It Just Doesn’t Matter

I know, I said that I would not write about politics or conspiracies anymore. Apparently I misspoke because I do want to say what I feel needs to be said. I know that what I say below doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things, because I am just one insignificant voice, but I have prayed about this and to be true to what I see and discern, I do need to say this

Some of you aren’t going to like what I am going to say. I know that. Some of you may decide to not follow this blog anymore and that’s OK. I don’t do this blog for the numbers. In the big scheme of things this blog isn’t even a blip.

I am having a difficult time dealing with what is unfolding in the United States without stating what I see. Yes, I know, I am not an American, I am a Canadian but what happens down south affects what happens up here in Canada and indeed, it affects what happens in the rest of the free world. And Canada is not without its own problems but the United States of America is vitally important to the free world. Here in Canada we sleep next to an elephant, when you move, we adjust. It’s the way that it is.

Apparently facts don’t matter anymore. If I find a fact about a particular subject, say for instance, the benefits of wearing a face mask with regards to addressing the spread of the Corona virus, someone else will just find an alternate fact that says the fact that I have found is wrong. The vast majority of Canadians are law abiding citizens and most of us wear face masks. Take a look at the stats between Canada and the United States with regard to infections and deaths from the Corona virus on a per capita basis and then put your spin on it. 

That would be how we are all being programmed to give away our rights and conditioned to adhere to the wishes of those who desire to control us. You know, those dark forces that are behind literally everything that happens within our society.  Couldn’t possibly be other nations such as Russia, that feeds us disinformation or misinformation to achieve their purposes or individuals within our own countries who make a very good living, spreading these conspiracy theories. 

We currently have an American President who displays the vast majority of the character traits of someone who has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder and apparently, there are a base group of individuals within the USA who just don’t care. Over 200,000 individuals within the USA have now died from Corona virus complications and he has the audacity to say that he gives himself an A+ in how he has handled it. Once again, I could provide stats but if you disagree, your facts would be better informed or more accurate than mine. Why don’t you get back to me around the end of this December and we can compare stats again.

What really strikes me as insanity is that a large majority of white evangelical Christians within the USA have bought into his so called leadership because they feel that he and he alone is standing up for Christian morality and principles. It doesn’t matter if he lies, or displays a number of the seven sins that God finds an abomination, he is still the best shot that Christianity has at turning the tide. No credibility issues there, where the end justifies the means. We keep distorting the lines between furthering God’s Kingdom, which is not of this world, with nationalism, which indeed is of this world. The Great Commission that Jesus gave us was to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring the unsaved into the Kingdom of God. But we, the collective Church, are failing at doing that, aren’t we, so let’s try the backdoor approach via legislative power base, where we the minority of true believers impose our will on the majority, the unbelievers. Yes, I can see Jesus getting behind us on that one. Strange how He didn’t advocate that approach with the ruling Roman authorities, nor did the Apostles, including Paul.

And then we have some of the patriots, those who stand up for their nation in the name of Christianity. I am not against love of country, nor defending our country, but it falls underneath love for the Kingdom of God, not above it. You do not sacrifice the moralistic truths of the Kingdom of God in order to achieve rule of law via nationalism. That’s putting the cart before the horse. You do not legislate morality, morality changes when hearts have been changed and that is achieved through the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the work of God’s Holy Spirit. 

Then we have the big issue for many Christians, abortion. No Christian, in my mind, worth his or her salt, having read through God’s Word, can justify abortion. It is clearly an abomination to God. No contest. It is indeed one of the seven abominations listed in Proverbs 6:16-19, the shedding of innocent blood. But how is the irradiation of that abomination to be achieved? By sanctioning some of the other six abominations in order to achieve it? How is it that thinking Christians can surmise that getting rid of that one abomination via legislative authority will change the hearts of those who are not of like mind? And how is it that non-believers, will not see the hypocrisy of our thinking, when we Christians sanction some of the other six abominations, in the person who says he shares our concerns and indicates he will move towards changing it, in order to try to achieve it?

