How to Explain to Your Kids Why Social Justice Warriors Hate Christians So Much — Natasha Crain

Black Lives Matter activists cornered a woman at a restaurant in Washington D.C. this week because she wouldn’t raise her fist in solidarity with their chants that “white silence is violence.” If you watch the clip of this happening, at about the 28 second mark you can hear the protester in front accusingly ask, “Are…

How to Explain to Your Kids Why Social Justice Warriors Hate Christians So Much — Natasha Crain


  1. I watched the video clip and read some of the comments below it as well. Many saw the similarity between this behaviour and that of other movements in the past that led to mass extermination of those who disagreed. It’s disturbing to think that worse may be in store for any who stand against.

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  2. Going to read this; I’m being honest brother from some of the last few weeks with some things happening personally to us, this is no longer a dialogue and a discussion about better policing strategies for SOME (not all) of these SJWs.

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      • So much to say; I also am trying to word it carefully so people don’t misunderstand I’m going after people but concern about the ideology itself and not any ethnicities. Will have to write some posts in the coming weeks


      • Excellent! Looking forward to it. We don’t have the violence and destruction up here in Canada like some of you folks do in the States. Having 1/10th of your population obviously speaks for some of the difference here but there is also a different mind set. I worked in Pittsburg in their City Hall for a few weeks and it was a real eye opener, especially with regard to the tension between blacks and whites. Scary stuff. Blessings brother.

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      • Yes, about ten years ago, I was doing some teaching there from my Information Technology background. My immediate supervisor was a black woman and she was very hesitant on me giving her a hug but I won her over at the end. Little things you wouldn’t notice. We still sit in the front of the cab with the driver here if we want to, try doing that in the States. We still pay for gas at night in person without all the barriers and locks in most cities, not so in the States. And the guns, I can’t believe the mentality that I see about owning guns. In most of our cities, we are about 10 years behind you folks in general mindset. It’s shocking to see actually. Blessings.

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      • Wow. It’s seems different cities in US has their own feel. For me growing up in LA I never had to deal with the racism directly from Whites but instead I felt the intensity of minorities against other minorities. I know it seems really crazy to outsiders about guns but right now I think with certain situations it has paradoxically allowed me to be here still. By the way I’m not saying this as someone that’s gun crazy, or call for civil war, etc .


      • I think I understand, the historical background plays a part in it and there are cultural changes that take place as minorities became majorities. I was at a conference in Vancouver, British Columbia a few years ago and I called my wife and said that they must be holding some kind of an Asian conference here at the hotel because of all the Asians that I saw. Wrong – I had inadvertently booked a hotel in the predominantly Asian sector of Vancouver. We don’t have a large Asian population here in Nova Scotia so we don’t see those numbers of Asians. No gangs here in Nova Scotia, or none to really speak of. Still have drugs though. The local culture changes depending on where you go. Toronto in Ontario is becoming more like the bigger American cities but I would not want to live there. Too big. Nova Scotia is much like a number of your New England states. Have a blessed day Jim!

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