The Wind and the Water

Well this has been quite a year so far, hasn’t it! If one was to equate what has transpired in our world, to the state of the surface of the sea, with smooth sailing being the preferred and hurricane conditions being the opposite end of the sea surface spectrum, we could easily say that things are definitely choppy, to say the least. Scary part is, the year isn’t over yet.

A while ago I made a decision to not personally author posts on things like the corona virus, conspiracy theories or politics and although I have been sorely tempted on a number of occasions, I have remained faithful to that decision.  

I confess that I have an inquisitive nature and I have this innate desire to understand, that which goes on around me. I’ve had to leave that inquisitive nature, in prayer, with God, repeatedly. I say repeatedly because the urge to know and understand was initially strong, but over a period of a couple of months I have found that it has been reduced in its intensity, substantially. That’s not to say that it has completely been removed, because it is still there, but the compulsion aspect of automatically feeling that I needed to present my point of view on any of the aforementioned subjects, is now much more controllable, than it previous was.

And surprisingly, another realization has also surfaced and become much more clearer over the last couple of months.

A common tactic that is often deployed in military battles is to create a diversion which masks the real intent. In humanistic worldly terms that can involve misleading the enemy via psychological operations, information warfare, visual deception and other methods. Disinformation is also a form of the strategic use of information (disinformation), where it overlaps with psychological warfare. The objective being, that if or when the enemy falls for the deception, in addition to causing internal dissension, they may or will lose confidence in themselves, especially if and when they are confronted with the truth. 

You can relax, I am not going to go into how the corona virus, conspiracy theories or politics may apply, to being orchestrated by some enemy nations towards causing dissension or doubt within democratic countries, as a diversionary means of obtaining worldly humanistic goals.

But, there is also a distinct and vital spiritual truth that is being masked by these available means of deception, so that our focus is being diverted from what we, as Christians, should be focusing on, to what, we far too often, in reality, are actually focusing on.

Remember when Peter saw Jesus walking towards them, on the water (Matthew 14:22-33)? Do you remember what it was that Peter saw that caused him to doubt? The Scriptures say it was the wind but you can’t actually see the wind, what you see is the effect of the wind on the water around you, like Peter did. Peter started focusing more on what the wind was doing to the water than he was focusing on Jesus, and he became frightened and began to sink into the water. 

Yes Jesus reached out and saved Peter when Peter called out to Jesus but He also admonished him for doubting Him and having little faith. And when they (that would be Jesus and Peter) got into the boat, the wind stopped (the seas around them became calmer) and they declared “You are certainly God’s Son!” and they worshiped Him.

And what are the lessons that we should learn from this event? I think they are relatively straight forward. I think that far too often we focus our attention on that which transpires or happens around us and not on Jesus, the Son of God, who is our Shepherd, our current reigning and coming King. And I also think that is exactly what our enemy wants us to do. 

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!




  1. How many times have I read that story, or heard it preached, where Peter was walking on the water but became frightened by the wind and waves and began to sink, and I thought “Silly Peter!” I did not realize, until I read this post, that I have been doing the same thing. Especially back in April, when my granddaughter and her husband tested positive for covid-19. I was just as silly as Peter, then!

    Thank you for this, Bruce.

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  2. I’m guilty too and confess to struggling to keep my focus on Jesus at the moment, though I try to keep checking myself.
    I’ve been getting angry at all the BLF protests in the u.s. It’s not the protesting I object to, but the violent scenes. I’m afraid I’m beginning to lose a bit of sympathy with them (but not their cause). It’s the wrong way to try and ‘fix’ things.
    I’m still going through medical investigations too, and it’s tense waiting on results/diagnosis. I’m trying hard not to be a bad tempered git!

    Lol, Bruce, I did mean to say that your example of Peter is perfect! 😀

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    • Hi Lesley, I think there are darn few that are not being affected by all the waves around us, myself included. And then as you note, on top of all that we have our own personal waves that not only make it difficult to keep focused but also threaten to swamp our boat. Keeping everything balanced is not easy. I like Peter, frequently call out to Jesus to take my hand. Lifting you up in prayer for strength and patience during your medical investigations. I went through a bout with cancer a few years back so I know how big those waves can be. Proud of you for hanging on! God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours.

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      • Bruce, your words of support couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve had the ct scan, a ct combined pet scan and now I’ve to have a biopsy. Yes, I’m sure you know all too well what it’s like. Thank you for saying you’re proud of me . . . that means such a lot, and thank you for your prayers. Peace and blessings to you too. x

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    • Hi Jim, it’s really hard not to jump into the discussion ring but what it produces is not good, at least from my personal experience, as it too easily brings up humanistic tendencies versus the fruit of the Spirit character traits on a number of different levels. The forces of evil are having a field day and if one only focuses on what we can see, there is not much to hope in. As I said to Lesley in a previous comment, I’ve been calling out, like Peter, for Jesus to take my hand in this storm. Heavy on our dependency for God’s grace and peace during these times. Blessings brother.

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  3. It always amuses me how Peter “saw the wind”! It just goes to show you that when you take your eyes off Jesus you can even see invisible scary things!
    Like you, I’ve also thought that all this controversy is Satan’s strategy to divide us and get us to see one another as the enemy, instead of him. This is one reason I am TRYING to keep from arguing with people, even when I see them as “clearly misinformed.” The other reason is that I have yet to see anyone’s mind/heart changed from having/hearing/reading an argument, or watching a video I am oh-so-tempted to send them (if they would even watch it.) I know only God can change a heart, so I believe that my prayers for people have more impact than my arguments with them.

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