Resources to Help You Defend the Historicity of Jesus – J Warner Wallace

There are so many really excellent Christian Apologetic resources available now and this article authored by J. Warner Wallace from his website is a prime example. If you haven’t already bookmarked Jim’s website, please do, because it is a wealth of up-to-date and highly relevant information.

Skepticism related to Jesus of Nazareth generally takes one of two forms: those who don’t even believe He ever existed, and those who acknowledge Jesus as an historical figure but deny He is God. In a prior post I assembled all the articles here at defending the Deity of Jesus. The case for the Deity of Christ is centered on the Resurrection, but there are many other cumulative circumstantial factors to consider. Today I would like to point you to articles defending the historicity of Jesus from those critics and skeptics who claim Jesus never actually lived. All these resources are available as downloadable PDF files:

To read the rest of this excellent resource please click on the direct link below:

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