Peace In the Midst of Turmoil

I’ve mentioned before that I am just an ordinary lay person who is trying to follow Jesus as best as I can. These last few months have not been easy and this last week or so has been particularly difficult. But God is so gracious.

If you are like me, the me in me keeps getting in the way at times. It could be any number of different things, a lack of patience on my part, focusing on myself too much or failing to see the bigger picture that God would have me see. Unfortunately, the deficiencies at my end seem to have a never ending supply source.

I even went to the trouble of itemizing a list of problems that we all are dealing with for an article, but decided not to share it because the last thing that any of us need is a long list of our itemized problems. Besides, they definitely didn’t fall into the “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” (Philippians 4:8) category of things. I did manage to actually stop myself from commenting on statements that some others had made on multi media apps, that appeared to me, to be short sighted, speculative or contradictory. Once again, we already have a more than abundant supply of “observations”, so more of the same from me is hardly necessary.

What I did do was earnestly pray and I asked God to intervene where there was potential for friction and to provide me with meaningful words, where God would be honoured, for grace, that I say, before we eat, at our family gathering, for Thanksgiving, here in Canada, that we celebrated on Monday, the 12th of October. And, in spite of a considerable number of obstacles, literally everything went perfectly. So much so that at the end of the evening, after everyone had left, it actually felt relaxing, because of how enjoyable and cordial everyone had been. I don’t recall that happening before, not to that extent. God’s peace was in our home and it was such a blessing.

I don’t pretend to know the correct answers or solutions to all of the problems that we are facing. A lot of our answers or observations vary, due to the source of our information and the level of competent consensus there is among the particular field of professionals that we quiry. When even the “professionals” have differences of opinion, it shouldn’t surprise us that we do too. And I also don’t presume to know very much of what I should know or understand about God’s Word or God’s will. I’ve picked up some “snippets” along the way, during all these years, but even here I’m learning that “exceptions” aren’t always non-applicable. God’s patience and acceptance of us, because of our faith in His Son, is something that we all need to be more aware of. Sometimes God takes into consideration, what we fail to take into consideration, for and with one another.

Considering that we are commanded to love one another and to forgive one another, as we have been forgiven, when we individually or collectively, focus on ourselves, rather than Jesus, the outcome shouldn’t really be all that surprising.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


    • Thanks Michael, interesting history note … “The 1960 discovery of a Viking settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, Canada, caused a sensation, proving the sagas were not just fiction. Vikings had indeed reached the coast of America five centuries before Columbus.” Love in Christ to you and yours too!

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  1. Bruce, There is so much wisdom shared here. I love your prayer:

    “What I did do was earnestly pray and I asked God to intervene where there was potential for friction and to provide me with meaningful words, where God would be honoured, for grace.”

    Had I been more consistent in living that out, how much calmer my life could have been. So I will keep that prayer handy, and mediate on your words today.
    Sending blessings,
    p.s. Updating my website has created frustrating issues that have kept me from connecting. I’ve missed my blogging friends. But I was able to recognize how much you all meant to me!)

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    • Hi Deb, I was reading a post of yours yesterday or the day before, I believe, and I thought how gifted you were with the pictures you paint with words and how good it was to see you sharing. It’s only in the last few years that I have come to understand how critical it is to give all of our concerns to the Lord, so you are not alone there! God’s blessings to you and yours also. Love in Christ.- Bruce

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    • Hi Scott, hope you don’t mind but I will pass on the Op you wrote as it addresses a number of issues that I think would detract from the essence and simplicity of this post. I do thank you however for taking the time to send it my way. Blessings brother.


      • It was not meant for you to share with others. The OP is to some degree about co-dependency, and it helps to realize that there is some things that hold us back because we care and releasing ourselves does not stop us caring but helps is feel free which lets us take action in other parts of our lives. It helps with self awareness.
        Its not an Op that blames. it runs on but simply to keep someone thinking.. As they say a self examined life is not worth living.


      • Its a great topic. And I didn’t bring up the reason why some people are more successful or what depression has to do with living each day OR the possible negative effect sacrificial Christianity and the need to seek the interest of others may have on a persons freedom to act. Always worried what others think etc. can daily change and squelch a persons life. I struggle with that, partially because of James 4:17, and Philippians 2:4 They can be crippling. And even though no one is waiting for you to help, we may feel the need and weight of it and avoid calling or acting or working for ourselves, Things not meant to be a cage can emotionally subconsciously restrain us.
        Its my belief, I can trust You and Myself to break the rope, live our lives, and know enough to restrain ourselves or act compassionately with the help of the Holy spirit. Romans 8:13-39
        I have noticed in this pandemic that I have started to learn bad behaviours and now find it hard to break free. Less desire for others, Less desire to go out and many other behaviours. And thinking on good things is a priority. Eating at proper times and sleeping at proper times all now on the table as if life is more fluid and I have to decide again to structure life. I consider myself a sane person, but one can only imagine how some people are dealing… heck, I get the slightest sniffle and I avoid going to work. The world is upside down our our minds more like putty than rocks these days. That too is concerning.


  2. I was starting to worry about you, Bruce, not having seen you comment/post over the past couple of days. I’m glad you had such a lovely Thanksgiving. We all need more times like that. x


    • Hi Lesley, thanks for noticing my absence. I was a tad on the busy side. We ran into a bit of a confrontation between two of my sons (long story) but my prayers were answered and it could not have turned out better. Really amazing to see what God can do and you’re right, it definitely was a faith builder. It’s humbling to see God in action. You have a tender heart. God’s blessings to you and yours as always. Love in Christ. – Bruce

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      • Sorry to hear about the family confrontation (we’ve had quite a lot of that too at times!), but glad to hear that it turned out well. Praise God!
        Blessings to you and the family too, Bruce!

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  3. I have been single mined lately on what I say to others, It’s been helpful to make my goal to speak peace into other peoples lives. The last couple of days I have had a couple of big times with few words…must be a God and not a Gary thing…thanks for your words here. be encouraged brother, God is at work in and through us


    • Hi Gary, I’m thinking the exact same thing, words of encouragement and giving thanks and God basically takes care of the rest. Not always in all situations but this was not a time for tension or hammering out who was right or wrong. It worked out SOOO much better than I thought it would! Blessings brother.

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  4. How refreshing to have a pleasant family get-together at Thanksgiving. I’m sure the prayer had a great deal to do with it, but I also wonder whether the isolation in past months has made us all appreciate the blessing of being together. ❤
    I'm trying to focus on what I can appreciate and be the kind of Christian the world needs to see right now. We seem to have more than enough examples of how NOT to represent Jesus. :/


    • Hi Annie, it’s possible the isolation was a factor but there definitely was an atmosphere of no tension at all, which can, at times, be a rarity with our tribe plus the fact that the grandchildren were all very well behaved and literally EVERYTHING went exceptionally smooth and tension free, in spite of a disagreement in the morning where two of our sons were not going to attend because the other was there (long story). The fact that my wife and I both felt relaxed and thankful after all was done, is also a rarity. Short story is it was just a very warm and appreciated experience. With regard to the wrong examples, you’re right, there are far too many fine hair triggers on the go right now and it is indeed difficult. Can’t help but feel that these things are allowed so that we, of necessity, drawer nearer to our Shepherd. I marvel at God’s patience with us. God’s grace, peace, joy and blessings be poured upon you and yours. Love in Christ. – Bruce


  5. Thank you for the openness in the post, Bruce! I think this year has been a stretch on everyone. Now is a good time to share the Truth because lots of people are asking questions!! Keep sharing, brother!!

    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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