In Spite Of . . .

These are indeed trying times and yet, they may very well be, just the beginning. One thing I am learning is that I am totally inadequately prepared, to handle all of this, in and of myself.

I am dismayed at the horrendous volume of posts being disseminated that intricately detail all of the various nefarious plans that are afoot, to take away that which we currently have. Our liberties, our freedoms, all of it supposedly going down the tubes. And it doesn’t matter which particular subject you look at, be it the corona virus itself, or vaccines, calculations of deaths, ratios, wearing of masks, climate control, political parties and their administrations, the press media, misinformation and disinformation, all of it, in totality, comes with its own set of so called “validated” perspectives that are in many cases, voiced by some Christians who are totally opposed to others. 

If I hear one more person say “Wake Up!” I may indeed scream.

All of it, without exception, is focused on the premise that if you understand as they understand or see as they see, then we can all come to the same conclusion that they currently hold, and then we can collectively stop or change what is happening.

Is that what Jesus told us? If we are approaching the End Times, did Jesus say anywhere that we could change what is happening around us?

It’s like everyone has there own “big picture” and if we can just all get on the same song sheet and see all things from their particular perspective and according to their particular understanding, then the true “big picture” can indeed be changed. 

Problem being there is only one “big picture” and it is not yours and it is not mine.

The “big picture” is God’s to define and it would behoove us to seriously take into consideration what He has to say. If anyone needs to “wake up”, it would be us, all of us.

Jesus summarized all that we currently see in one sentence. One sentence. John 16:33 NASB

These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

Did Jesus tell us to take courage in our ability to turn things around? Did He at any time indicate to us that if we all get on the same song sheet, none of this tribulation will happen? 

The problem is that the “big picture” that so many are looking at is too small. The problem is that for far too many, the “big picture” that we hold is not the “big picture” that God has decreed. 

And what exactly are “these things” that Jesus told us about? Jesus provides a well rounded overview in Luke 21. Read it. 

Does that mean that Christians should become fatalists and just hide our heads in the sand? Not at all, being aware is one thing, spending the vast majority of your time disseminating information which connects all the dots, on the vast array of controversial issues is another, but I can tell you that what Jesus does tell us to do is not what we are doing now. 

Are we (the Church) earnestly endeavouring to spread the Gospel of Christ (the Great Commission) throughout our own land and the entire world? Do we earnestly devote as much time to building one another up in God’s Word as we ought? Are we earnestly endeavouring to love one another, which is a commandment? Are we earnestly endeavouring to love God and our neighbour as ourselves

We acknowledge that these are important but first it is necessary to get controlling representation within our governing authority so that we can ensure God’s moral laws are followed. Maybe if we had of paid attention to God’s priorities instead of our own, we would not be in the situation that we find ourselves in now. 

Sure, you can go ahead and invest your time and energy into all of the numerous nefarious plans of man or Satan for that matter, that are supposedly in play to offset God’s will being done on this earth, but at what cost? Jesus told us that we cannot serve God and mammon. That would be mammon as an object in which we place our trust in (material wealth and power versus our spiritual well being in God’s Kingdom ). When we lose our focus on God’s Kingdom and His priorities, our house becomes divided. And when we put the cart before the horse, what is accomplished and who benefits?

This is not rocket science. But go ahead, investigate and document and connect all of the dots that show the various works that are opposed to your perception of God’s will, or the validity of things that are unfolding before us and that you think are in play. Disseminate all your findings and repost or retweet as applicable. Do your utmost to get everyone on the same song sheet. Rather than focus on following God’s will for you personally as indicated in God’s Holy Word, and God’s priorities for your life, keep pumping out all those posts that prove how right you are about what is happening behind the worldly scenes and how wrong everyone else is, who disagrees with you. And how exactly did we get to be where we currently are today?

I know of many of the debates or arguments that exist about a slew of topics that are currently being “discussed”. Knowing of them and investing my time and effort in following up on their validity, would in itself, require an exorbitant expenditure of time, time which could be far better  invested in studying God’s Word, which as we all know, is vitally important to our spiritual well being. But being well informed about worldly concerns is of equal importance, isn’t it? And once again, how did we get to where we are today again? I am not advocating sticking our heads in the sand nor am I advocating abandoning our civic and national responsibilities, but we do need to determine or decide once and for all where our main focus is and what our main responsibility is and I find nothing whatsoever in the Scriptures that indicates our primary focus or expenditure of time is to be directed towards being of the world and arguing about worldly controversial topics.

Show me, as an example, one instance in the New Testament, where the Roman system of governing their subjects is or was criticized. Show me one example where any of the New Testament writers focused on actually correcting the system they were under. Acts 21:25 comes to mind but only from an abstinence perspective. Nothing there is there? What was it that the New Testament writers were focused on? And why was their focus different from ours? One could say that we now have rights that they didn’t have and that would be correct but if Jesus didn’t question their authority (with it’s limitations and injustices), why do we? Different Kingdom and different priorities? I think so.

I am learning that in spite of my ability to comprehend, I need God’s help to comprehend what He would have me comprehend.
I am learning that in spite of my inability to focus on God’s Kingdom, I also need His help in not getting too entangled in the world.
I am learning that in spite of my ability to follow God’s will in my personal life, I need God’s help to understand His will for me and to follow it.
I am learning that in spite of my ability to not walk in the flesh, I need God’s help to walk in the Spirit, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.
I am learning that in spite of my habit of leaning on my own understanding, I need God’s help to trust and rely in Him.
I am learning that in spite of my short falls, which are many, I need God’s help to understand that I am complete in Jesus and because of Jesus.