And just out of curiosity, where in Scriptures does it say that this particular abomination takes precedence over all other abominations? Haughty eyes and a lying tongue are mentioned first, why not address them first? Well for one reason, that would essentially negate the current President wouldn’t it? A haughty person acts superior, boasts of their own abilities and looks down on others. Haughty people can be disdainful, overbearing, prideful, bullies, and obnoxious. And of course, we know that the current President doesn’t utter lies.

Does it not cross our minds that Satan is very shrewd, and takes great pleasure in getting us in the Church to become divided by identifying one abomination and endeavouring to get rid of it via the use of some of the other six? Not only does he divide us but he also diminishes our credibility. That would be a win/win for him and a lose/lose for us wouldn’t it? And let’s also ignore the other things that God hates, like injustice and lack of mercy.  If we think that abortion is the only abomination that we have to worry about from God’s perspective, we are sadly mistaken. Abortion is but the tip of the iceberg.

I am dismayed at the lengths to which people who have political power will go in order to keep and increase that power, irrespective of a particular political party. Politics is a worldly profession. It can of course have those within its fold who hold to a higher moralistic perspective than others but when push comes to shove, maintaining that higher moralistic perspective comes at a political cost. When we weigh the attributes of those whom we vote for, their primary concern should be our primary concern. Is their primary concern themselves, so they can remain in power or is it for the collective good of the country? I know, that can be a hard one to call, but a good indication of their primary goal would be, how many ungodly abominations are they willing to commit, in order to achieve their goal, and what does that say about their goal? And if they achieve their goal of remaining in power, will their priorities or true colors then change?

I am not recommending or even suggesting how anyone should vote. What I am asking is to weigh all of the issues (Christian and secular) carefully and consider all of the consequences because from the way that I see it, the issues are much more complex and consequential than they appear.

And the thing is, this is a very critical point in our history and even though we are to be in the world and not of the world, it indeed does matter, it matters a lot. And I can’t help but think this time in history is pivotal. Am I worried or fearful? No I am not but I am concerned because not one of us knows when Jesus will return and I have children and grandchildren to be mindful of, as I am sure many of you have too.

Ultimately, according to Jesus, our concerns, should be focused on furthering the Kingdom of God, which is not of this world, here on this world. That’s people, whose lives have been changed, by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This dilemma that we now face isn’t new, and neither are some of the means by which we collectively try to resolve it. May God grant us grace to discern the times and the consequences of our decisions, that we all are in.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Hi Bruce. This is a well-written post, and you expressed your views very clearly and very well. I think your biggest frustration is that other Christians don’t see things the way you see them. I’m one of them, as well as most of the evangelicals I know.

    Part of what keeps me sane with those who don’t see things my way is that I understand that we are all wired differently. Of course, this does not apply to clear biblical teaching which informs us as to what is right and wrong. On certain biblical areas, there can be no differing. But in areas of opinion, leanings, bents, and how we view life, I know we just have to chalk certain things up to that “wiring” think I just mentioned. That’s what I do, at least.

    So, though I disagree with the main points you made, I understand where you are coming from, most certainly see your point, and really did enjoy reading this post.


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  2. Well you are wrong about Covid and the USA. Canada has literally did nothing compared to what the USA did. There infection rate has nothing to do with their actions compared to our actions. We have next to no testing and we had no masks and did not have a requirement to wear them till just a couple weeks ago.

    So, the Idea that they have been negligent or that Trump has been is nonsense. Not only that our Own Prime Minister brought it home with him and his wife and they met with hundreds of people. There is actual video of Sofa hugging the Australian Prime Minister while obviously sick.

    Why Canadians are less effected is yet yet to be seen. In Pickering half the people in the nursing home died. Mostly people in nursing homes got hit. The people that have Obesity breathing problems and other things like diabetese got hit the hardest. Black people get hit a lot harder.

