God Is Our Strength And Joy! — Abide In God

Balance and focus is critical. This is a post from Lesley in England, who shares with us what keeps her focused on Whom and what is truly important. Take the time to read it, you will be blessed.


There is so much to pray for in the world. We see it in the media on a daily basis – acts of terrorism, religious oppression, governmental oppression, racial inequality, abuse of all kinds; we can’t avoid it and nor should we because if we don’t pray and stand up for the people and animals […]

God Is Our Strength And Joy! — Abide In God


  1. Thank you for reblogging, Bruce. 🙏 I hope you are managing to find many moments of peace within the madness of the world.
    Christ’s love, peace and joy to you, my brother. God is in control. 🙌


    • Hi Lesley, not quite sure what happened but for some reason you blog was no longer on the list of blogs that I follow. I did put your blog back so at least now I will get your posts again. I also noted that you are no longer following my blog so I am hoping that I did not say anything to you that upset you. I also noticed that you have disabled comments on your blog so no one can send you comments and you used to allow comments. Anyway, I am hoping that you do get this and that all is well with you and yours at your end. Blessings Lesley.


      • Yes, I’m sorry about that, Bruce. At the moment, I’m having more health complications and a lot of stress. To be honest, I’m staying clear of all blogs in which there is a possibility of ‘heated discussions’ arising. I just need a bit of space and a lot of rest.
        Blessings to you too, Bruce, and your family.


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