The Church During the Days of Corona Virus: Pray for the President’s Health and Salvation — The Domain for Truth

Our “This Sunday” series will be another Corona Virus edition.  For this Sunday here’s what you can do: Pray for the President’s Health and Salvation

The Church during the days of Corona Virus: Pray for the President’s Health and Salvation — The Domain for Truth


    • Not sure if you are directing this to me Scott or to Pastor Jim Lee, who is the author of these “The Church During the Days of Corona Virus” posts, that I repost, nor am I going to go into any lengthy exchange with you about as to whether there is “every indication that Trump is saved”, but you can indeed put me in the column indicating that I would have an extremely difficult time conceding that reality due to a number of the recorded statements President Trump has given pertaining to his interaction with God (this is one example in particular: That being said, if you are praying for my salvation or Pastor Jim Lee’s salvation, as your comment appears to indicate, your point is understood.


      • 2015 is an older video. And Trumps perspectives are different.
        Still, You are reminding me of what Jesus did at the temple. He said not one stone would be left upon another. while the first interpretation was that his body would be torn down and raised up, he also was referring to the temple. Why? Because they thought they ran the religion and were the gate keepers.

        You are not the gate keeper on anyone’s salvation. Jesus was disgusted with this attitude. Including the sin of a slight, to front load or back load a question or call to prayer.
        They then would say the sacrifice was poor, you had to get a new one, then bought your animal at a discount and sold you one that cost to much. the money changers took a cut it was making religion into this bitter thing to be God fearing.

        God hated it. You just don’t use the church to slight someone like that. Not in prayer. Not with a bible club. If gossip starts where you start saying lets pray for peggy, for the sins she is involved with, its sickness, not health. here trump is in the hospital and you are stepping on his neck. Sorry Unacceptable. If he had just done something seriously wrong, I could see it. but not this. Its sickness. Not a beautiful thing to post, not even if you dress it up with flowers.


      • Three points. Number One – you obviously overlooked the statement I made about this discussion being concluded. Number Two – how you can associate the selling of animal sacrifices and money exchanging within the temple and Jesus’ obvious distain for that, with either myself of Pastor Jim Lee’s asking for prayer for the return of the President’s health and his salvation is beyond me. We are instructed to pray for all of our concerns as in Philippians 4:6. Point Three – please do not submit any more comments on this issue because I will NOT be releasing them. We disagree. You see no need to pray for President Trump’s salvation. Your objection and disagreement has been duly noted. Have a blessed day Scott.


    • Yes Scott, I can see how this rebuttal is just jam packed with Biblical justification for confirmation of President Trump’s faith in Christianity. No justification to question a person’s declaration of faith in Christianity when one of the basic tenants of Christianity such as asking God for forgiveness, is waved off as not required, because as the President states, “I am a good person”, yes I indeed question that declared faith. This concludes our extended discussion on this topic, you disagree, I understand, and I disagree with you. Blessings.


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