    Fact is we have almost no black people in Canada compared to the USA. We have far less elderly and less Obese people. We also are a poor nation in comparison and so we travel less and even a slight bit of difference could cause a significant change.

    The other factor is that Trump closed his borders long before Canada Did. That had a significant impact.
    Maybe you did not hear what I just said.
    There is an exact example in Windsor. Lax Windsor did far better than Detroit. WhY? We send nurses over there. So Why? Because there is a huge black population that got hit harder. Why? because people travel out of their airport more.

    On other thing that shows you are wrong is that Trump does not have the authority in their constitution to run each state. Each state is run by a governor. We are not even locked down compared to some states.

    There is nothing wrong with Americans. And there is nothing wrong with Young people. And if you have studied it. Its not about Bars. One Clear example is in Nashville. They got caught saying numbers were higher and hiding numbers showing there was no significant influx from bars or churches. But they said that they had to remain closed.

    As for Trump. He is no narcissistic than the rest of us. The DSM5 rates people and all of those issues are found in everyone to one degree or another. Pride is caused by low self esteem, not a feeling of grand things about yourself.
    What you may not realize is that Trump sees a reputation of a business as cash. So, you knock the business you are taking away cash. So he is a promoter. Everything he does is bigger and taller and done Biggly, its about Brand. The Trump brand is Gold not Tin. marble not wall board. Its how he makes money. And its why he has a mouth on him. He kicks down those who hurt him and builds up those who help him. and that can change from day to day. He wins. its a football game not a pillow fight.

    Why is he not a classic Narcissist. Because of his level of delegation. If you have watched. He has literally signed over his authority to people when it comes to regulations. People in their departments are given more not less authority. Narcissists cant do that well. He puts good people in a job and fires them if they are not good people and moves on. In a true sense he is a CEO. He makes choices. Billion dollar ones. Including choosing to keep masks from 3M first if his country needs them. Thats hard for a Canadian to hear. Its like someone saying, I have a choice of saving my wife or yours. I am choosing mine. That made a lot of Canadians mad. But then they realized their failures to do the work to have production in Canada. Our foolishness or stupidity is our fault not his.

    We will not have a vaccine. Trump will. They will have more jobs, more Military, More food, More of just about everything and Justin or hapless prime Minister will be over in China telling us how great the dictatorship is while importing our medicine and masks from them while we are all poor in comparision to the USA.

    Before we throw stones at one of the most successful people in the world, we should get our own house in order.


  3. Bruce, I didn’t even want to start reading this, because frankly I’m getting sick to my stomach with all the bashing and accusations and lies and threats (Wait … that sounds like stuff the devil does …Hmmm…)
    As you say, most of the Church is NOT going about the business of the Great Commission – the pure mission, not to be watered down or polluted by the politics he-said-she-said, who’s lying, etc. I have yet to see someone’s mind changed on social media, just seen the venom get deadlier as people dig their heels in and take another sip of whatever flavor of Kool Aid they’re drinking.
    As you probably saw yesterday, my T-shirt says “America needs Jesus.” Period. God help us.

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  4. Here is another interesting fact. Lets say you give 5K to charity every year. Trump gives 400k to charity every year.
    It would take you 80 years to give what he is giving to charity each year. EACH year. So in this last 4 years he has given 1.6 Million dollars to charity. His entire salary.
    While doing that he has made peace in the middle east, ran a country, sanctioned Iran, brought troops home and won an election and will be winning a second one.
    On top of that he has done more for Pro choice and Religious people not to mention the poor and wounded, than any other president in a 100 years.

    I Painted a few houses and did a basement or two, tiled a few bathrooms, put a few roofs on etc. in the last 4 years.
    Its Narcissistic for me to say that I know better than he does about good and evil, about helping the church etc.


