Wayward Christian Soldiers

Some serious thoughts to ponder here …

Enough Light

A book I just finished reading is Wayward Christian Soldiers, Freeing the Gospel from Political Captivity by Charles Marsh.

It is similar to another book I read last year: The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power Is Destroying the Churchby Gregory A. Boyd.

I highly recommend both books. Both authors articulate the issues way better than I can…

It increasingly disturbs me to see Christianity intermingled or confused with politics and/or nationalism. Too many believers seem to have confused the Cross and the flag.

I have an agnostic friend (who is also a former Christian believer) and when I told her about one of these books she was shocked. She said that she thought all Christians were power hungry and wanted to gain political control. I’ve also heard stories about people who were considering the Christian faith, but reluctant to believe because they thought…

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  1. Thank you for sharing the link to this excellent post. I love it.

    “It seems to me that some Christians today have fallen under the same mis-understanding as the disciples. “Let’s take America back!” But Jesus commanded us to make disciples, not to take over the nation or government. All the moral legislation or patriotic Christian rallies in the world can not transform a heart corrupted by sin. Only Jesus Christ can do that.” — Right!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this, Bruce. It has been a struggle keeping the right priorities with all the craziness going on. My husband and I find ourselves retreating into Netflix, but the latest series we’re hooked on is one we somehow missed when it was on a major network “West Wing.” :/
    At first I didn’t expect to like it, because there were such overt insults to evangelical Christians, but it was so well written and directed (and gets better as the seasons unfold) that we keep watching it. When a person of faith is portrayed as crazy, ignorant, hateful, – or all three, I’ve been asking myself why people see us that way, and if anything I have done or said has contributed to the ugly stereotype. I respond with prayer and resolving to do the opposite.

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    • Hi Ann. My wife and I watched “West Wing” years ago and we both enjoyed it at the time it originally aired because of the characters and the scripts, which are insightful into the reality of the realm of politics. I can’t help thinking that for far too long we’ve bought into the idea the politics can be an extension of Christianity where it can serve as a means to an end, when in fact politics is really part of the world system and it always has been. That’s not to say that we don’t appreciate and defend democracy or vote and take the candidates and issues seriously but the Great Commission should always be our top priority, demonstrated in love to the world and we’ve failed in that. So now we’re trying to gain what we have failed at by forcing and controlling via political power and hearts aren’t changed that way. The unsaved in the world sees what is happening and it does not speak well of Christianity because too many Christians are willing to sell out adhering to God’s moral principals in order to gain and hold power. Plus there is so much harsh division within the Church. So I ask myself, do I want to add to that division and mindset? No I don’t, so I try to avoid adding to that division and focus on what Jesus told us to focus on. Him. His Kingdom is not of this world, never has been and we are to be in the world but not of the world. We are out of step with Jesus because we are trying to gain the world via worldly means, that masquerade as Christian morality. Abortion is dead wrong, no question about it (abomination) but so is lying and deceiving and manipulating others via misinformation and half truths. It is extremely difficult not to jump in, yet the means used to achieve the objective are of man and not of God. None of this is new, look at Israel. Jesus told us to love one another as He loved us (John 13:34-35). We’ve sadly failing at doing that. What has happened does not take God by surprise (Matthew 13:27-30). Blessings.


    • “I’ve been asking myself why people see us that way, and if anything I have done or said has contributed to the ugly stereotype.” – Yes, I agree. More evangelicals need to humbly consider the part they have played – direct or indirect, outright or subtle. Also, Daniel’s famous prayer in chapter 9 was by proxy. He prayed “we” including himself in the sin even though Daniel was living an upright life.

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