All of these statements are preceded with “in spite of” because in and of myself I am totally inadequate. When God tells us to lean not unto our own understanding He is talking about how we put it all together. The world does it one way and God does it another. God’s way is through Jesus. Always has been and always will be. The needle on my compass needs almost constant realigning and I in and of myself cannot do that , only God can. Hence, my dependency on Him. And this dependency is about as real as it can get. Daily. Focus on Jesus

Something to think about.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings! 


  1. It is all out there and proof positive that we may be closer to the end than a lot of people want to believe. Yes our God is in total control but being ‘up’ on things makes us take note and get ready.


    • Thanks for commenting Beverly. I guess it all depends on one’s interpretation of “being up on things”. When we become known more for the worldly controversies that we are promoting than for the Gospel we proclaim, we have let some other identity define us.


  2. Great post, Bruce. I love this point from early on: “Is that what Jesus told us? If we are approaching the End Times, did Jesus say anywhere that we could change what is happening around us?”


    Well done, Bruce.

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    • I’m pretty sure I will be getting some kick back on this one but I can only share what I see as God’s direction to the situation that we all are in. Our dependency on Jesus is total and if we lose sight of that, we are individually and collectively done. Thank you David and blessings!

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  3. 19 Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, 20 and that He may send [a]Jesus Christ, who was [b]preached to you before, 21 whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since [c]the world began.

    I think you are going to find that there is always going to be someone sinning. Always be a Nefarious underworld and some times even in the church where Jesus himself has to call it out, and call them out as broods of vipers.

    And guess what the Vipers do. They blame the one trying to uncover the truth. They try to crucify him. What is done in secret will be preached from the rooftops.

    What is happening all the FBI stuff and the WE scandals all of it its Gods will. Light shines in the darkness but the darkness do not perceive it. Men loved darkness rather than light.

    You know in the last year how many rapists and Murders and Drug dealers the USA has either Jailed or sent back to Mexico. Its in the Thousands. There is so much darkness around the world. And the Legal system in Developed Countries is Enormous. Still there are all kinds of scandals going on.

    here is one quick one. they caught doctors and CEO’s intentionally delaying and slowing treatment of Addicted people, so they could make billions on extended treatment. We are talking about dozens and dozens going to jail for this. You just cant keep up with it when there are millions and billions of people in the world.

    All this to say. Don’t doubt there are all kinds of actual scandals going on. And it is cause for us to run toward the Light. (and by light I mean JESUS)


    • I know there are no shortages of potential scandals Scott. They literally abound on pretty much all sides of the the current political spectrum. My apology to you for not posting your last comment pertaining to President Trump. When it gets into the details, I would prefer not to be a vehicle for dissemination of the various pros and cons. Hope you understand. Blessings.


      • I wasn’t aware you didn’t post something. censorship of opinion is an issue people have to deal with themselves. I literally get censored for posting a link to a trump rally, so your censorship for Opinion is something about you not about Me. Its a choice when someone is given a button to press. Its a totally different subject, its happened for 2000 years.


      • forgetting the boy for the moment. And the bad theology of the lack of faith people have hoping for more than the fullness we have. It spoke to me cause the boy and the moment removed all the nonsense, and there was this direct connection of worship toward God.
        Bad song really but it causes you to skip past that and really just worship. In a way, the heart over writes the words and says, I want to worship you and thank you and I really value you rather than, I need to see or prove your existence.. I change the meaning to say Open the eyes of my heart, I want to surrender more of me to you. rather than, we got a bad connection God, but any time, can you hook us up down hear.. (sorry for the clarification, as someone who has done my fair share picking songs for church and playing piano etc. I avoid that song, but in the context it did what it should, it bridged the gap between God and the worshipper and if some one has the spirit, the spirit seems to make that immediate Abba father motion.)..

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  4. Of all the kinds of belts one can compare Truth to, my favorite is the mountain climber’s belt. As we are given “hind’s feet” and called to higher places, the truth connects us to the One at the top and keeps us from backsliding or falling. Even when we stumble or slip, God picks us up, and we can continue from there. He is always calling us higher – closer to Him and away from the world, where the light is brighter, the air is cleaner, the noise is silenced, the view is more of Him and the Big Picture. HE should be our focus, and through that lens, the rest of life makes sense.

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  5. As I read your post, the words of an old hymn came to mind: ‘I do not know the path ahead, the way I cannot see, but One stands near to be my guide, He’ll show the way to me’… 🙂

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  6. I have endeavored to spend more time in prayer than reading any “wake up” stuff published. In so doing I may well have been on the side of “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” … James 5:16,
    and, my disposition is much better. I also “unfriended” almost half of facebook.


    • Hi Gary, I hear what you are saying and I had come to the same conclusion. The sheer volume of accusations and counter accusations was and is anything but faith building and at the very least, causes more unnecessary tension instead of less. Just can’t see God’s Holy Spirit pointing us in that direction through the Holy Scriptures. Kind of puts a whole new meaning to Psalm 46:12 “Be still and know that I am God” Blessings!


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