      • Well the problem with your view is that you missed the Elephant in the room. The burning buildings in the USA done by Left wing radicals and Marxists called BLM and that Harris the running mate of Biden was getting these anarchists out of Jail and they are looking into it, but likely Goerge Soros is funding this. Turns out that the people getting bail are murderers and rapists.

        So here you are targeting trump while all Hell is breaking loose and Democrats are wanting to kill babies, wanting to remove church, wont even say the pledge of Allegiance right, taking God out of it.
        There is a Chief Justice about to be confirmed and the Democrats are going to harass and beat her emotionally because she is a faithful catholic. as if there is something wrong with her.

        I couldn’t care less about the swagger of Donald Trump, I never seen a guy do so much in 4 years. What I care about is the Justin Trudeau Types who love debauchery, legalize Pot and Love Communism.

        The Enemy is the radical left not the sloppy Conservatives. At the very least they are trying to pander to the Church. They literally have prayers at ever rally. As they say, do not Judge.
        I know Trump has a history and favours the Jewish Faith, but that is a whole lot better than those wanting to lock up Christians and take away freedoms and have a surveillance state.

        I noticed at a rally in Ohio the other day, that the crowd was not as loud, sort of backed off. And I contemplated why. I think its because they were out of the loop. They didn’t get the same news. They were not up on the issues. Why? Likely their local news was leaving them out of things.

        For example. Did you know there is an election called in BC. No one in Ontario even knew there was an election going on in Brunswick. Then I see on the PM’s notes sent out to my Email a congratulations.. Oh.

        In the past few years because of the shift in Media, because one company owns all the major media in Canada and then the CBC is owned by the Feds, there is no balance in the news. So, because of this several sites have popped up. Good stuff too. The same has happened in the USA. You can hear all kinds of things and rather than getting 2 seconds of a speech out of context you can literally watch a whole speech.
        Because Trump is so busy, doing the work of two people, He recorded a speech for the UN I think, and then did a back to back rally in Ohio, literally speaking between all 3 at least 3 hours. The guy is literally flying like lightening and he is 74 years old.

        You might also have heard, He has been nominated for two peace prizes. And he spoke today in the white house about the Bay of Pigs.

        What I think is that you are not aware of what is going on. What is going on is something far beyond the events on the ground. There is a whole movement to destroy the USA and the constitution. I will find a video for you that will show you that things are far different than the news we are getting from the Media in Canada.
        In fact. Someone you might know Jordan Peterson is dealing with it here in Canada and Stephen Harper behind the scenes is dealing with it in the USA.
        Ben Shapiro is a fantastic commentator and Educator who has a website in California and is a rock star dealing with the deep issues of the marxist Philosophy being shoved on the USA by People like Bernie Sanders behind the scenes.
        Trump just made a executive order to stop the teaching of the Ideology in the Universities and is starting a New Education of American History. There is so much its hard to explain it all. And part of this election including the appointment of people in the supreme court matters because the Left want to use the court to make policy rather than let the Gov’t do it. The court is to judge the law not make policy. Long story but its why the conservatives like Jay Sekulow (a Jewish Christian Lawyer) has been working on radio for years but also now has represented trump because the Left is trying to undue the constitution and Conservatives want to have literalist who will follow the constitution. Why does this matter? Because it says that God gives us our liberty and rights not Gov’t. This is why the left wants to tear it down. It puts God as the giver of rights not a Gov’t. I know there is a video I can find. I think you may have stepped in something far bigger than you realize and its literally part of the issues the whole world is dealing with, from Iran to Canada. Canadians have been letting the Left shove it down our throats and really we are not realizing it, that even the WE day scandal is much bigger than the theft of money, it was indoctrination by Liberal of our young people. This thing is so big. You should watch some Jordan Peterson and some Ben Shapiro and get some background. Its where these terms cancel culture come from etc.


      • LoL. I did not bring up the subject. And My platform is open for anyone to converse about any topic. My view is that it matters what is said, and slander is serious when it involves someone who is forwarding the gospel. I am not sure that there is much difference between a comment and a editorial when there is a discussion going on.

