You’ve Heard of QAnon, Now Take the Time to Be Informed

Most Christians have heard of QAnon but what do you really know about it? Indeed, is it important to know about it? The answer is yes! I can’t begin to address all there is to know about QAnon in one post but what I can do is give you a good number of links that will give you the information that you should be aware of. Yes it is going to take some considerable time but this is important. And no, you should NOT ignore it.

So here you go, welcome to QAnon 101:  Please read in its entirety ! It’s much bigger than you think.


  1. A lot of it is like the National Inquirer. They mix truth and bogus facts and try to connect events and people. So while there is prostitution rings, drug cartels, human trafficking the likes you couldn’t believe and people being caught for being involved in sex abuse, its not always tied together or Hillbillies fault.

    But you can thank God and Hunter Biden for providing some proof by abandoning his laptop. Some shop owner might have just tossed it into a back room, but instead he looked through it and phoned the FBI. Now that is an act of God on the heart of a man.

    What we didn’t know as the papers revealed today is that Trump was sitting on a copy of the hard drive. The FBI was doing an investigation but the owner made a copy and gave it to Trumps Lawyers cause he was a republican. We all thought Trump was lying. We all wondered why he was on top of Biden in the debate. Well, cause Trump had him cold. Thats why.

    This is what they call in Politics the October surprise. They save the bomb shell for just before the election. Its how prepare your field to get a crop.

    Why is all this so important? Because we and other people give them billions of dollars to manage and some how corruption reaches in to every heart and destroys Gov’t.


  2. I’m normally a bottom line kind of person. Don’t flood me with every little detail, just give me a summary, please. But because I value your opinion, and you recommended that we read all the way to the bottom of the Wikipedia article, I just spent an hour doing exactly that.

    Oh, my goodness.

    I will read the other articles you have linked to, as well. But first — I need a prayer break!


    • Hi Linda Lee, yes, it is something else isn’t it. Unfortunately a summary just doesn’t do it and until one grasps the magnitude and influence of this “movement”, one just doesn’t know. It’s hard to believe all this is going on but it is and it is becoming more and more difficult to find “truth”, which in itself is very disheartening. Not to worry, God knows what He is doing, but it doesn’t hurt to be at least basically aware, of what is happening behind the scenes. Hope I didn’t give you a headache. Blessings!

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      • No headache. I appreciate the information, very much.

        I just finished reading everything you linked to. Still no headache, because I know that nothing is a surprise to God and nothing is too hard for Him to handle.


      • Hi LInda Lee, I agree. If one was to want to really get into this whole mess, one would have to stop doing everything else and we all know that is not the answer. Just being aware I think is enough because it allows us to understand more of the moving parts that are in play. And when all is said and done, either we trust God or we don’t and there in lies our rest in Him. I still find it mind boggling though and maybe that is the whole point, to get us so absorbed with this that we turn away from trusting in God because we obviously can’t have it both ways. Hope this makes sense. Blessings to you and yours as always. – Bruce

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