Nabeel Qureshi Remembered

It was three years ago today (16 Sept 2017) that Nabeel went home to be with Jesus. 

I never had the privilege of meeting Nabeel although I have read two of his books (Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus  and No God But One)  and watched him on numerous YouTube videos. Nabeel really touched my heart, I was drawn to his love for God and the zeal that he displayed for following Jesus. I authored a number of posts about Nabeel, including the short videos that Nabeel produced from the start of his cancer diagnosis to his eventual death, that you may view, should you wish to do so, by clicking on this link.

Believing in God and having faith in Him is or can be a difficult thing to put into words. You’re dealing with a reality that you cannot see, touch, normally hear or closely examine. 

The thing is, I’ve never met or seen Jesus either and He also has deeply touched my heart. I could stand on a street corner and tell you what I have experienced but unless you experience Jesus for yourself, my voice would just be one of many, saying words that doesn’t or won’t really make that much difference to you, because Jesus is someone you do have to experience for yourself. God has no grandchildren, you don’t inherit a relationship with God.

And even experiencing Jesus can be difficult to put into words because, once again, we are dealing with a reality that we cannot see, touch or audibly hear and closely examine. 

I could list all of the reasons why I believe that God exists, and I have many, but each and every one of my reasons could be countered with an opposing perspective that basically says, all that we see, all that we experience and in fact, all that we are, basically equates to mere chance and in the end, this life that we have experienced means nothing and when we die, that is the end of it. There is no purpose, there is no real meaning, it is all just random disorder.

The various paths of reason that I have looked at, which are numerous, tell me that this is not true. And in addition to those paths of reason, there are the personal encounters where God has personally intervened into my life, to show me of His love and of my need for Him. 

Many people know or think they know about Jesus but far fewer actually have come to partially know Him. There is a huge difference in that reality. I use the word “partially” because as one endeavours to walk with Jesus, His revealing of Himself to us deepens and Jesus becomes much more that just an historical figure in history. Jesus can and does literally become our focus point for everything. And His presence and guidance can daily be as real as the air that we breath.

The words that Jesus spoke are truly profound and His message is like no other. Not only does He tells us that He has been sent to us by God, but He tells us that He is God. He tells us that His Father, who is spirit, sent Him and all that Jesus says, all that Jesus does, comes from His Father and as our Father, we are His sons and daughters, if we believe in Him (Jesus), whom the Father has sent. Jesus tells us that He has been sent in the flesh, in a human body like we have, so that He might be able to show us, what His Father is like, in a manner that we can comprehend. Remember, God is spirit and we cannot see, touch, audibly hear or examine that which is spirit. Jesus said that he that has seen Him has seen the Father. So what did Jesus show us?

And in addition to His words, which expound upon God’s ways and reasoning, as recorded in the New Testament and surprisingly enough, also within the Old Testament, Jesus also heals many people from all kinds of sickness and infirmities, and defies the laws of physics by feeding multitudes and controlling the elements around Him. Jesus also gives us an overview of what preceded His physical appearance and what will happen in the future and as a final proof of who He is, by foretelling of His own death and resurrection from the dead. Jesus is true to His word and after His death on the cross, appears again to His disciples, shows them His wounds and manifests Himself to them over a period of 40 days before He is taken up from them, in their sight, into the heavens. And after His resurrection, during the 40 days, He continues to teach and promises that His Spirit will be sent to live in all of our spirits, who truly believe and trust in Him and what He has accomplished.

You can read all about all of this in the New Testament. His disciples recorded it, and of course, as you know, the Christian Church became a reality.

But how many have actually taken the time to read and ponder the words that Jesus spoke?
How many have noted the testimony of those first disciples and observed how it totally changed their lives? The New Testament Gospels and Epistles and world history unfold with that story. 

Nabeel Qureshi was a devout Muslim who took the time to investigate and verify and he became a believer. It’s not that the testimony of Jesus is wanting or that there is insufficient evidence to validate the reality of God. The deficiency is not that we don’t believe that there is a God, the deficiency is that we don’t want to believe there is a God, because that reality changes everything.

With belief also comes accountability, if there has been a revelation from God our Creator.

Jesus is the summation of the revelation from God and He was specifically sent to address the reality of how we differ from God, who is holy and how we need what He and only He can do and has done, to bring us back in union with God . Jesus said that He was the Way to God, He was the truth about God and He was the means by which we can have true never ending life in God.

But these are just type written words. If you have never taken the time to look at everything around you, even the wonder of how you are actually made, plus the reality of love, hate, compassion, disregard and the designed order within all things, then according to Jesus, you’ve been here, been given the gift of life and missed it all.

The faith and testimony of Nabeel speaks of his belief in Jesus, as our heavenly Father’s testimony of Himself. I am grateful for Nabeel’s testimony and my faith in Jesus is strengthened because of it.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!




      • Hi Bruce, I watched the youtube film today about Nabeel Qureshi. What a good speaker he was . . . passionate and funny too. I’m glad that, when he passed from this life, his trust and faith in God was strong.


      • Me too, with a young child and wife that wouldn’t have been easy but his faith and trust in Jesus never wavered. There were a lot of tears shed on the day he died but also joy that he was with Jesus. Blessings.

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      • I’ve been praying Lesley that your med tests come back with good results and God grants you His peace. It’s amazing how God can make things turn out, hang in there! God loves you more than you can even imagine, He really does. Blessings


      • Thank you so much, Bruce. I’m still waiting on an appointment for the biopsy – they’re going to remove one of the lymph nodes to have a look at and then I should know a bit more about what’s going on. Everything is being held up by the Covid and the medical staff are overwhelmed with work. I am feeling a lot more at peace now and I very much appreciate your prayers.

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    • Thanks Steve, Nabeel was quite the witness. I remember at Nabeel’s funeral, Ravi Zacharias said “I’ll see you soon brother”. That must have been some home coming! Have a blessed day Steve.


  1. Thank you for this post. I have been questioned about my faith, why I’m a believer of Jesus Christ… even though I have versus memorized, it doesn’t seem to convince someone who’s questioning their faith. At times they’re not questioning their faith, they’re only questioning mine. Sometimes people are actually angry at me for my convictions, my faith.

    I think it’s some thing you truly have to experience. All I can say to anyone is dig deeper and everything will change for you. You will start think different, your heart is different, the things that move you are different.

    Everything you Experience on this Earth is just so much deeper. 🙏🏼

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  2. I, also, was moved by Nabeel’s testimony. Everyone should read his book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. I especially liked this statement in the post: The deficiency is not that we don’t believe that there is a God, the deficiency is that we don’t want to believe there is a God, because that reality changes everything. Thanks for another excellent post, Bruce. Blessings Friend!


  3. God has used him mightily in his short life. I know he means a lot to you. I remember first hearing about him with David Wood witnessing and getting arrested. Grateful to God that He used Nabeel to be a light to many, Muslims and non-Muslims


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