        Debate about an Idea is a Canadian, Christian and American value. to suggest that we need to agree to comment or have a strong discussion means ternary.
        Something I think on the daily wire or maybe it was Rebel News talked about how the federal and provincial or state powers conflict, there is a push back, the feds cant do things and the provinces cant do thing and they end up with a quagmire of sorts and that is what was built into the system of democracy. Some cities can flout the spirit of this and become dictators. And with this Pandemic we see a heavy handed approach from the provinces as well restraining peoples freedoms and those politicians are then caught on ice rinks or at birthday parties or getting their hair done when they themselves had a law against it.

        Our purpose is to forward the gospel. To set liberty to the captives… And that should include us, not just the feds or the provinces or the cities, but our blogs as well.

        So far so good.


      • Not once did I say that you had to agree to submit a comment. Your series of approved lengthy accusatory comments to this particular post is testimony to that, so I am not quite sure where you dug that one up Scott. But I will tell you this. I strongly disagree with the vast majority of your comments and there is more than ample evidence, most of it on video, to dispute much of what you say, in particular, about President Trump. But as I have already indicated to you multiple times, I will NOT participate in lengthy exchanges that end up not only wasting time but also cause unnecessary frustration to both of us. Hence, this conversation between you and I on this particular subject, on my blog, is finished. We disagree. I think I have accommodated you with a sufficient number of comments to make your point. I trust you grasp mine. I have endeavoured to treat you with respect, please do likewise. Have a good night Scott.

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  5. Thanks for your thoughts, Bruce. I’ve already posted comments to a few of your posts in the past which included my opinion that nationalism is a very slippery slope for believers. We don’t see nationalism (tribal pride by any other name) encouraged in the New Testament. The Bible does exhort us to be peaceful, law-abiding citizens so as not to hinder Gospel outreach, but NOT to be deeply-rooted in the world’s political-governmental systems. I definitely won’t be voting in November, just like I didn’t vote in 2016. Trump has confirmed, and worse, all that I suspected would happen if he were elected. On the other hand, I could never vote for the Democrats because, besides abortion (and I don’t mean that “besides” lightly), they espouse radical social changes that contradict the Bible. Society has already traveled pretty far down that path, but I’m not going to support it. We could see government intrusion into freedom of religion issues ramping up in the last couple of years of Obama and I have to believe that would continue with Biden. So I can’t in good conscience vote for either Trump or Biden.


  6. Bruce, I think Tom expressed what I and many Christians in the US feel, or at least those in my quarter. I didn’t vote for Trump nor anyone for president in 2016 though I voted for everything else that year, but I left the president part blank. The Christians I know who are for Trump by and large think Trump has issues so its not a blind following. I also think that Evangelical conservatives sound different than the 80s Evangelicals in the sense they are not saying they want to bring America into becoming a Christian nation as much as the need for enough liberty to still allow Christians to articulate and live out the Christian worldview. Reading the writings of both era you really do see the difference of focus Bruce, and it seems many Christian conservatives today would volunteer that beliefs that legislation doesn’t change heart, but there’s a place for legislation still. The reasoning it seems less of using unjust means to accomplish a goal as it is here’s two problematic candidates and parties which one have a higher net justice than injustice. I think Christian conservatives have gotten more nuanced. I know you focused on Evangelical Conservative but I also feel a big part of the division today comes not from Evangelical Christians but largely from the Left than Christian conservatives. In May and early June 2020 we saw America have the most incredible unity on an issue: police reform and justice for Flyod. I saw this on social media with Left and Right and I thought it was beautiful…but then the leaders of the Left (not necessarily everyday Democrats) took it to another direction, and advocated for many things that really doesn’t solve racism but compound it by demonizing, canceling and doxxing of people who they don’t like their beliefs. Sometimes this mob effect of canceling people surprises me to see, as its victims are not necessarily conservatives but people who are liberal or moderate who are making a nuanced point but those who advance a certain narrative feel threatened by it. It takes a lot of effort to bring about division on something that everyone can agree upon: that racism is wrong. One has to do that by accusing one side of doing that and to target all conservatives as racists is irresponsible propaganda. I don’t think most of the people who are getting hurt or property destroyed are actually operating racists. Living in a part of the country where we have had our share of destruction (and same with Tom) I don’t think the politicians’ rhetorics and at times enabling the mob is helping to advance actual justice especially when uninvolved third party is suffering. This has been going on for over a hundred days which has become one of America’s most destructive riot. Over the last one hundred days I’ve seen politicians and people deny there’s even a problem until the last few weeks al in the goal of opposing Trump. I think its important to consider this perspective.


