What do you think we should do about it?” And the man and the woman both said, “we think that we should just let it go and see it it ever happens again.” And God said, “sounds good.” […]

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  1. Well there was immediate discipline which rocked the world. Contempt is far different than accidentally spilling something as you are doing sanctioned things. And its one thing to be told not to drink the milk outside the kitchen, but another thing to be told not to shut that valve off in a nuclear power plant.

    Some things are just not like the other. There was a stern warning. The day you shall eat of that tree you will die. They believed the lie of the Devil. And they literally lost the ability to live forever that moment.

    Some say that a sin is a sin. I think that this is not the case. Some things are just direct acts against God and his spoken will which come with heavy consequences compared to spur of the moment failures that go against Gods principles.

    Either can be rectified by confessing your sin to God and asking for forgiveness. And the Blood of Jesus, washes away the sin and restores you. Something not available to Adam at the time.

    Its suggested that God killed some animals to make clothing for Adam and Eve and by doing so foreshadowed the death of his son to cover their sins.

    What we should remember is Sin is actually something we shouldn’t do cause its not good for us, and it cost the human life of Jesus, required a beating and nailing and suffering. So our sins we may say cost us, but really it cost God more. We smashed up the car but then he took out his savings to have it repaired. It really just cost us some emotion, but for him, our sin cost him, not us.

    The Question is, will that boy shampoo the carpet or will his mother or father. Or will it just stink and bring flies.

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