    • Thank you Jim. You and Tom obviously have a better feel for what is happening in the USA than I do and I do respect and acknowledge your perspectives as valid. I am sure that there are many forces at work that I don’t have a good handle on. I just can’t help but sense that many are being conned and used and the cost to the Gospel of Jesus Christ has yet to be seen. Anyway, I voiced my concern and as small and insignificant as it is, I just felt that I had to say it. Heavy on the praying for the next few months. Sincerely appreciate your overview. Blessings brother.

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      • Prayers are going to be needed very much. I think you know from my own conservation with you in the past there’s some concerns I have of those who are gun totting conservative who can enflamed the conversation with false bravo of talking about violence, and defend more a version of America than the Gospel itself, while unable to accurately represent those they disagree with, etc. Even if there’s many views I agree with that individual I am concern for guys taking pictures of guns and thinking they are actually helping with a picture of firearms and playing soldier. Its not that I’m against self-defense and weapons; its I’m sick of guys that act it up with narcissism. I think there’s a place for self-defense in this crazy time in America with a gun, maybe its a bit uncomfortable for some outside the US to hear me say that, but I think taking pictures with a gun inflame more than help the situation. Plus I think having guns is like sex: Those who talk about it the most publicly and show off confuse themselves as having the manlihood more than the one is just private and quiet. I know the second night of the riot I have to protect my family from real flesh and blood trouble makers and I was heavily armed in my response and I think that prevented blood shed. Maybe it goes back to my military days that I get suspicious with guys who take more pictures of themselves looking heroic for social media than the guys who are quiet professional and proportional in their response; we need to be incredibly nuanced and careful in this crazy world


      • There is a distinct line between loving your country and defending it and using nationalism as a vehicle to showcase how you’d like to be seen as. And there is a distinct contrast between one who is mindful of the bigger picture of the Kingdom of God and the temporary reality of this world that we live in. Being in the world but not of it, is definitely not easy but there are some who take it to a whole new level. And as you have indicated, there are also some who care not for anything in this world or that which is come, but to destroy and tear down everything that they can. The latter is what I see growing and it is indeed disturbing. Lawlessness is what it is called in the end days and that is what I see being used as a tool of choice and it is working. That is a sobering reality. Being incredibly nuanced and careful in all that we do, especially as ambassadors for Christ, is a bit of an understatement. Almost makes your headache. But we have a Shepherd! Blessings Jim.

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  7. I tried to post a comment here on the day you posted this, but my comments were automatically being sent to spam at that time, due to a glitch with Askimet. The problem has since been rectified, so I came back to tell you that I absolutely agree with everything you wrote in this post, and I appreciate you taking the time to write it.

    I just read through the comments that have appeared since I first read this post, and I see that we are in the minority. However, my opinion remains the same.

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    • Hi Linda Lee, thank you for doing that. We have a daughter who has NPD so we are aware of how it plays out in day to day interaction with others. No, that doesn’t make us mental health professionals and we acknowledge that. Actually there are thousands of mental health professionals who have identified this disorder in the President previously, as this link refers: due to his personality traits. On the other side of the coin there are a number of physiologists who say he does not. Aside from that, the whole issue with the legitimate desire for the retention of religious freedoms, abortion concerns and LBGTQ rights, makes this a very complicated issue to address. The point is that I am not unsympathetic to the legitimate concerns, I just have problems on how they are being addressed and how it affects the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And considering that about 20 % of white evangelicals plus almost 80 % of black evangelicals also have concerns and do not support his re-election, those of us who hold this position are far from being alone. And of course, the literal flood of misleading or false information on a host of subjects surrounding many of the Presidents statements don’t help the situation at all. I find it very difficult to see all this play out and felt that I should, at least, make a statement for the record, not that my statement is of any real significance. I think I did it mainly because I felt that I needed to. And then of course, there are the arguments of which I have resolved not to get into. Even how we address our concerns is important because when all is said and done, we still are ambassadors for Jesus. Extremely complicated subjects that cover layers of interlaced associations, as some of the comments on this post indicate. I sincerely thank you for stating how you feel about this. As always, may God’s grace, peace, love and blessings be with you and yours.

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      • My mother has NPD. After growing up as her scapegoat, I was so destroyed and confused, that I married a man with NPD. That man destroyed me even more. The man in the White House right now could be the identical twin of my abusive lying cheating battering NPD ex. When you’ve had extensive experience with a narcissist, you know one when you see one.

        I’m so sorry you have a daughter with this terrible personality disorder. The daughter who was born during my marriage to the guy with NPD, has some of those traits. Heartbreaking beyond words.

        God bless you and yours, as well.

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  8. Sorry for my delay in replying to this, Bruce. I, too, am with you on this. I’m perplexed at how many people cannot see that the President’s fruits don’t display those of being a Christian and, yet, they continue to support him. A Christian sister on WP no longer speaks to me because I don’t respect her president the way she does and it hurts. However, I do not understand a mindset that is against abortion (and rightly so), yet can so easily implement the death sentence. There are many more things besides, but I’m walking a thin line between staying calm and losing it, so I won’t say more (getting closer to a diagnosis re: biopsies).
    Much love and blessings to you, my brother in Christ. x

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    • Hi Lesley, thank you for commenting. I lifted you up in prayer this morning knowing full well how awaiting a diagnosis can play on one’s mind. Sometimes we forget how vulnerable we are and waiting on a diagnosis can definitely bring that to the forefront of this reality that we live in. These are not just words, they are truth. Jesus knows exactly what you are going through and He will sustain you. He also knows your limitations so just tell Him how it is. He can and does meet our deepest needs. We can touch on this post subject some other time. Thank you for taking the time to comment in the midst of your valley. You are not alone and God does love you more than words can say. May God’s grace, peace, joy and blessings be poured upon you and yours. Love in Christ. – Bruce

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      • Thanks Linda. I’ve only mentioned it briefly here on Bruce’s blog. I’ve been having investigations done since July and on Tuesday I had some needle biopsies done, which I’ll get the results of next Tuesday. If they find they didn’t get enough material for a conclusive result, they’ll remove a complete lymph node to look at. They suspect some kind of lymphoma. Yes, it’s scary but I’m relieved that things are moving now so I’ll know what I’m up against. Thank you for your prayers! x

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  9. Hi, Bruce.
    I suppose i come to your site to see if you are still throwing the mud around from time to time. With hope, I come to the “reasoned” blog page and anticipate seeing a change. Unfortunately, posts like this and a few others I have viewed still have me shaking my head.
    Is there really Christ in your posts and your decisions to make such talk of judgement?
    Man, you know a lot about the Bible, and these posts are anything but the “reason” found in the texts.
    Your pride and opinion needs some serious sharpening, and you should probably take it easy on sinners that just happen to sin in a different manner than you.


    • Hi Damon, nice to hear from you again too! I don’t know if you will believe this or not but I actually lifted you and Stephen up in prayer this morning (which I do infrequently – not the prayer aspect, but lifting you and Stephen up in prayer) and will you look at that . . . Here you are. I wonder what the odds are on that? Please note that this is not me critiquing your posts but it is you critiquing mine. As I recall, you took me to task for doing exactly what you are doing now. Anyway, not to worry. I’m honestly glad to see that both you and Stephen are alive and kicking. Give my best to Stephen if you think of it and drop in again when you have more to share. Blessings.


      • No Damon, I didn’t miss them, I purposely overlooked them. For someone who has such distain for others who express their opinions, you seem to be doing quite well with continuing to express yours. And you are most welcome.


      • Hi Damon, I don’t even know if you will actually read this but I am hoping that you do. I just spent about two hours reading through a good number of your posts. I am actually hesitant to say anything because of the adverse way you may interpret it but I am going to take a shot at it anyway in the hope that you will give me the benefit of the doubt. I do understand a little bit better why you object to so much of what I say and advocate. Let’s just say that it didn’t work for you and if I was in your shoes, it probably wouldn’t work for me either. We all have stories and we all have baggage, some more than others. I don’t want to add to your burden and I am pretty sure that I did. That was not my intent but it doesn’t matter. I don’t know if you believe me or even care and if you don’t then that is OK too. I have no criticism, none. My journey is my journey and yours is yours, they are not the same, nor can they be because we all have different paths that we walked through to get to where we are now and the burdens we carry are not all the same. I harbour no anger or resentment towards you, I would hope that is reciprocal but even there, it is what it is. For the part that I played in adding to your burden, I am sorry and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I do wish you well and I will keep you in my prayers. I’m thinking we all need as much help from God as we can get. Take care Damon and may God bless you and yours.


      • I’d like to believe you. I’ll take it at face value and accept it. Everything you just said perhaps should be applied when observing Trump, Ryan Callahan’s blog, or Stephen’s commentary. The things you write about are obtuse and hard on many that have a view not like your own. The choice words you implicate are difficult to justify—maybe for you, but not for myself and many others—especially when you claim to be a loving Christian. I always feel as though you can’t handle constructive criticism, so I’ll just quit trying to show you. I’ll work on my shortcomings. Trust me, our interactions have taught me a lot about how I should be conducting myself.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Hi again Bruce,
    I just read your latest post, thanks for quoting me! Funny, I knew a post pertaining to me was coming.
    I have very little understanding of your intentions. What is your blog truly about? It always seems to come across as an outlet for your inner frustrations with yourself instead of a reasoned platform for the glory of Christ. “Reasoned truths of Bruce” would fit. Anyway, what are your true intentions? So far, I have seen you interpret a few versions of the Bible, in your personal, not necessarily accurate way. I have seen you, deliberately, tear into other people who believe in the Lord (but if you don’t agree, a lengthy post is presented). I have witnessed a high degree of your opinion that is justifiably backed with your own way of seeing God via the Bible. The list goes on and on.
    Why? Are you that bored?
    Please stop studying everyone else and work on you. Your “reasoned cases” aren’t reasonable. Honestly. Stop studying me.


    • Well Damon, I thought you might comment. Funny how you can get to express your opinion about me but if I say anything about you, I am the one that is accusatory. I never actually mentioned you at all in my latest post, nor did I voice any derogatory opinions about you specifically, but I see that you have no problem making derogatory accusations about me. And I need not remind you, I did not initiate this particular exchange, you did. I did take the time to read a good number of your posts after your latest shot across my bow and having done so, determined that you had enough on your plate to deal with, without me adding to your burden. That is not actually an unkind thing to do. I also said I was sorry and asked for your forgiveness for any previous presumptions on my part with you, again, not an unkind thing to do. Not one comment in any of my recent exchanges with you was derogatory towards you, which unfortunately is not something that you can lay claim to, with respect to me. Trust me, I am not studying you. I said it before and I will say it again, I wish you well Damon. God’s blessings on you and yours.


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